When it comes to burning a DVD disc, I believe a lot of people would most likely come up with a name of a program: ImgBurn. Indeed, ImgBurn is one of the best DVD burning programs that you can get from the Internet. It allows you to burn files or folders to DVD disc, burn ISO to disc and create ISO from other files. However, it’s been many years since ImgBurn was released. Is ImgBurn still the best choice to burn a DVD? Some of the best ImgBurn alternatives in Windows 10 are performing better. You will find out below.

Part 1: Brief Introduction on ImgBurn

In the current market of optical disc authoring program, ImgBurn turns out to be a classic burner that satisfies users with its feature-rich operation. Developed by Lightning UK! Its main job is aiming at recording different types of DVDs and CDs. Even though this program works as a freeware, people find it very handy and practical to accomplish all the burning missions. Written in C++ computeristic language following the initial release in 2005, the latest release added Blu-ray images and HD DVD support.

ImgBurn features certain formats including BIN, CUE, DI (Atari Disk Image), DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG, PDI and more. The compatible system is Windows only, covering Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 2008 R2, and Wine. Also, it is able to transfer media folders like the VIDEO_TS folder, HVDVD_TS folder, and BDAV / BDMV folder to distinct discs. Meantime, this burner provides a multi-language working environment. The entire program is well condensed in a small size body under 1.8MB while it runs smoothly.

Part 2: Advantages and Disadvantages of ImgBurn

Being a popular free burning program, ImgBurn does need some specialty to keep receiving a positive reputation. So what are the advantages of ImgBurn?

1. ImgBurn has mature processes to write data to discs as well as create image files from discs.

It is focused on the ISO image files, so you can see the option from the home interface with the majority feature involving with ISO files. ImgBurn can generate and burn ISO files into rewritable discs.easily and accurately. Backward, collecting data from ISO is also effective.

2. It offers advanced settings for burning discs.

Some experts find ImgBurn approachable in a wide variety of advanced configurations. The program is built with complicated systems to let people decide selectable burning options.

3. Diverse formats and Blu-ray discs are compatible.

A handful of abnormal files like BIN, CUE, IMG, MDS, and NRG are entirely supported. Moreover, as long as you have a proper Blu-ray player device, this burner enables the possibility of creating your Blu-rays.

4. Fast speed

As a bonus, the writing speed can be adjusted from normal to 4 times faster. It can speed up automatically by default.

What are the disadvantages of ImgBurn? The truth is disappointing, but you’d better note them beforehand.

1. Lack of update.

The last release was in 2013, which is 6 years ago. There seems to be an end to this tool.

2. Not suitable for the novice.

As mentioned before those most disc-oriented utilities are difficult to comprehend, beginners will have many unnecessary hassles.

3. Flash drives are not offered.

Even though the optical disc storage works seamlessly, none of the flash drives are recognizable.

4. Insufficient service support.

Behind the curtain, the forum or community online is not activated at all. If you ask around, the official team will not response most of the time.

5. Outdated interface design.
Modern digital software could be with a more comfortable interface experience.

6. ImgBurn frequently fails the burning process

There are an increasing number of users continuing to face the trouble of how to fix ImgBurn I/O error. The reasons are hard to get a full conclusion. But the way to fix them can be searched online.

Part 3: Top 3 Alternatives to ImgBurn in Windows 10

Top 1.Leawo DVD Creator

Leawo DVD Creator is a DVD burning program produced by Leawo Software, a company specializing in DVD and Blu-ray technology. This ImgBurn alternative can burn videos in 180+ formats like AVI, MP4, DAT, WEBM, RMVB, RM, MPG, MPEG, VOB, MOV and so many more to an optical DVD disc, DVD ISO file or folder. The burning program can burn videos at high speed and retain the original quality at the same time. What’s more, there is a built-in video editor that allows you to edit your video before burning it to a disc. You can also create the DVD menu using this DVD burning program. It contains over 40 menu templates and you are allowed to download online sources or create something special. As one of the best ImgBurn alternatives, Leawo DVD Creator is arranged with a neat user interface and operates very stable and reliable. This app definitely deserves the first place on this list.

