Nowadays, many people need more than one lightning cable for their daily lives and there are many different reasons for that. The original lightning cable that comes with your iPhone or iPad tend to wear out after being used for a certain period of time. When it wears out, you are going to need a new one. And a new lightning cable from Apple is going to cost you $19, which is kind of expensive considering that its durability is not that satisfactory. And if you are a heavy user and need to constantly charge your iPhone no matter if you are at home or at work, you are going to need more than one lightning cable to do the job. Seeing that the Apple lightning cable is not the most ideal choice, you should take a look at other lightning cables from other third-party manufacturers. This post will introduce to you several of the best alternatives to the Apple lightning cable.

9 Best Apple Lightning Cable Alternatives

1. AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable

If you are looking for a braided lightning cable to replace your original one, the AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable would be the perfect choice. The braided cable is naturally more durable than the original one. And to further ensure its durability, both ends of this braided Amazon lightning cable are reinforced with rubber. It's only $12 and it's 6-foot long, providing more flexibility when charging.

AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable

2. Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable

If you value durability most in a lightning cable, you should probably take a look at the Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable. The double-braided nylon exterior makes it look significantly thicker and much more durable than a regular lightning cable. Reinforced with stress points, this braided lightning cable can easily prevent wear and tear. It's got four different colors including gold, white, black and red for you to choose. This 6-foot long indestructible lightning cable are around $17 dollars on Amazon and if you want a longer one, it's got a 10-foot long version priced at around $18.

Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable

3. BYZ braided Lightning cable — 3 pack

If you need to charge your iPhone or iPad at various locations or own several different iOS devices, you might need more than one alternative to the Apple lightning cable. Check out the BYZ braided lightning cable, it packs 3 braied lightning cables in one package for $15 on Amazon. And similiar to the AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable, it got both ends of the cable covered with rubber to protect the weakest points of the cable from fraying easily as the Apple lightning cable. And they are also significantly longer than the Apple lightning cable, these 6-foot long braided lightning cables would make it easier for you to find a suitable place to charge your devices.

BYZ braided Lightning cable — 3 pack

4. Native Union NIGHT Cable

Some people don't like having more than one cable for one device. For those people, the most suitable choice would be a cable that is durable and flexible enough to handle being used in different conditions. And the Native Union NIGHT Cable is one of the best lightning cable for those people. This Apple certified lightning cable is 10 feet long and its reinforced structure ensures that it can withstand more than 10,000 bends, twists or other kinds of wear you could possibly throw at it. It's one of the most indestructible iPhone lightning cable you can find. But you should know that the extra durability and lifespan come with a price. It will set you back $39.99 but if you don't mind paying those extra money, it's totally worth it.

Native Union NIGHT Cable

5. PowerBear Lighting Cable

This is a durable charger with nylon braiding protection in 6 feet long, the cable can be bundled by using a Velcro strap. Featuring in durability and quick charging, it is a strong lightning cable for iOS devices users with 24-month warranty and 30 days payment return. Furthermore, you just need to pay $5 to get such a durable lightning cable.


6. Apple Lightning to USB-A

This six feet Apple Lightning cable is one of the best choices for your iPhone, quick and reliable charging time is assured by this official Apple charging cable. The USB-A port can be connected to the wall adapter or computer to make the charge and sync simultaneously for your MacBook or Mac Desktop. The six feet long cable makes you free enough to use any outlet in your room, when your battery is out of power, this lightning cable is a perfect one to become the main charging cable for your home. The internal wires are protected by durable coating of rubber plastic from damage, also the electrical shock is prevented as well. This charging cable also is available for the newest iPad or iPod Touch. But you must pay $19 to get one.


7. YUNGSONG Lightning to USB-A (3-pack)

You can’t find any other charging cable which is more durable than YUNGSONG Lightning. This cable is protected by a woven nylon sheath from wearing out and splitting, offering long-lasting protection and bearing more than 8,000 bends. Its connection housing is made by aluminum alloy which can get the common stress points reinforced to prevent against cracking between your iPhone and USB connection. This charging cable not only offers you a quick and reliable charge, but also it gives you a fast data transfer speed which makes your devices synced quickly and simply. This 6-feet long cable is an ideal choice when you can’t access the wall outlet or the USB port of computer. It costs $10 on Amazon.


