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3 Best Blu-ray Players with Zoom Function

Many Blu-ray watchers are searching for a good Blu-ray player with zoom features, which refers to the ability to magnify a certain aspect of an image in a frame. With modern technology, the Blu-ray player with zoom functions is available. Check on this article for some fair recommendations to find a good Blu-ray player

Part 1: 3 Best Blu-ray Players with Zoom Function

Speaking of the Blu-ray players which can zoom up particularly, it could seem very hard to find. Some famous brands like LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung have been working on other specs while there is a trend of Blu-ray player with zoom functions being ditched. Basically, the zooming feature can be activated by some buttons on the remote. In this case, people can zoom in on a single frame so as to view the image in the foreground. With this aspect, only a few Blu-ray players are inbuilt with the performance. From some old models of those big companies, you can find many of them are still working properly. Once in a while, manufacturers will pick up former pioneering tech over again and rebuild them into the new Blu-ray player with zooming. You can also zoom in on a video on the computer. Now, let's have a look at the top Blu-ray player with zoom features.

Top 1. Pioneer BDP-LX55

Pioneer BDP-LX55 is built up with a handful of smart functions in the well-designed body. This model is lovely when you play Blu-ray movies and DVD content. The player case has a good quality and the pattern used to apply for most classic Pioneer products. The adorable feature is the capability to zoom in the video ratio by simply click on the "Zoom" button from the remote. That is very convenient as it ships with the matching remote. Besides, you will like the extra remote accessibility on the smartphone. Pioneer has been developing on apps that function the same as remote control. Maybe in a few years, people can live without remotes as everything can be done by mobile phones. Portable devices can be totally compatible with the signal transmission as long as the Blu-ray player with zoom features is implanted. It also provides delightful images and videos during Blu-ray playback. Users are also enabled to play 3D Blu-ray movies with it. But when you stream certain audio like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, it is possible to output lean soundtracks. Another note could be the lack of online connectivity that shows the disadvantages.

Top 2. LG BD300

The next model is the LG BD300 that is a decent Blu-ray player with zoom performances. As an excellent standalone Blu-ray player, the supreme Blu-ray video output does tempt a bunch of individuals who are deeply attracted by Blu-ray. It is designed with a glossy black shell that looks high-end but not ideal for getting rid of dust. Most functionalities can be found from the remote handset that comes with LG BD300. If you want to get quick zooming on your favorite Blu-ray movies, the zooming key is conducted to the LG specialized remote. It has very positive reviews on the Blu-ray loading time that seems faster than normal models. The model is amazingly featuring the dual processing technology for smoothly playing Blu-ray and HD DVD at the same time. You can find it with a good pose to forge the pre dual Blu-ray/HD DVD combo machine. While users will receive exceptional video and movie quality with rich colors, the audio performance can decode HD soundtracks like Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus. The same rough edge as the previous model is the absence of DTS-HD Master Audio support and internet streaming.

Top 3. Philips BDP7200

The last pick is Philips BDP7200 that wrapped with a unique outer skin with all-angle rounded corners, which is very human. The plastic case is dark gray with a black faceplate that shows off the logo. If you are a fashion victim, this popular design will leave five stars. Serves as a Blu-ray player with zooming purpose, BDP7200 beats a number of other Philips machines not only with the handy instant zoom-up but also with the high-definition graphical effects. Compared to LG BD300 and Pioneer BDP-LX55 models, Philips BDP7200 really makes a balance of both images and sounds. It complements the caliber to output DTS-HD Master Audio in bit-stream formats. The Blu-ray movies can be turned into 1080p/24 mode which enables better details. If you ask for more specifications, it can support HDMI port by the solid connectivity and Profile 1.1 compliant. However, the Blu-ray drive is without ethernet sockets which disable firmware updates. Also, the ability to process onboard audio optionally is not skillful with restrictions.

Part 2: Best Blu-ray Player Program with Zoom Feature

The best Blu-ray player with zoom availabilities does provide a shortcut for people who want to enlarge the movie images or put the video in specific aspects. Nevertheless, when you look up online for the prices of each model, it could still be expensive. It is possible that some users do not have the budget to change a Blu-ray player with zoom remote buttons. Are there any solutions to zoom in Blu-ray movies from a software level? Yes, there is an easy yet efficient way to achieve the zooming output within a few clicks on the computers.

Apart from the standalone Blu-ray player with zoom features, Leawo Blu-ray Player can be regarded as a piece of professional video player software that zooms in and out seamlessly for any Blu-ray discs. It can zoom on 3D Blu-ray videos as well as 4K Blu-ray resolutions from any angle. In the meantime, the powerful formats library supports multimedia data of AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV, MKV, QuickTime, MP4, RMVB, NSV, DVR-MS, WTV, etc. Sometimes, there could be some tricky disc protection management correlating with Blu-rays and DVDs. As most Blu-ray player apps are not equipped with the capability of decrypting the restrictions like region codes. This Leawo region-free Blu-ray Player enables all the possibilities to stream Blu-ray content with zero errors. Following this way, you can zoom up whatever Blu-ray movies from any country. If your Blu-ray player with zoom specs can only amplify the Blu-ray videos to certain degrees, then this tool is able to play it seriously with unlimited likelihood. In terms of the Blu-ray player with zooming rates, every user is given free control of the zoom amount together with all other approachable settings. What's more, it naturally arms with the virtual remote control support. That means you can take complete advantage of the remote from Blu-ray drives.

In action, playing any media content with the versatile Blu-ray player program is a profound delight. While zooming a Blu-ray movie, you are still ensured with the meticulous visual outcomes. In other words, a hundred percent of the source Blu-ray data is maintained through the professional technique. Despite the zooming operation, there are sweet treats for making life easier. A couple of convenient extra toolkits allow users to inspect the battery condition, snap screenshots, and even decide desired skins and themes. There is an upgrade version open to offer direct conversion from Blu-ray to MKV files without losing any detailed fragment.

Part 3: How to Zoom on Blu-ray Player Program

Leawo Blu-ray Player is conducive to all novices thanks to the organized and friendly interface. Here, you can go with this simple guide to make use of the best Blu-ray player with zooming activities.

Step 1. Download and install the free Leawo Blu-ray Player.

It is a free cross-platform program that works fluently on Mac and Windows. Get the correct edition online.

Step 2. Launch the Blu-ray player with zoom access software and import Blu-ray.

When you double-click on the icon, a nice interface will open your mind with a changeable background. In the middle, there is a green button "Open File" where you can get to see the folds and load Blu-ray formats. And if you just insert a Blu-ray movie disc into the drive, a newly coming box of the disc name will be next to the menu button. So you can just tap the Blu-ray drive button to start playing.

Step 3. Find the video settings.

Right-click on the playing frame and a dropdown window will be pulled out like this. Within this menu, click on the "Video" and a panel of detailed video adjustments is displaying.

Step 4. Give it a value for the Blu-ray player with zoom settings.

Under this "Video-settings" board, look for the "Zoom amount" option and input a number of how much you want to zoom in. Then close the panel.

Part 4: Conclusion

Nowadays, the zooming feature seems very important to many clients who want to embrace the ultimate pleasure for Blu-ray. Indeed, there is a selection of the best Blu-ray player with zoom features that can be reached by pressing remotes. This article has introduced 3 best choices you can get for standalone Blu-ray player with movie zooming function. However, all these Blu-ray players will cost you some money and usually, it is not cheap for a standalone Blu-ray player. If you would like to watch movies on PC and you would like to zoom the movie, then you can try the free Blu-ray player software - Leawo Blu-ray Player can provide the same support even with some of the budget Blu-ray players for PC.



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