Top 2. Sothink Movie DVD Maker

As another ImgBurn alternative, Sothink Free Movie DVD Maker is a free DVD editing and burning program. Sothink Free Movie DVD Maker lets you compose and burn high-quality DVDs from your own movie clips. Like most of the other DVD burning and editing programs, Sothink Free Movie DVD Maker handles a wide range of video formats as well as DVD output types, including HD DVDs and up to 1080p in resolution. The operation of this program is relatively simple. With drag-and-drop, clip editing, zoom mode, and menu options, you can produce high-quality DVDs that are compatible with any DVD player. Sothink Free Movie DVD Maker places a splash screen before segments. You can get a free version of this program or a premium version that removes the ads.

Top 3. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

If you know something about DVD burning programs, you may have heard about this program a couple of times now. Even though Burning Studio Free only supports MP3 and WMA formats, it is still considered a pretty good ImgBurn alternative. This free burning program supports CD, DVD, and Blu-ray drives, giving you flexible storage options. Using its intuitive interface, you can rip and burn audio and data CDs, back up files and folders, burn movies, create ISO/BIN images, and duplicate CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Besides Ashampoo Burning Studio Free, Ashampoo also offers a paid version of the software. The most inconvenient part about this program is probably the limit of supported formats. Apparently, MP3 and WMV are not enough for even casual burning tasks.

Part 4:How to Burn DVD with Leawo DVD Creator

Step 1: Import the video

From the first entrance, you will see some buttons. Enter the “DVD Creator” feature by clicking the corresponding button. In the DVD Creator section, you can either import videos by clicking the “Add Video” button or by dragging and dropping files to the program. After loading source video files, you could select subtitles and audio tracks from source videos, playback videos, etc. Set the output DVD disc type, quality and aspect ratio at the bottom.

Step 2: Create DVD menu

Leawo DVD Creator provides the function that allows you to create a DVD menu for your DVD. There is a frame on the right for you to choose DVD menu templates. Designing DVD menus and chapters can be done using the built-in menu editor or getting online presets. Click the “preview” icon which is like an eye image to view the pre-product. the template you desire, then you can edit the template like changing the text of each chapter.

Step 3: Edit video

You can edit your video before burning it to a DVD. By selecting a video clip and clicking the “Edit” icon in the loaded video title, you can access the “Video Edit” window, where you can edit your videos by trimming, cropping, applying special effects, adding watermarks, and adding 3D movie effects. Of course, you can also burn it without editing.

Step 4: DVD burning settings

After setting the disc menu and editing your video, click the big green “Burn” button to call out the burning settings panel, on which you need to set Burn to, Disc Label, and Save to options. After that, click the “Burn” icon below to start the burning process.

Part 5: Comparison between 4 DVD Burning Tools


Features ImgBurn Leawo DVD Creator Sothink Movie DVD Maker Ashampoo Burning Studio Free
System support Windows Windows, Mac Windows Windows
ISO and folder support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Videos of all formats support Yes Yes Yes No
Blu-ray support Yes Yes No Yes
DVD menu templates No Yes Yes No
Preview Window No Yes Yes No
Built-in video editor No Yes No No
Faster burning Yes Yes No No
Quality-lossless No Yes No Yes
Photo slideshow No Yes No No
Multilingual interface No Yes Yes No


ImgBurn is defined as multi-talented disc burning software for a long time. Although it can manage many authoring tasks with decent performance, there are some disadvantages causing trouble to users. Considering the potential issues, obtaining the best ImgBurn alternative could be the most beneficial way. Each of those ImgBurn alternative programs has a different way to burn a DVD, but for the most part, they are quite similar. Obviously, Leawo DVD Creator stands out with a pretty clean user interface and professional burning process. And lots of comparisons via multiple feature accessibility tell me that Leawo DVD Creator should be chosen as the primary option to create DVD discs. Furthermore, making DVDs should be ended up flawlessly with the best DVD player program to decode and play. If you are wondering about the solution for playing DVD in a quality-lossless way, you can get the free Leawo Blu-ray Player.