Ever since the digital world has come to a new era of streaming media data, people may consider that is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy movies or shared videos. Still, having a physical copy of the media sources is a solid solution to obtain your favorite collections of movies. The backup copies could be well created via some free software like the DVD Flick. In the following contents, we will show you how to burn DVD using DVD Flick along with some extra hints for handling some potential issues if you would like to use DVD Flick.

Part 1: Brief Introduction on DVD Flick

As it is prevalent in the United States holding around 60% of users, people from the UK and other European countries may be familiar with this application. The DVD Flick program is an open-source project that provides users from all over the world to author DVD discs for free. It is aiming at burning DVD discs to store media files from your personal computers. While it is designed as a simple tool, it is strong enough to cope with the burning process as this is the specialty.

This application is developed for the Windows system, especially for Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8, and has other functions to make DVD copies. Including the abilities to add external audio tracks and subtitles, it is capable of creating ISO image files at the same time. To be more specific, the entire software covers 53 multimedia container formats such as Windows Media formats, RealMedia, AVI, MP4, and QuickTime. Meanwhile, audio and video codecs possess 42 and 72 types respectively.


Part 2: How to Burn DVD with DVD Flick

This section will display how to burn DVD using DVD Flick step by step. Before the first step, you should also pay attention to how to get ready for burning DVD discs.

Step 1: Download the DVD Flick program online and install it on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Run the DVD Flick program and you can import media files that allow DVD Flick burn to disc. To do that, click on the “Add title…” button on the right sidebar of the interface.


Step 3: The popping window enables users to browse the folders on the computers. Pick up the videos you would prefer to store on DVD discs. Notice that there is only a certain range of file formats that are fully compatible with DVD Flick software. So you want to make sure the video formats are supported by this program.


Step 4: Set the directory folder for saving the converted videos. DVD Flick can only be able to generate the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder structure files, which are the most common formats used by DVDs. Click on the “Browse…” button to choose your destination.


Step 5: Press the “Create DVD” icon from the top menu bar to start the conversion.


Step 6: Once the converting process is done, it will call out the ImgBurn program automatically. DVD Flick relies on the separate software to burn DVDs, but you do not have to download it again as it comes with the whole application. You need to set some options or just leave it as default. Click “Yes” to move on then press the “OK” button to confirm.


Step 7: When the operation is completed, you will see a window below. Next, just enjoy the DVD you have burned.


Part 3: How to Fix DVD Flick out of Sync

Knowing how to burn using DVD Flick can help save money most of the time. However, DVD Flick software is not perfectly good at the burning process as you might expect. It is very possible that the DVD Flick out of sync problem will occur. So is there any solution to fix DVD Flick out of sync issues? Please follow the method below.

Step 1: Open DVD Flick and load your video files into the interface.


Step 2: Click the “Edit title…” button under the adding icon from the right sidebar to enter the “Properties of title…” window.


Step 3: Get into the third tab which is the ”Audio tracks” option. Keep going to the right side of the window and you will see the “Edit” option. Choose this button and there will be another window coming as the “Audio track sources”.


Step 4: Look down to the left side, there is a  “ignore audio delay for this track” option that can help fix DVD Flick out of sync. Just check the box in the front of this option and click the “Accept” button.

Part 4: How to Fix DVD Flick Error 429

For most users using DVD Flick burn to disc functions all the time, the situation of DVD Flick error 429 can be commonly seen when the program is having a problem. So what is the DVD Flick error 429? It is the protection process during the runtime of DVD Flick burn to disc. That is to say, the DVD Flick application is trying to stop the programs running when it detects potential dangers that could crash all the systems. What’s more, this issue DVD Flick error 429 could be persistence if you don’t fix it properly. So we have your solutions here. Not like DVD Flick out of sync problems, the solutions are acting from multiple aspects due to diverse causes.

Solution 1: Shutdown conflicting software.

One of the important reasons causing DVD Flick error 429 can be the conflicting programs. Thus, when you see some error messages, just clear off all the possible conflicting processes that could influence the DVD Flick. You can use the Task Manager tool in Windows to “End Process”.

Solution 2: Reinstall incompatible applications.

Sometimes, incompatible software may play an essential role in your daily computer usage. Therefore, you cannot always close the program each time during the DVD Flick burn to disc process. Users should better update the desire programs for further needs.

Solution 3: Runtime Libraries may need an update.

From time to time, the MS Visual C++ package on your Windows computer might need to be reinstalled since the runtime libraries could be incompletely inbuilt with programs.

Solution 4: There might be not enough space to run DVD Flick burn to disc.

In this situation, Windows has a preinstalled tool to free up more room. Just take advantage of the Disk Cleanup function, it assists people with clearing cache and reboots the computer performance.

Solution 5: Try another professional DVD Flick alternative program.

Even you have tried out all the solutions, there could seem to be nothing changes. Do not be desperate if you still want to fix DVD Flick error 429, some powerful DVD burning programs are available in the market.


Part 5: How to Burn DVD with Leawo DVD Creator

Leawo DVD Creator is one of the best DVD Flick alternative programs that you can totally trust. It covers all the common formats for input, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, Xvid, MOV, and FLV. And it supports both DVD-9 and DVD-5 disc types. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the largest number of menu templates as well as the freedom to design menus as you wish. Its excellent performance allows the burning speed to reach 6X faster than any other programs. Furthermore, you can get the highest image results on the DVD disc because its advanced technology can preserve the 100% original quality of playback. In addition, it acts as a perfect DVD menu creator tool.

Step 1:  Download and install Leawo DVD Creator on your computer.

Step 2: Run the burning program and import any video files you like. It provides an easier way to add media files since you can just simply drag the file into the interface. If you like, press the “Add Video” button can also access folders.


Step 3: There are multiple output settings for you before burning to DVD discs. You can adjust subtitles, background tracks, disc types, video aspect ratio, quality, menu templates, and more.


Step 4: Do burning settings. Once you get back to the home area, click on the big green “Burn” icon on the right side above the menu template sidebar. Then you can see a burning panel sidebar is pulled out. Here you can insert a blank DVD disc and check the third box of the “Burn to” option. Rename the disc label in the corresponding area.


Step 5: At last, press the big white “Burn” icon to begin the burning process.

Part 6: Comparison between DVD Flick and Leawo DVD Creator

You may have some doubts about the differences between DVD Flick and Leawo DVD Creator, here I will represent with a table to show you a clear view. It is not hard to tell which one is better for use and which one has limited functions.

Feature DVD Flick Leawo DVD Creator
Supporting format 60+ 180+
DVD menu templates 6 40+
Personalizing editing features
Burning speed Normal 6X higher speed
Output quality Original
3D effect
Noise removal