Currently, Instagram, which has 300 million users, has rapidly grown from a popular iPhone APP to one of the mainstream social networks. In the "2018 Instagram Marketing Report", it can be seen that from consumer products to entertainment activities, Instagram marketers come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Instagram is the most important social network, containing 32% of teenagers, and more than 700 million users use Instagram every month. The survey found that more and more companies use Instagram Stories to promote products or services and build communities. So, more and more companies use Instagram to find potential customers for their products. Therefore, if you plan to be or you have been an Instagram user, then some cool Instagram photo ideas would make your promotion more effective and powerful on Instagram.

Part 1: Why Instagram is Popular & How to Be Attrative?

There are many entrepreneurial projects in the field of photo sharing, among which the most typical and successful product is Instagram. Why is Instagram so popular among the public and what are the cutting edges of Instagram compared to other products? Then, how to be an attractive Instagram user? Please refer to the following general analysis.

Why is Instagram so Popular?

According to the critical references released on TechCrunch, the main reasons behind the success of Instagram mainly lie in the following aspects.

1. High quality picture

Instagram maximizes the ease of use and randomness of mobile phones. People don’t need to make complex settings such as scene settings and sensitivity adjustments when taking pictures, like on some professional mirrorless cameras or other camera accessories. The photos are readily available, and the built-in filter effects are applied during post-processing. It will cover up the noise or other small imperfections caused by overexposure, and at the same time make the generated photos interesting. Instagram is positioning itself as a photo sharing application, emphasizing a social network with pictures as the content, rather than a picture processing tool used to show shooting skills. In a word, people can easily obtain the high quality and interesting photos with Instagram.


2. Powerful social network

If only limited to taking pictures and simple image processing, Instagram is not enough to achieve today's achievements. Compared with other similar applications, Instagram's core competitiveness comes from a social network built with pictures. "CommunityManager" allows users to get in touch with relatives and friends to share their experiences. Instagram has opened a window where users can see places and things that are difficult for them to experience personally. Moreover, the user's work can get attention in the first time. It only takes a few seconds to share your improvisations with your audience. In addition, Instagram uses the APIs of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other services to realize one-click sharing.


3. Perfect compatibility with mobile phone

Without logging to the account on your computer, users can directly process their preferred photos and then share the photos with others immediately on the mobile phone portal. Just as you have known, Instagram is first known as a common app on iPhone, and gradually its perfect compatibility with mobile phones and easy-to-use interface made it more and more popular among the public.


4. Accurate and simple presentation

In comparison with a 3-4 minute videos on Facebook or YouTube, some simple photos would drag others’ attention in an easier way. Instagram has well grasped the unique advantages of pictures in information dissemination, and used them to the fullest. It is precisely because of the appropriate choice of the information dissemination carrier. In comparison, the picture presents the characteristics of things with its unique advantages: the effect is more vivid and intuitive. In fact, in the final analysis, the ultimate goal of the text description is to arouse the reader's sense of the picture. The pictures go beyond this step and present things directly, simply and directly.


2. How to Be Attractive?

Many of you may desire to know how to make your Instagram attractive, then you can refer to the following tips to optimize your Instagram.

  • Know your market positioning
  • In terms of the number of young users, Instagram has surpassed Facebook and Twitter. 53% of netizens aged 18-29 use Instagram, while 25% of those in the 30-49 age group use Instagram. Before using it, please make sure your target customers are active on this platform.

  • Edit wonderful pictures
  • Avoid bulk uploading some bland team photos. Before that, think about your purpose and positioning. Don't just repeat everything you post on Facebook.

  • Create a unique brand image
  • When managing your homepage, all your social networking needs to match your brand image. The style of the headline and the tone of the reply all help you shape the brand image you want to show to your customers.

  • Give thanks to fans
  • Share your growth and achievements with fans. When the number of fans reaches a breakthrough number, you can do content with the theme of thanking the fans. When interacting with fans, be serious and patient.


Part 2: 10 Cool Instagram Photo Ideas

Since the homepage of your Instagram and your positioning would be the key elements to the success of your Instagram, then you must pay more attention on the picture contents you posted. Here are the top 10 creative Instagram photo ideas you can adopt.

1. Use mirror to view

Mirror viewfinder, as the name suggests, uses the reflection principle of the mirror surface for viewfinder shooting. We can use the mirror reflection effect on different objects to enrich the picture and add the story. This unique method of framing makes the photos unique and impressive.


