With the advent of the information age, more and more people tend to use some electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computers, portable iPads to play audio and video, which is very convenient for daily entertainment and people’s working demands. However, due to the differences in screen size and the resolution of electronic devices, people have encountered problems in entertainment and movie viewing, that is, the limited display screen cannot meet the growing demand of people’s watching experience. As a result, there are large-scale mobile phones and computers on the market, but they are not very convenient to carry. For this reason, video zooming technology is rising day by day, which can meet the needs of people at different levels. So what is zooming in videos? How to zoom in on a video on Mac or Windows? What is the best choice for us to zoom in on a video? In the following parts, I will explain it in detail and you can pay attention to the following.

Part 1: About Zooming in Videos

At present, portable electronic equipment is very popular among the public, but at the same time, it has its own limitations. Because of drawing importance to the portability and convenience, the size of electronic devices is not particularly large. As a result, the designer intentionally reduces the volume of equipment when designing, that is, to reduce the electronic display screen size. This obviously achieves the greatest advantage of portability, but the smaller screen cannot meet people’s daily entertainment needs. People have limitations when they are watching videos and working. On the one hand, it brings uncomfortable visual experience to people and works as an obstacle to people’s work. On the other hand, the subtitles in the video often seem to blur and the image quality seems low. We may wonder and guess how to find a useful solution to deal with this problem. The answer lies in zooming in on videos.

Zooming in videos can bring people different visual experience. While maintaining the clarity of the picture, people’s vision will be wider. Moreover, zooming in videos not only maintains the resolution but also keeps the original pixels of the picture. It runs smoothly and brings people high quality viewing comfort.

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Part 2: Zoom in on a Video iPhone

iPhone is a very popular mobile phone brand at present. It uses IOS system, which runs fast and smoothly. Although its price is soaring, up to now, iPhone XS is up to RMB10, 000, people are willing to buy this product. Actually, most of us are iPhone users, whose function is known well to us. Some may ask how to zoom in on a video iPhone. Let me tell you the steps exactly.

Generally speaking, zooming in on a video iPhone depends on the double-click, which is a very practical skill for all of us iPhone users. The steps are as follows.

Firstly, you should find the Setup button and then find the General setting, where you can catch sight of Accessibility.

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Secondly, in Accessibility interface, if you turn on the Zoom button, it means you can zoom in on a video. Thirdly, below the zoom interface, you should find the zoom region and choose full screen zoom to ensure the zoom function of the entire panel has been activated.

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Then, when you are enjoying your video, you can just double click the screen to zoom in on a video. There is no doubt that operating in your iPhone is a piece of cake.

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Part 3: Zoom in on a Video on Mac

iMovie MAC is a video editing software launched by Apple company. iMovie is mainly for household use. Most of the work can be done by simple clicks and drags. Users only need to select video clips, and then add subtitles, music and special effects to complete the editing. Although the process is simple, its function is very powerful, with professional subtitle plug-ins, convenient operation and vivid filters comparable to cinema.

iMovie has the function of accurate adjustment of each frame, which can be done by one-click enhancement, instantly improving the view and sound of the video. What’s more, anti-jitter processing can bring us a more comfortable visual experience with a smoother frame. Most importantly, iMovie adopts Ken Burns to automatically zoom in on a video so as to browse panoramic photos. So how to deal with this editing software to zoom in on a video on Mac? Follow the steps below and you’ll be proficient in operating.

Step 1: From the home window of your MacBook, launch the iMovie program and select the desired video you wish to add the effect to.

Step 2: Once you select your desired video, the program would be showing the various clips/frames the video is comprised of in the event browser window in the upper middle portion of the iMovie project screen. Select the clip to which you wish to apply the Ken burns effect to and it will appear in the corresponding editing viewer section.

Step 3: After you select the clip you want to work on, click on the "Crop" button which is designated by a square with 2 lines and located in the middle pane separating the top project workspace from the bottom. This button will bring up "Fit," "Crop," and "Ken Burns" video editing effects onto the selected video clip within the editing viewer.

Step 4: In the video editing screen, select the Ken Burns effect located at the upper left corner. This, in turn, would bring up two rectangles of distinguished colors, mainly red and green.

Step 5: It all comes down to the positioning of the above-mentioned rectangles to produce the Ken burns effect. The red rectangle is used to spot the end position of the effect whereas the green rectangle is used to spot the start position of the effect, that is, from where the zooming in starts (green rectangle) and where the zooming in ends (red rectangle).

Step 6: Before you wrap things up, feel free to preview the effect by hitting on the play button present in the video editor window. Adjust the rectangles and their dimensions if required.

Step 7: Click done when you feel satisfied by your efforts to save your edited video.

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Part 4: Zoom in on a Video on Windows

Zooming in on a video on Windows is the most common operational approach for what we have in hand are computers such as Lenovo, Dell, Acer and so on. Many people may come across some difficulties when zooming in on a video on Windows 10. Today I will tell you the most convenient method to solve this intractable problem. Leawo Blu-ray Player is the best choice that you cannot miss, for Leawo Blu-ray Player is the best Blu-ray media player program for Windows computer.

As the leading software to play Blu-ray on windows, this all-inclusive media player also acts an all-mighty one to fulfill your digital entertainment. Just like any other professional video players, this Blu-ray player software provides you everything needed to perfect Blu-ray media enjoying, including: full-screen support, fast-forward, fast-backward, subtitles selecting, video setting, audio setting, disc menu setting for disc playback, etc. The following guide in detailed steps would show you how to zoom in on windows by Leawo Blu-ray Player.

Step 1: Launch this Blu-ray media player

After you have downloaded and installed this Blu-ray media player software on your computer, launch the program. The program would automatically detect your computer to find whether there exist discs to playback.

Step 2: Load source media files for playback

You can add either videos or Blu-ray/DVD disc to this Blu-ray media player program for playback. If you want to add videos from your local sources, click the left Open File box on the main interface of the program and the program would navigate you to choose source videos.

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Step 3: Find the related program settings

During Blu-ray/DVD/video playback within this Blu-ray media player software, you could make use of some functional buttons on the playing panel to perfect visual experience. These include full-screen playback, volume control, fast-forward button, fast-backward button, Next button, Last button, Subtitle selecting button, Video setting, Audio setting, and Main menu button.

In video settings, click the video setting button on the playing panel to enter the video settings panel, where you can do settings for video playback. You can see from the video settings the Zoom Amount for the first sight. You can adjust the zoom number as you want. It sounds powerful, right? And it does well at the same time.

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Part 5: Conclusion

After understanding what I have mentioned above, do you have a brief acquaintance with zooming in on a video on iPhone, Mac and Windows system? In practical terms, is of ease for us to do the practice. Zooming in on a video is convenient to our daily life and both entertainment needs and work demands.

However, some video zoom app needs to be paid for, which is a kind of profit-making act. On the other hand, apps like Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro X are of great difficulty of us to use and operate. Under this circumstance, Leawo Blu-ray Player must be the best approach that you can make use of. You know, it is 100% free, which is also suitable for windows 7/8/8.1/10. As an overall and functional software, Leawo Blu-ray Player can meet your needs in different levels. What’s more, its operation is easy to learn and master, which is accepted by people in different age groups. If you have got some basic information from what I have mentioned above, you must be attracted by this powerful software, right? What are you waiting for? Just download this free Blu-ray player software and have a try. If you want to have a deeper understanding of this all-round software, you can enter into the website to have a look. Definitely, you will recommend it to your friends. And welcome to join us Leawo Blu-ray Player family!