"Wrong aspect ratio converting DVD: Hi! I'm a new user and have been playing around with version 1.7.4. When I convert a DVD (in this case: Shrek 3) to MKV something goes wrong with the aspect ratio. It needs to be "squeezed" in order to become 16:9 as the DVD aspect ratio is. My pc software can easily do this, but when I play them on my DLNA client (Samsung TV) it is 4:3 and not 16:9 as it is supposed to be. Is there an option I've missed to force the MKV created to be 16:9? Thanks."

Aspect ratio describes the ratio between the width and height of an image or screen. It is very important to get proper aspect ratio for movie playback since different devices or players have different aspect ratio. As one of the most popular DVD ripping software tools, MakeMKV has been widely used. However, many people have reported that when they use MakeMKV to rip DVD movies, the aspect ratio becomes abnormal. The aspect ratio on MakeMKV is wrong. How to avoid wrong aspect ratio settings on MakeMKV DVD ripper? If you want to know the answer, this guide would be helpful. nge Aspect Ratio on MakeMKV

Part 1. What causes the MakeMKV Wrong Aspect Ratio when converting DVD

Firstly, we may need to figure out what causes the MakeMKV wrong aspect ratio issue when you are converting DVD movies within MakeMKV. There are quite a few possible reasons that result in MakeMKV Wrong Aspect Ratio error. We have collected some possible options for you. Check the possible reasons below:

  • On a DVD, the MPEG2 header or the IFO stores the aspect ratio. The MPEG2 headers are messed up, which can lead to the wrong aspect ratio or squished image when ripping DVDs in MakeMKV.
  • Incorrect settings on MakeMKV. Different devices and TV sets have different aspect ratios. You need to make your movies in the right aspect ratio as that of the target device and TV.
  • The aspect ratio in source media files are not adjustable. Therefore when you convert media files with MakeMKV, you can't adjust the aspect ratio and the output videos would be in the mismatch with devices and TV sets.
  • There are errors within MakeMKV that would result in the wrong Aspect Ration issue during converting DVD movies to MKV files.