No matter you are going to attend some engagements, weddings or anniversaries, bringing gifts would be one of the basic polite policy. Among various presents, photo gifts would be quite meaningful and thoughtful, which would bring back the cherished memories. Nowadays, the photos are not only placed on the specific shelf or in some albums, there are some creative ways to sort out these precious photos which would be preserved for generations to come. If you would like to show the sincere wishes to someone with some creative photo gifts, the following creating ideas would be referential information.

1. Photo Wall

This is the most common way to present photos, but actually I have to say, it is so classic. Turn your favorite photos into a work of art, and create a unique gift together with character buckles, paint and wooden blocks. This photo wall can be a story, a journey, or some warm scenes. Let others feel your sincerity and intentions.


2. DIY Flower Photo Hoop

For some wedding needs, the beautiful wedding dress would be perfectly matched with the decent flowers. Yes, you can put your favorite wedding photos together and decorate with flowers. This is one of the best way to show the flower photo hoop during the wedding and can be used as a good photography background.


3. Customized Photo Pillow

For customizing DIY personalized gifts with photos, you can also choose to send customized photo pillows. This gift would be welcomed by girlfriend. Usually you only need to send the pictures you would like to print on the pillow and then ask someone else to print the photos out and used as the sheet for a pillow. This would be quite warm for the lovers to hold on this pillow around their arms.


4. Couple T-shirt

There are more and more ways to express romantic love between couples, and the most common one is couple outfits. In order to avoid the similarity, you can choose your favorite photos and customize the T-shirt or jumpers in your own way. This could also be customized for your friends’ family or for your parents as well.


5. Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are also very interesting ideas, and you can do this with your children in less than 30 minutes! This DIY photo refrigerator magnet will add your favorite colors and personality tags to your kitchen which can make your kitchen cool and bring a lot of fun to your daily life.


6. Photo Ceramic Ornament

You can print your favorite photos on the ceramic materials which can be an excellent and beautiful ornaments. You can make it in different colors and sized. Then put it in the dining room or bedroom to remind some of the most important guys in your life. But pay attention, don’t let it down since it is fragile.


7. Custom Best Friends Portrait

For your best friend, you can go the personal route with the best friend print. You can customize the hair or skin tone for a portrait of you and your close friends. Then you can also add some favorite sayings or messages to the portrait to enhance your friendship forever. This must be very nice for your best girlfriends.


8. Custom Photo Puzzle

This would be quite funny. You can send this customize photo puzzle to your children or to your friend’s family which requires some members to put up the puzzle so as to show the complete photo in the correct way. This would not only be used as a game, but also can be kept in a frame for a longer time.


9. Photo Mug

A coffee or tea mug can be another good place to print your photos to be used as a gift. This quality, highly rated insulated mug could be different from other regular mugs. You can pick one of the most preferred photos and then ask some professional guys to print out the photos on the Mug.


10. Brass Calendar

This would be a respectable gift to put in the working environment if you would like to make the working space more relaxed. Brass photo calendar would be quite charming which offers 12 flashback from January to December with a sleek touch to a desk setup. It can be quite useful and special.


11. Magic Gift Frame

Magic gift frame would allow you to fill in a round gift box with what you want to say to others, whether it is a parent, friend, spouse, or child, it will definitely be particularly moved! You can put several frames together and under the frame you can also find out some secrets messages.


12. Soft Pottery doll

If you want a unique gift, don’t miss this live-action clay doll. Making this live-action doll is also very simple. As long as you provide a photo, you can make a gift that can be preserved forever. And this kind of unusual gift is very surprising.


13. Memory Film Album

Time is the most extravagant thief. You may want to roll up the memory and give it to your girlfriend or boyfriend. This is the highlight of the memory film album. You can print all the past photos on the film. In a casual afternoon, you can slowly enjoy the beautiful photos of the past while drinking coffee. The happiness of memories is the most evocative.


14. DIY Makeup Mirror

You have seen makeup mirrors, but it is estimated that you rarely see makeup mirrors that can customize text and photos. With this makeup mirror, you can customize photos of girls at will. Such an ingenious makeup mirror will probably be unwilling to use for girls. Moreover, the makeup mirror is an indispensable daily makeup estimate for girls, which is practical and creative for her.


15. Custom Instagram Picture Album – Leawo PhotoIns

Here, the key element is the photo. Therefore, in order to obtain the best photos, sometimes you may need help from Leawo PhotoIns, a powerful photo enhancement tool. Its Artificial Intelligence Enhancer Technology can beautify photos easily, including retouching skin, removing freckles, adjusting lighting, enlarging eyes, etc. Especially, if you are an active Instagram user, Leawo PhotoIns could enhance all your photos on Instagram. Moreover, you can customize all the chosen photos to make an Instagram picture album.

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    - Enhance portrait photos easily with advanced AI technology
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16. Live Cartoon Photo

This is also a photo-related gift. If you want to make this gift, you need to prepare some patterns and text in addition to the photos. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the patterns. Just put on the pattern template provided by the store to create a colorful photo. The paintings are finished, and the patterns can be DIY at will to satisfy your desire for DIY production.


17. DIY Creative Photo Pin Drawing

This is a funny gift in recent years. All you need is to provide a specific photo, then the manufacturer would make a photo pin drawing based on the photo you provided. But this pushpin drawing made entirely of pushpins can definitely touch girls. This drawing is made of hundreds of pushpins, inserted one by one to form a picture. This can be quite special.

DIY-creative-pin-drawing (2)

18. Custom Photo Lighter

The lighter is the most common item in the daily life. Especially, this would be a perfect gift for your boyfriend. It is an ordinary item that can be transformed into a creative gift after your DIY transformation. You can customize text, patterns, and photos on it. Sending a man is definitely a work of art that he can’t put it down, and sending a lighter has many amazing meanings.


19. Photo Candy

WOW, this would the most special and creative photo gift for your children, actually. If you receive a box of candy on which contains your own photos, how do you feel about it? On one side, your photo is printed on it, and on the other side, you can write what you want to say. Whether it is a confession or a blessing, it will be shared with others along with the sweet cotton candy.


20. Glass Print

In comparison with the common printed photos, glass printed photos would be more special. As the durable and lightweight material, glass print would be a perfect decoration at home. You can pair it with Fracture’s Storyboard shelf as well as beautiful solid hardwood.


21. Woven Image Throw Blanket

Asides from the photo pillows, the woven image throw blanket would be better for someone. This blanket could feature anywhere from one large image to eight smaller images woven right into it. What they only need from you is the enhanced photos.


22. LED Photo String Light

How romantic it would be when your lover found that his or her photos are hung along the string with LED light twinkling. This LED battery-powered lights would be your best choice to supply the power. You should select some of the best memorable photos to be presented along the string.