8. KOZOPO Lightning to USB-A (2 pack)

This two-pack KOZOPO lightning cable has a wall adapter which includes two USB slots so that you can get two devices charged at the same time. The adapter gets approval of ETL and FCC, which can prevent against overheating, voltage surging and shorting out. Two lightning cables are packaged in this bundle so one cable can be used for your iPhone charging, the other can be used for other Apple devices which supports the lightning charger. The measurement of each cable is 6 feet in length which allows you to have a long connection between the wall outlet and USB port. The woven protective mesh below the plastic sheath protects the cable so durability and strength can be provided to withstand the daily use. A fast and reliable charging and the speedy data transfer are ensured due to the cable construction in tinned copper. It costs you $13 to buy from Amazon.


9. Aukey Lightning to USB-C (2 pack)

Aukey Lightning cable is ideal for those who want to buy the charging cable which can resist twist or tangle. It comes with 90 degrees bends on both connections of USB-A and USB-C to avoid twisting and tangling. This cable is protected by braided nylon sheath to prevent against cracking and splitting. It not only can support fast charging, but also provide rapid data transfer to enable the files can be shared with ease. The connection house is made in zinc alloy to reinforce the thermal resistance and durability. This charging cable is 6 feet long so that it can provide you enough space to do your things while your iPhone is charging. You can pay $13 to buy one.


How to Extend the Service Life of Lightning Cable

If you find a lightning cable fails in charging, the possible reason is that there is a problem on the junction portion between the plug and the cable, or there is something wrong with the pins. Therefore, to extend the service life of a lightning cable, you can do as follows:

1. When you connect or disconnect the lighting plug from the wall adapter or the computer, the hard plastic jacket should be grasped so as to reduce the cable failure.


2. Don’t strain or tangle the cable, avoiding stretch or bends in the lightning cable will greatly help it work longer as the metal in the cable is easy to snap even if it is elastic and flexible outside.


3. Keep the pins away from any kind of liquids and ensure it maintains clean, as the exposed pins can be scraped off or damaged or caused corrosion easily.


How to Back Up iPhone Before Battery Replacement

With those alternatives to the Apple lightning cable, you can charge your iPhone more easily. But when you notice that your battery drains fast and you have to frequently charge your iPhone, maybe it's because your battery is ageing quickly, you can either choose to change the battery or get a new one. If you want to continue using your iPhone without changing the old battery, here are a few things you can do when your iPhone battery's draining fast.

If you want to put a new battery in your iPhone, I would suggest that you back up your iPhone first because when the battery is changed, iPhone will be reset to factory settings. You can use iTunes or iCloud to back up your data on your iPhone. Both tools can help you back up all the data on your iPhone, but iTunes is a bit complicated for people who are new to the program and iCloud might not have enough storage space for your iPhone. Here's an excellent choice to help you back up your data on your iPhone: Leawo iOS Data Recovery. It can back up 14 different types of data on your iPhone to your computer. The 14 types of data are: Messages, Contacts, Call History, WhatsApp, Notes, Calendar, Reminders, Safari bookmark, Camera roll, Photo stream, Photo library, Message attachments, Voice memos, WhatsApp attachments. If you prefer to have just part of your data to be backed up, Leawo iOS Data Recovery is a great choice as it's easy to use and fast when backing up your data. Here's how to use it to back up your data on your iPhone.


1. Open the program on your computer and then click Recover from iOS Device in the program.

Back Up iPhone Data

2. Plug your iPhone to your PC and click the Start button when you see it in the program, and the program will scan your iPhone.

Back Up iPhone Data

3. Select the files you want to back up after the scanning process is finished and then click Recover.

Back Up iPhone Data

4. Set the folder for storing the data you are backing up on the following window and start the backup process by clicking the Go button.

Back Up iPhone Data

The original Apple lightning cable is always the first choice when you need to charge your iPhone or connect your iPhone to your computer, but it's true that the durability of it is not that satisfactory. And a reliable alternative to it seems necessary. You should be able to find the most suitable lightning cable from those we recommend.