"How to copy a movie from copy protected DVD to USB flash drive? - I had laptop without DVD drive but USB port is there. I want to play this movie, but it is only available in a DVD disc and the pity is my computer has no DVD drive to read the DVD disc. Is there any way in which i could copy DVD movie to USB so to watch DVD movie via USB drive? The DVD disc is copy protected. Pls give any way to copy DVD to USB drive."

Copying DVD to USB drive is a convenient way to back up your movies or bring them with you while away from home or when you don't have access to your personal computer or DVD collection. Use free or commercial DVD ripping software to create a computer file copy of your DVD and then transfer this file to a USB flash drive. You can then enjoy movies and TV shows anywhere you have access to a computer.

Why Do We Put DVD to USB

Watching DVD movies at home with home theatre system like DVD player or computer is great fun with family members and friends. However, it will be weird for us to carry a hardware DVD player or a device with DVD drive around if we plan for a long train journey and would like to watch DVD movies on the train. Meanwhile, there are other occasions in which your source DVD discs might get lost or broken. In such conditions, copying DVD to USB drive would be of great help. Below content shows you where you may need a USB drive rather than a DVD disc.

1. Computer has no DVD drive or DVD drive is broken or damaged. You need USB drive to play back DVD movies or install operating system.
2. Transfer DVD movies via USB, especially DVD movie folder and ISO image files. From one computer to another with absence of DVD drive.
3. Save DVD content onto USB drive for storage. Make a backup of DVD movie collections with large capacity USB drives.
4. Play DVD movies via USB drive on TV, Tablet, DVD player, and other home appliances as long as you connect your USB drive. More convenient.

Solution 1: Directly Copy DVD to USB

For unprotected DVD content, we could directly copy source DVD content and then paste it to target USB drive, as long as USB drive gets enough space. Copy and paste is the most direct and easiest solution to copy DVD to USB drive. You could check the below steps to learn how to directly copy DVD to USB drive via copy-and-paste.

1. Get source DVD content ready: insert DVD disc into DVD drive of your computer, get DVD folder or ISO image file on you computer well prepared for copy-and-paste. Make sure your DVD content is not copy protected. Otherwise you may not be able to copy and paste source DVD content.
2. Plug USB drive into USB port. Computer would automatically detect it and install USB drive if it's not installed. Make sure your USB flash drive gets enough space for storing DVD content. You could format your USB drive if there's not enough space, or remove unneccessary files to save space.
3. Right click DVD disc drive and then select "Open". Select all files there and copy them for pasting to USB drive. To copy DVD folder or ISO image file, right click the folder or ISO file and then select Copy option, go to USB drive and right click on a blank place to select "Paste". Or you could select "Send to" option to send DVD content to USB drive.


  1. Direct copy-and-paste is only applicable to unprotected DVD content to USB drive copy.
  2. Remember to right click DVD disc and then select “Open” option in File Explorer, but not double click it to open.

Solution 2: Copy DVD to USB Hard Drive with 3rd-party DVD Copy Software

Besides direct copy-and-paste solution to copy DVD to USB hard drive, you could still make use of free or commercial DVD to USB copy software to accomplish DVD to USB drive copying. On choosing a right DVD to USB tool, various things should be taken into consideration, including: copy speed, output quality, price, disc protection removal, etc. Taking all these into consideration, Leawo DVD Copy tops out and has been widely accepted as the best DVD copy software. The below steps would show you how to copy DVD content to USB hard drive (external DVD drive) with Leawo DVD Copy.