Needless to say, you will get angry and out of patience when your Blu-ray movie stops abruptly or get muted without a hint, which is absolutely the symptom a Cinavia-watermarked movie will bring. Luckily, there are precious Cinavia-free Blu-ray players for you to give them a shot. With these players, you will be free from interruption of any Cinavia or other protection restrictions.

Part 1: Why Do You Need a Cinavia-free Blu-ray Player

Like AACS, BD+ and MKB protection, Cinavia is another type of movie protection staying on the audio tracks to prevent all copying via Cinavia compliant players detecting the recorded watermark. In other words, if contents are professionally produced and they are assigned to certain authorized devices or media players for playback, there will be error codes prompting if users intend to stream these professionally produced contents in unauthorized players or devices, errors including “message code 1: playback stopped” and “message code 3: audio muted”. If errors like these occur, the audio track of the video that you are playing contains a Cinavia code indicating that it is an unauthorized copy of professionally-produced content. In this case, simply adjusting the volume won’t help so we need a Cinavia-free Blu-ray player to handle the playback smoothly. It is funny that many years ago, there used to be a lot of media players that had the ability to play Blu-rays trouble-free, they are all gone since 2012 when Cinavia watermarking has been applied to most Blu-ray movies. That is by no means the fault of the media player but truth be told, many media players have been set with Cinavia detection before they are introduced so that Blu-ray movie or TV show producers can better protect their artworks. Since there are a lot of Blu-ray players coming with Cinavia, it is necessary to remove that kind of inconvenience by replacing other alternative media players, better to come without Cinavia protection.


Part 2: Best Cinavia-free Blu-ray Players

Here is our list of the best Cinavia-free Blu-ray players. Check them out one by one.

1. Pioneer BDP-320

This is a brilliant player that boasts the feast to all movie enthusiasts. With state of the art technologies that offer everything from an Advanced Picture Control Suite supported by 48-bit Deep Color and 1080p DVD upscaling, a spectacular picture is a given whether you’re enjoying your current DVD library or the latest Blu-ray Disc title. Blu-ray player without Canivia makes it even more popular among movie enthusiasts.


2. Samsung BD-H6500

This is a fast player that opens and plays DVDs and Blu-rays without hassle. It aims to deliver lightning-fast access to your movies on disc and streaming services like Netflix. It can act as a source for Samsung's Shape Multiroom system streaming every kind of audio from Blu-rays or CDs. It also transcodes between Dolby and DTS, which is handy for sound bar owners. We also found that this player has no Cinavia restriction so users are free to give it a shot.


3. Panasonic DMP-BD55

As told, Panasonic DMP-BD55 is also a Cinavia-free player. If supports onboard decoding for all high-resolution soundtrack formats and it is the best standalone Blu-ray we've tested and it's a good choice for those with older receivers. It is sold at a reasonable price so just go for it.


4. Sony BDPS5500

Another choice for Cinavia free player! The Sony BDP-S5500 Blu-ray player offers excellent picture quality in a lightweight package. Streaming media is extremely easy and smooth, and users can assemble shortcuts the way they like for the first time on a Sony player. The ability to play PlayStation Now games is a bonus.


Part 3: Best Cinavia Protection Removal for You

It is not easy to find the Cinavia-free Blu-ray player, especially some are temporarily Cinavia-free and will return to the Cinavia camp anytime. If you don't want to spend much time finding Cinavia-free Blu-ray player, a better way out is to remove Cinavia protection from your Blu-rays in advance and then stream the Cinavia-free Blu-ray freely. As mentioned above, many Blu-ray players have been equipped with Cinavia detector in order to detect any Cinavia watermark in the audio tracks during playback. This makes the Cinavia-free Blu-ray players even harder to find so it is a great idea to firstly remove Cinavia protection using third party software and then stream the Cinavia-free Blu-rays later.

Speaking of this, Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is a perfect choice for you to remove Cinavia protection effortlessly. Backed up by the state-of-art media processing technology, this tool is able to remove Cinavia protection and preserve 100% of original Blu-ray quality. Its speed is 6x higher than other tools in the same category, which is world competitive. It is better to practice than just talk about its advantages.


Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal  

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Part 4: How to Remove Cinavia with Ease

Needless to say, removing Cinavia is much easier to say than do. Thanks to Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal, this removal process can be achieved within a few clicks. Check it out here.

Step 1: Download and install the removal tool to your computer.

Download and install the removal tool to your computer. Launch it after installation completes.

Step 2: Load the Blu-ray to the removal tool.

Click Add Blu-ray and choose to load the source Blu-rays to the tool. If you have it in your disc, choose Add from CD-ROM, otherwise choose from folder or iso file.


Step 3: Choose a mode to Cinavia-free the Blu-ray.

Choose full movie or main movie to Cinavia-free your Blu-rays. Full movie means to copy the whole disc contents while the main movie means to copy the movie part only.


Step 4: De-Cinavia protection.

Now you may click Cinavia to proceed to specify the copy to type and save to directory in the displayed sidebar. After that, hit on Start to kick off the de-Cinavia protection process. When the whole process is done, you will gain a Blu-ray file without Cinavia at all. By then, you are free to play back the Cinavia-free Blu-rays anytime and anywhere you want.

Part 5: Conclusion

Thanks to the above detailed explanation, you are now pretty clear about what Cinavia is and how we can handle Cinavia watermarking on Blu-rays with the best results. Don’t panic if you encounter any error prompt stopping you from playing back your Blu-rays or muting your playback suddenly. We have a few choices for Cinavia-free Blu-ray players, which turn out to be Cinavia-free and require no further efforts to resolve Cinavia protection.

Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung have also got some incredible Cinavia-free Blu-ray players on the shelf, which are around a few hundred dollars but that worth the money if you have ever played your Blu-rays with them. They run fast and play Blu-rays very well. These are all precious Cinavia-free Blu-ray players though they work on some Blu-rays but not all. If you are looking for a reliable and permanent way to play Cinavia-protected Blu-rays, consider removing Cinavia protection using third party software. Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is a piece of software and it can be installed on your computer to remove Cinavia protection on Blu-rays with ease. Besides, it can be used to play Cinavia-protecting Blu-ray movies on your PC. Leawo Blu-ray Cinavia Removal is such a professional tool to remove any Cinavia protection without losing any quality. Besides, it can cope with other protection such as AAC and BD+ effortlessly. After you remove the Cinavia protection, you are free to play Cinavia-free Blu-rays anytime and anywhere you want. No worry about any Cinavia from now on.

In conclusion, finding Cinavia-free Blu-ray players should be a solution, but removing Cinavia protection from Blu-rays is a better and permanent way to solve the Cinavia issue here.