2. Multiple “You” shooting

As the name implies, there are multiple "persons" in a photo. The photo with this effect will give people a feeling of traveling through time and space. Shooting is actually very simple. We only need to fix the camera with a tripod and let the model change position and movement and then shoot separately. Finally, import all the photos into PS, and use the eraser tool to smear out the characters.


3. Travelling shooting

Although the photographers all discovered their own characteristics in color grading, they have in common that they have a creative sense of scene. These photos are by no means a sweep of the camera while walking. Street photos, but every scene has been selected and every action has been designed. You can share all the interesting things during your travel.


4. Place various items to tell a story

From the selection of items to the way they are placed, they should serve this story or moment. If the theme is not prominent, then no matter how many items you put, it won't work, on the contrary, it will appear to be abundant and mess. If you can persist on placing these items for one month and you may receive many fans.


5. Fashion shooting

On Intasgram, there are a lot of female users. If you can share some information related to the fashionable costumes. Just mentioned above, if you only prefer to present the clothes only, then placing them on the floor without any human models could be a choice. You have to do it continually so as to keep your fans active on your Instagram.


6. Family photos

If you are interested in taking photos for your family members or your kids, then you can adopt this photo idea. For example, in some special days, you and your family members could have the same uniforms with the same hairstyle, in such a way, it is quite easy to present the harmonious family atmosphere and bring the creative spotlights to others.


7. Focus on personal design

Photographers can establish a "personal design" by taking pictures to express the photographer's attitude. It's like the kind old people, ruined old streets, hard workers, and busy young people who like to shoot in the domestic "humanities photography" and "documentary photography" enthusiast circles. Moreover, “personal design” is not necessarily a person, but can also be a place. On your Instagram, you had better carry on the same style.


8. Food pictures

You should not miss this common but interesting photo idea. Foods can bring people to a relaxed statement. By the way, your attitude towards life could be quite important while posting the food pictures, asides from the exquisite picture styles. It is easy to attract many followers.


9. Pet pictures

People enjoy killing time with the little friends in their life. If you happen to own a cute pet, you can bring it to your photos. You can share everything related to this pet, including eating, sleeping and playing. Many Instagram followers would be attracted by them easily.


10. To-do list

You should remember an important rule on Instgram. Positive attitudes toward life would make your Instagram more attractive and lives longer. To-do list can be a useful idea to show others your lifestyle and schedule. Via this easy list, you can share your plans with others which may bring them a lot of highlights.


Part 3: How to Use Instagram Photo Enhancer to Create Cool Instagram Photo Ideas?

But if you are not good at creating some creative photos, then don’t be frustrated. You can refer to some useful photo enhancers to create some excellent Instagram photos as well. Here you can make full use of Leawo PhotoIns. Leawo PhotoIns is quite appropriate for you to use if you really desire to enhance the photo quality. This tool is powerful as an AI photo enhancer, which can optimize your pictures immediately. Its features are comprehensive, which includes enhancing images, intelligently retouching skin, removing freckles, reducing noise, enlarging eyes, adjusting lighting automatically and so on. It is also good at improving photo quality with the methods of fixing image exposure issues automatically, boosting image lighting and color quality, improving photo contrast for greater visual effect and more. The user-interface of this software is friendly, which can be handled quite simply.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo PhotoIns

Go to the official site and download Leawo PhotoIns for free. Install the program on your computer in minutes.

  • photoins
  • Leawo PhotoIns

    - Enhance portrait photos easily with advanced AI technology
    - Fix photo exposure and white balance issues automatically
    - Optimize photo colors and perfect photo tints
    - Make photos perfectly clear with smart dehaze
    - Boost photo lighting and color quality
    - Process RAW and JPG files

Step 2. Import Photos of Cool Instagram Photo Ideas to Leawo PhotoIns

Enter the main interface of Leawo PhotoIns and you can load preferred photos into the program by clicking the option “Add Photo”.


Step 3. Enhance Cool Instagram Photo Ideas Photos

After loading your preferred photos to the tool, then you can start to enhance the photos. You can click the AI Enhance tab to choose the features, including "Automatic Lens Correction", "Face Enhance" and "Enlarge Eyes".


Step 4. Set Output Parameters

Once you have chosen your preferred effects and you have applied the AI Enhancer to your chosen pictures, now you need to click the bottom right output icon to proceed for output settings. On the Output Setting panel, you can complete the following things: “Save to” route, “Format”, “Quality”, “Naming”, “Resizing” and so on. Finally click “Output” to export the enhanced photo to your computer.