No matter what device is used to log in to YouTube, users will often encounter such a problem: "There was a problem with network [503]". If this problem occurs, users often cannot open and watch videos in YouTube. Therefore, this tutorial will specifically introduce what YouTube error 503 is and how to solve this problem. I hope it will be helpful to you who also have YouTube error 503 problem.

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Part 1: Why Comes YouTube Error 503?

Through the feedback of most users on the Internet, we have basically obtained the following reasons for YouTube error 503:

1. Connection timeout

When the default value in the APN settings is modified, the connection timeout problem will appear. The connection timeout may eventually cause inconsistencies in the user's device accessing data in other servers. Therefore, users will not be able to obtain the video data in YouTube, which will eventually lead to YouTube error 503.

2. Corrupted cached data

Corrupted cache data folder is a common problem in Android devices. Because it appears frequently, this is not a tricky problem. In this case, the user only needs to clear the cached data to solve the problem.

3. Server is too busy or undergoing maintenance

YouTube service providers will maintain the server from time to time and a large number of users may log in to YouTube at a certain period of time, which makes the server so busy that the problem of YouTube error 503 appear. In this case, users cannot solve the problem by themselves. You can only wait patiently after the server maintenance is over or the server runs smoothly before logging in to YouTube.

4. Playlist queue is too long

If the playlist queue is too long, when YouTube tries to load the playlist, it will fail to load. Therefore, too long a playlist queue will also cause YouTube error 503 to appear. However, it is very rare that the playlist queue is too long to cause YouTube error 503. This usually only happens when the playlist contains more than a thousand different videos.

Part 2: How to Fix YouTube Error 503 by Verifying the Google Servers Status?

As mentioned above, if the YouTube error 503 is caused by the YouTube service provider maintaining the server or the YouTube server is too crowded, the user cannot take any measures to solve the problem and can only wait patiently. Of course, we can also confirm by ourselves whether the above situation causes the YouTube error 503 problem. The first way is to check YouTube’s official Twitter account. YouTube’s official Twitter account will post a tweet to inform users when it is regularly maintained or when a major accident occurs. Another way is to log in to a query website to check if there are other users who also have this problem at the same time. If it is confirmed that this is the case, we can only wait patiently. If the YouTube service provider is not maintaining the server or the YouTube server is congested, then we can take the following methods to solve the YouTube error 503 problem by ourselves.

Part 3: How to Fix YouTube Error 503 by Cleaning Watch Later List?

When users add a large number of videos to the "Watch Later" list, YouTube will fail to load because the queue of videos to be loaded is too long. Therefore, deleting the video in the "Watch Later" list has become an effective way to solve the YouTube error 503 problem. Although the official has never explained why this method can solve the problem, a large number of users have reported that when they deleted the video in the "Watch Later" list and restarted the YouTube application, the YouTube error 503 problem was effectively resolved. In addition, the method of deleting videos in the "Watch Later" list of YouTube is also very simple. The specific steps are as follows:


Step 1: Use your device to open the YouTube APP;

Step 2: On the main YouTube page, click the "Library" button in the horizontal menu at the bottom of the page;

Step 3: On the "Library" page, click the "Watch Later" button;

Step 4: In the "Watch Later" page, manually delete all videos.

Part 4: How to Fix YouTube Error 503 by Clearing Cache Data?

We know that cache data corruption usually occurs in the YouTube client of Android devices. Once the cached data is corrupted, it is likely to cause a network 503 error in the YouTube application. To solve this problem, you only need to clear the cache and data in the YouTube application and restart it. The following are the specific steps to clear the cache and data in the YouTube application on an Android device:


Step 1: In the interface of the Android device, click the "Settings" icon;

Step 2: In the "Settings" page. Click the "Apps" button;

Step 3: Find YouTube in the list of applications, and then click on it;

Step 4: At this time, the phone will display the specific information of the YouTube application, click on the "Clear data" and "Clear cache" buttons. The phone will delete the cache and data in the app that clears YouTube.

After completing the above steps, restart YouTube.

Part 5: How to Fix YouTube Error 503 by Resetting APN?

If you need to use an APN to log in to the YouTube website, then the default value in the APN settings is modified, which will also cause network 503 problems when you use YouTube. Many users reported that they solved the YouTube error 503 problem by resetting the name of the access point in the APN to the default value and restarting the device. Moreover, this solution is suitable for most users who use APN to log in to the YouTube website.

Here are the specific steps to reset APN on Android devices:


Step 1: Click the "Settings" button on the main screen of the phone. In the "Settings" page, click the "Mobile Data" button, and then select Active Data Connection;

Step 2: After making the active data connection active, click the "Access Point Names" button;

Step 3: In the APN settings, in the "jionet" tab, click "Reset to default" button.

Step 4: Restart your Android device and start the YouTube application to confirm whether the problem is resolved.

Part 6: How to Avoid YouTube Error 503?

In addition to the above-mentioned method to solve the YouTube error 503 problem by adjusting the application, we can also use a more convenient and efficient method to further avoid the YouTube error 503 problem. In other words, we can download videos from YouTube to our device in advance, and then when we want to watch these videos, we can open them directly and quickly and avoid the YouTube error 503 problem completely. At this time, we need a professional and efficient video download tool.

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The Bottom Line

Through the above introduction, we know that whether it is verifying the Google server’s status or cleaning watch later list, etc., these methods to deal with YouTube error 503 can only temporarily solve this problem, and YouTube error 503 will continue to trouble users in the future. To completely avoid the problem of error 503 when using YouTube in the future, we can only download the video to our device first. Through this method, we can directly open and watch YouTube videos no matter when and where. Therefore, using CleverGet Video Downloader to download YouTube videos is a good choice for us.