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Everything about High School DxD Season 5  

Adapted from the light novel of the same name, High School DxD has been aired for six years since its premiere in 2012. As the name suggested, this is a high school anime featuring the elements of fantasy and romance. It has been more than two years since the release of the last season - High School DxD Hero (2018) and fans are looking forward to the fifth season. Is it going to return? And when will it come back? Here's everything you need to know about High School DxD Season 5.

Part 1: High School DxD Season 5 Release Date

High School DxD has spawned four seasons over the years, from 2012 to 2018, including High School DxD (2012), High School DxD New (2013), High School DxD Born (2015), High School DxD Hero (2018). There are five OVA episodes in between, indicating the all-along popularity. Season 4 premiered on Apr 10, 2018, the 12 episodes wrapped up after 3 months. High School DxD now is available on Funimation in the US. Based on the solid source, there is a plan for the 5th installment. It's supposed to be air in 2020 but got delayed because of the pandemic.

The author of the original High School DxD light novel, Ichieie Ishibumi, has confirmed via Otaku Kart, that the High School DxD season five is still on the way. He also encourages fans to purchase the novel series as more sales can jumpstart the production of anime series. High School DxD Season 5 has already been postponed to return in somewhere around October 2022. If it can't make its debut during fall in October, then it'll most likely return sometime in 2023. For more updates, just stay tuned with the social media of High School DxD Season 5.

Part 2: High School DxD Season 5 Plot

Released in 2012, High School DxD season 1 starts with a dramatic opening. Issei Hyodo, an idiotic and perverted high school student got killed on the first date with his dream girl, the gorgeous Yumma. Later he is resurrected as a demon by Rias Gremory, the devil, who required Issei Hyodo to join her club-class devils as a return, serving her and working for the school's club. The boy who used to have dreamed of becoming a harem king now has to strive to follow his new master and learn to survive in the chaotic world with devils and angels.

Season 4 follows the story of volumes 9 and 10 in the light novel. Therefore, High School DxD season 5 is bound to cover volumes 11 and 12 according to the anime makers, which is expected to dive deeper into the conflict between devils and high school students. Issei Hyodo, who has become a demon, is found to in conflict as well, as he tries to become the most powerful devil. Rias Gremory, on the other hand, seems to be on the brink of breaking with Issei in the servant relationship as Issei is becoming more independent, while more drama will be shown in the relationship of the two.


Much-awaited by fans, High School DxD season 5 will kick off with the start Middle-Class Promotion Test. Issei, Akeno, and Kiba are getting ready to outperform in the test while Koneko seems to act weirdly as she comes to know Issei and Rias's relationship. There will be a massive twist coming along as well as more mysteries and motives of the devil world. Although the details of High School DxD season 5 are still not clear, the new season will continue to surprise fans with the well-defined plot, visual, and voice-over.

Part 3: Where to Watch High School DxD Season 5 for Free?

Before the debut of High School DxD Season 5, it's important to know where to watch the upcoming season for free. Here's a list of the online streaming websites where you can not only find the High School DxD Season 5 but also the other popular anime.

1. Animefreak

Animefreak. tv is where you can find the High School DxD Season 5 with ease. It offers all the currently airing shows and movies and allows you to browse animation series by genres, running from romance and action to horror and fantasy. Supporting browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer, Animefreak. tv can let you enjoy anime without buffering. You can also create your favorite animation list on the platform. Animefreak can be accessed worldwide.


2. 9anime

9anime is where you can find the latest High School DxD Season 5. It offers a great variety of genres such as action, comedy, drama, and many more. You can find the most trendy anime and there are constant updates for the ongoing episodes. 9anime is easy to use, you can either locate the anime by name or via the filter of season, year, and language. It's available in all major regions such as the USA, Philippines, India, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

3. Soul Anime

You can surely find High School DxD Season 5 here, as Soul Anime allows you to enjoy the most popular and mainstream animations such as Dragon Ball heroes, the new fairy tail series, black clover, and more. The animation here is updated constantly, so you can get the latest episode with ease. It's also easy to find your favorite anime using the search tool. Soul Anime is currently available worldwide.

4. Masterani

You can find your favorite High School DxD Season 5 on Materani, the site allows you to enjoy movies and anime series with unlimited streaming. Masterani is designed with a user-friendly interface and you don't have to make registration to enjoy the animation. It's so far one of the fastest anime streaming sites and you can find the most-watched anime here. Masternai is very popular and available worldwide.


5. Anime Take

Anime Take is an online streaming platform that offers a wide variety of animation for free, you can easily find High School DxD Season 5 here for sure. There are numerous categories available on the website, including action, adventure, comedy, and more. You can get notifications of the upcoming animation if there is any update. On top of that, English subtitles are equipped with the series, and Anime Take can be accessed worldwide.


Part 4: How to Watch High School DxD Season 5 Offline?

For fans of High School DxD Season 5, watching the latest episodes online sometimes is not enough. You might as well want to keep your favorite animation forever by downloading the High School DxD Season 5 for future playback. So you don't have to worry about the buffering when streaming or the anime is gone after some time. If you are looking for a powerful video downloader, try CleverGet. It's the most professional software that can download videos from online video websites like YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.


  • cleverget
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With CleverGet Video Downloader, you can download YouTube videos with quality guaranteed at a fast speed. It supports HD1080P video downloading and is six times faster than the average downloader. CleverGet Video Downloader supports 1000+ video websites, you can download the top 10 YouTube original shows. On top of that, if you are a fan of Hong Kong drama, you can download the top 10 Hong Kong drama with CleverGet. Now, let's see how to download High School DxD videos with CleverGet Video Downloader. First of all, you will need to download CleverGet Video Downloader from the links above.

Step 1: Change output directory

Since the High School DxD Season 5 is an anime series, you'd better change the default output directory for better management. Click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner and choose "Settings" option. In the pop-up "Settings" pane, click the "Save Vide To" box to browse and choose an output directory for downloaded videos.


Step 2: Find target High School DxD videos

Input the link into the address bar. Alternatively, you can click the YouTube icon on the main interface to enter its official website, and search for High School DxD as usual. With a built-in browse, it is convenient to find the target High School DxD episode.


Step 3: Download High School DxD Season 5

CleverGet will automaticall detect the video sources after landing on the page. In a few seconds, a list of available videos with different resolutions, formats, sizes, etc. will pop up. You can choose accordingly and click the "Download" button to download High School DxD videos. Under the "Library" sidebar, you can check and manage the downloading and downloaded High School DxD videos.


Once the High School DxD Season 5 has been successfully downloaded, you can keep them forever and save them as part of your anime collections for future playback. It's also the best way when you want to take them with you for holidays, just transfer them to any devices such as your phone or tablet, and you can enjoy your favorite High School DxD Season 5 anywhere, anytime.





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