In these times when even Blu-ray's threatened by streaming service, DVDs are in an awkward situation. Although the DVD business's still making money, but there's no say if it's going to be washed out soon or not. So if you have a pile of DVD discs on your shelf, perhaps backing them up isn't a terrible idea. Here I would recommend to you a few top-of-the-class DVD copy software in 2018 that you can use to copy and back up your DVD collection.

Best DVD Copy Software 2018

No.1. Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy is an excellent example of what a good DVD Copy program should be. It can perform lossless 1:1 DVD copy, it copies DVDs in 6X faster speed and it can copy DVDs with all kinds of copy protections and remove them for the backup. The backup can be made as a DVD folder or an ISO image file. It can also perform DVD-9 to DVD-5 compression if you need. You can copy the disc to your computer hard drive or directly to a new disc. The DVD folder or ISO image file you get from the program can also be burnt to a blank disc later from your hard drive using this program. It basically contains all features you are probably going to need for a DVD backup program.

Leawo DVD Copy

No.2. Leawo DVD Ripper

From the same company of Leawo DVD Copy, this program is used for ripping Blu-ray discs. As smartphones have become such an import part of our daily life, getting your DVD collection digitized would allow you to enjoy the movie on your phone easily. And Leawo DVD Ripper can create a digital copy of your DVD disc with high quality and no protection. It offers a lot of different popular video formats for the output video. You can easily find a format that your mobile handsets support from the formats the program provides.

Leawo DVD Ripper

No 3. MakeMKV

If you want to make an uncompressed digital copy of your DVD disc, MakeMKV is an excellent choice to go with as it extracts the data directly out of the disc and contain them in the MKV container without compressing them. The resulting MKV digital copy of your disc is both of high quality and large size. It's a nice piece of DVD backup software to create digital copies of DVD discs.


No 4. Handbrake

Handbrake is better known as a video encoder other than a DVD ripper. In fact, it can rip unprotected DVDs by default. And by installing the right library, it can also rip protected DVDs. And it offers some presets designed for some specific mobile handsets like Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Handbrake can create digital copy of your DVD in both MKV and MP4 format.


No 5. DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy is a well-received DVD copy software to read and backup a DVD to any blank disc, or copy to ISO file/folder with fast speed and excellent quality. It can also permanently remove the Cinavia watermarks to make the backup discs playable. Despite its flash processing speed, DVDFab can output a DVD with quality by no means inferior to the source.


How to copy a DVD disc with the best DVD copy software

Of all those DVD backup software, my first choice would be Leawo DVD Copy as it can perform 1:1 lossless backup and I can use it to burn the backup to a new disc. It's a pretty comprehensive piece of DVD backup software. Here's how this all-around piece of DVD copy software works.


Step 1. Leawo DVD Copy is inside the company's software suite called Prof.Media. So when you install the program to your computer, you will have Prof.Media installed. Open it and you would be able to find the DVD Copy icon on it. To load DVD Copy, just click on the respective icon.

Load DVD disc

Step 2. Enter the disc into your disc drive and load the content of the disc to Leawo DVD Copy. You can open the DVD folder in Windows File Explorer and drag the folder to the program as prompted on the interface. Or click and select Add Blu-ray/DVD>Add from CD-ROM>[your DVD rom] to import the disc content.

Load DVD content

Step 3. The following panel includes several different sections. On the left side, from top to bottom are the video title list, subtitle list, audio track list, 3 DVD copy mode buttons and the DVD format drop-down menu. On the right is the video preview window for you to preview the video clips in the disc. The first thing we need to do on this panel is to choose one copy mode from the provided 3. If you choose Full Movie, then all the content will be selected and included in the backup. And Main Movie will only include the main movie in the backup and you will need to select the audio track and subtitles you need on the respective lists. Custom Mode is for you to choose the titles to back up manually. Choose the titles, subtitles and audio tracks from the lists above to have them selected for the backup. And then select the DVD format by clicking the DVD format button and selecting one between DVD-9 and DVD-5 from the drop-down menu.

Copy Settings

Step 4. Click the Copy button and on the follow box, you can choose to back up your DVD to your computer as a DVD folder or an ISO file. The respective options are under Save to label. Check the check box in front of the respective options and set the output path for the backup in the output path box below. And then click the Copy button below the output path box to start copying the disc.

Start Copying

Remember to back up your favorite DVD discs before it's damaged, I speak from experience. The recommended DVD copy software should be able to get the job done nicely.

DVD Copy Video Guide

A few tips on protecting DVDs from scratches

Sometime, though you have burn your DVD with the best DVD copy software , you may still want to keep them all on your shelved. But if you have kept DVD long, you may probably have some disks go bad over the years even though they are stored properly. In the normal plastic cases, folded paper sheets, and commercially available storage methods, they all get the potential to damage your DVD and cause your valuable data to be lost. All it takes is the smallest of scratches to ruin a movie DVD. So, to avoid such terrible accidents, I will give you a few tips on protecting DVDs from scratches.

Tip 1: Avoid touching shiny side of DVD while inserting or removing them from Optical Disk Drive to avoid any finger mark. And wash your hands first before touch them. Polish them gently each time when there is dust.

Tip 2: Store unused-idle lying discs into clean case attached firmly to avoid direct sunlight, excessive moisture or exorbitant heat.

Tip 3: It is not a bad idea to put a coat of car wax of all natural 100% carnauba wax on the DVD, for it is super strong and also friendly towards the environment. Firstly, it can help fill-in any remaining deep scratches. Then it will protect the DVD from being scratched in the future. Moreover, it is able to repel any future dust and dirt from finding its way onto your newly cleaned and resurfaced ones.

How to fix a scratched DVD?

Despite taking precautions and care, disc might end up with few scratches. Generally, once you've damaged a disc, you're out of luck. And the best way to deal with a scratched disc is, in fact, to replace it either through the store or getting in touch with the manufacturer. But it will cost you a bit. Luckily, to help you solve the trouble, we will show you two methods available to fix a scratched DVD.


In fact, polycarbonate has a very low melting point and becomes very malleable with only a bit of warmth. And it is reported that a little heat would help fix the scratch. Then all you need to do is to hold the scratched DVD for approximately 1-2 minutes till the region gets warm. Do keep the shiny side away from lamp to prevent too much heating. Neither bend or flatten it. Later, you will find out that after a bit heat, it may correct any minor scratches in the imprinted data and make the disc easier to read.

fix scratched DVD

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a powerful cleaner, which it is also surprisingly helpful when it comes to restoring the scratched DVD. As Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is made from melamine foam, sharing the same kind material used for sound and heat insulation, therefore, it is no doubt the best choice to clean the DVDs, instead of chemicals.

Firstly, lightly rub a dry eraser over the reflective surface of scratched DVD over and over again. Polish in a straight line from the radius of the center to the outside, rather than polish in circles, for it may smooth out some of the scratches on the reflective surface without affecting the data underneath. If you rub a bit hard, you will make things worse and damage the data layer underneath. Finally, it will result in a smooth surface, which is able to read from.

fix scratched DVD

Carefully try above tips convenient to you and hope for the best. In fact, these tips cannot turn disc into brand new but will help bring back to life. For me, the best way is to try those DVD duplicator software to copy data into hard disk, new CD or DVD and now onwards handle with care.