People who often watch movies or TV shows online should know that most TV websites don’t support video downloads. How can we download these videos to our computer when we have met a favorite movie or TV show in order to be able to watch at any time? Recently one of my friends was deeply troubled by this problem. He is a super fan of Veoh, one of the most popular Internet television websites. A few days ago he was deeply attracted by a television drama which he was eager to download. But Veoh didn’t provide the download channel, for this reason he asked me for help and wanted to know whether there are some methods to donwload Veoh videos. Fortunately, it’s not difficult for us to find a Veoh video downloader on the Internet that can help us to download videos from Veoh. If you have the same problems as my friend, I think this post may be of great help to you.

Part 1: Introduction of Veoh

First of all, we need to have a general understanding of Veoh. As is known to many people, Veoh is an Internet television company based in San Diego, California, which allows users to find and watch major studio content, independent productions and user-generated material. It’s a pity that Veoh filed for bankruptcy in 2010 because of the copyright and funding problems. Even though it went bankrupt several years ago, users can still watch film, animation, video content, and listen to music via Veoh. It can provide tens thousands of network video sources such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, YouTube, MySpace, Google, Yahoo! and so on. However, these videos can only be viewed online. Therefore, a Veoh video downloader is necessary if you want to download the videos to your computer or other devices. Today I will recommend two reliable Veoh video downloaders to you so that you can use them to download Veoh videos without any barrier.

Part 2: Download Veoh video easily with Leawo Video Downloader

The first video downloader I’m going to introduce to you is Leawo Video Downloader, the top Veoh video downloader around the world, which can download videos from more than 1000 sites like YouTube, Myspace, and Veoh and so on. As a top-of-the-line online video downloader, Leawo Video Downloader has reliable downloading ability with the fastest downloading speed. In addition, the simple operation interface and almost no video quality losing are also the reasons why they are popular with users. So I think Leawo Video Downloader is the best choice for you to download Veoh videos.


In this part I will show you how to use Leawo Video Downloader to download Veoh videos.

Step 1: Locate Veoh videos

Open the main interface and find the “Video Downloader“. Click it you will enter the main interface and then you can paste the target video URL of Veoh in the address box.

Download Veoh Video

Step 2: Load Veoh video to the Queue

After entering the URL you will enter the website you want and then what you need to do is to call out the wait-to-select panel by clicking the green arrow on the right side. Select the one with the format you need to download. And then click the download icon.

Download Veoh Video

Step 3: Download Veoh videos

Click the green “Download” button you can start downloading the Veoh video. After that Leawo Video Downloader will begin to download the video you have chosen. Once finished, you can checked the videos in the downloaded tab.

Download Veoh Video

Part 3: Download video from Veoh with Keepvid

The second downloader I want to introduce to you is Keepvid, which is also an easy-to-use Veoh video downloader extension that enables you to download videos. You can use Keepvid to download videos from YouTube and more than 10,00 other video sharing sites, including Dailymotion, Hulu, Break, Metacafe, BlipTV, Vimeo, AOL, Lynda, MegaVideo, Veoh and so on. And it can not only download videos in MP4, 3GP, FLV, WebM formats, but also download videos on any other format with just one click. Hence, Keepvid is also a good choice for you to download Veoh videos.

You can follow the detail steps below about how to use Keepvid to download Veoh videos.

Step 1: Go to visit the Veoh website with built-in browser

Open the Keepvid program and go to the “Online” section. Paste the target video URL of Veoh into the address box.

Download Veoh Video

Step 2: Find and download Veoh video

Find and play your favorite video, then move your mouse on the video, the Download button will display at the upper-right corner of the video. Click it and select the resolution from the drop down menu to start the download.

Download Veoh Video

Step 3: Find your downloaded video

After finishing the downloading, you can find your downloaded video by clicking the “download” section and all the downloaded videos will be in the downloaded library.

Download Veoh Video

Part 4: Leawo Video Downlaoder VS. Keepvid

If you’re hesitating about which software to use as the Veoh videos downloader, I’ll give you a table of these two software comparisons so that you can choose your favorite one.

Features Leawo Video Downloader Keepvid
Support sites More than 1000 sites like YouTube, Myspace, Dailymotion, Break, MegaVideo, Vimeo, CBS, Metacafe, Blip TV, Hulu and Veoh and so on more than 1000 other video sharing sites, including Dailymotion, Hulu, Break, Vimeo, AOL, Lynda, MegaVideo, Veoh and so on
Interface Easy to use Easy to use
High-resolution videos Support 720P, 1080P HD videos downloading Support MP4 HD videos downloading
Video edition Allow users to play the video, check the file location, sort the video order by name, newest, size or length Can just set the download format, quality, subtitle language
Speed 6X Faster Downloading Speed Normal
Fidelity Almost no quality loss A slight loss in audio and resolution
Operation OS Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows10, Mac Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac

From above we can see that both Leawo Video Downloader and Keepvid have done a very good job in downloading Veoh videos. Compared to Keepvid, Leawo Video Downloader has faster downloading speed and better video quality. As far as I’m concerned, for the best downloading experience and efficiency, Leawo Video Downloader will be your best bet. Not only Veoh videos, with it you can easily download YouTube videos and videos from other online video sharing websites.