“This is a weird one; any note created on my iMac appears on my iPhone and iPad through iCloud. But any note created on my iPad or iPhone doesn't appear on my iMac. My iPhone and iPad are both running iOS 11. Have searched for this particularly iCloud issue, but couldn't find out which device I need to work on or what the workaround is. Anyone knows how to fix iPhone iCloud notes not syncing? Thank you for any help!”

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It will be quite annoying that you can't sync iPhone notes to iCloud. Under this circumstance, it will be troublesome for you to backup your iPhone notes. When you find your iCloud notes not syncing, what shall you do? Here I would like to introduce how to fix iPhone notes not syncing to iCloud.

Part 1: 5 Solutions on How to Fix iCloud Notes not Syncing on iPhone

To fix iCloud notes not syncing on iPhone, the below are five efficient and useful tips. Let us take a look.

1. Ensure you log into the same iCloud account on all devices. When you log into different iCloud account on different devices, it is sure that your iCloud notes can't sync. To fix iCloud notes not syncing, you can go to "Settings > Apple ID" and log into the same Apple ID.

2. Avoid your notes being stored on your device. If you go to "Settings > Notes" and find you toggle on "On My iPhone Account", it means your notes won't be synced to iCloud. Hence, you should turn off "On My iPhone Account" to enable iCloud notes to sync.

3. Make sure you turn on notes syncing. Go to "Settings > Apple ID > iCloud" and turn on "iCloud". This is how to sync notes to iCloud.

4. Resign iCloud on all devices. Sometimes, iCloud notes syncing works on this device but doesn't work on another device. You can reply on this tip to fix how to sync notes to iCloud. Go to "Settings > Apple ID" and scroll down to choose "Sign Out". After that, resign into iCloud ID.

5. Try to update to iCloud Drive. In this case, you need to have iOS 8 or later version on your iPhone. Go to "Settings > Apple ID > iCloud" and toggle on "iCloud Drive" to fix iCloud notes not syncing on iPhone.

Part 2: How to Sync Note from iPhone to iCloud

Now you know how to fix iCloud notes not syncing on your iPhone. If you want to sync notes from iPhone to iCloud, what shall you do? You can learn from the following steps to learn how to sync notes to iCloud from iPhone.

1. To sync notes from iPhone to iCloud, you first go to "Settings > Apple ID > iCloud". Scroll down and turn on "Notes". In this way, you can view iCloud option in Notes app.

turn on Notes

2. Open Notes app on your iPhone. You can see "ON MY IPHONE" option which stored your notes on iPhone device.

3. Tap on "Notes" under "ON MY IPHONE" and a list of notes appear. Click on "Edit" in the upper right corner and check notes you want to sync to iCloud.

Tap on Notes under ON MY IPHONE

4. Choose "Move to" in lower left corner and choose a folder under "iCloud" to move. In this way, you fix how to sync iPhone notes to iCloud.

Choose Move to

After you solve this problem and try to backup something yo iCloud but encounter "iCloud backup failed", you can check the following guidance to help yourself: How to Fix "iCloud Backup Failed" Issue

Part 3: How to Sync Note from iPhone to iPad without iCloud

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1. Start Leawo iTransfer

Start Leawo iTransfer

Connect iPhone and iPad to computer with USB cable. Start Leawo iTransfer after downloading and installing it. Leawo iTransfer is able to scan two devices automatically and shows the libraries of these two devices in left sidebar.

2. Choose notes to transfer

Choose notes to transfer

Navigate to "iPhone > LIBRARY > Notes" and select notes by holding "Ctrl" in the right interface. After that, click on "Export" at top middle to export iPhone notes to computer.

3. Set an output directory

Set an output directory

In the pop-up window, choose a folder on your computer as an output directory and then click on "Save" to export notes from iPhone to computer.

4. Transfer notes from iPhone to iPad

Transfer notes from iPhone to iPad

Now go to "iPad > LIBRARY > Notes" in the left sidebar and click on the "Import" icon at top middle. Choose the folder you just exported from iPhone and upload it to iPad. A dialogue will jump out to ask you if you want to replace all contents in current notes. Choose "Yes" and it will immediately sync notes from iPhone to iPad.

Of course, you can also use iTransfer to move notes from iPad to iPhone on the contray.