What are those SWF files on my computers and how to open them? If this is the first coming question when you bump into an SWF file, then the next doubt you may have is does VLC play SWF files? Well, as a file format that is not commonly seen in our daily life, an SWF file should have the reason to maintain its existence. Fundamentally, you can regard this type of format as a media container file. Since VLC is also one of the most prevalent media players, let's find out can VLC play SWF in the next content.

Part 1: What is SWF

The primary issue that makes everyone curious is what is an SWF file on my computer?

The file comes with an extension of SWF is standing for Small Web Format by the acronym. Meanwhile, it also represents the Shockwave Flash file. When you pronounce it as "Swiff", it could be hard to reflex on the Adobe. Yet by the time thinking of Shockwave Flash Movie files, it is easier to connect this format with Adobe. To be frank, it is made by an Adobe program with the purpose of holding multimedia such as interactive text, soundtracks, and graphics. In addition, other Adobe's own software together with foreign products like MTASC, Ming, and SWFTools can produce SWF files as well. Most of SWF files are linked to animation sources. That is to say, users can usually find these SWF files during online gaming via browsers.

It seems that the SWF files are widely used by multiple online service tool currently, the web browsers is one of the key applications. Thus, is it available to play SWF in VLC? Please refer to the next part.

Part 2: Can VLC Open and Play SWF File

The VLC media player has gained considerable prestige for decades. But does VLC play SWF files while the SWF file is associated with media stuff? The views differentiate person to person. On one hand, part of VLC users is reporting the problems of VLC not playing videos like the SWF video formats. On another hand, individuals with new updated VLC versions are correcting that the SWF files are compatible.

Since many VLC users would look for a way to play SWF in VLC, you need to know the feasibility at first. The truth lays in the availability of the VLC player SWF codec. In other words, VLC users have to find out if the VLC is inbuilt with the corresponding SWF codec. This is quite simple to observe by running an SWF file into the VLC.

In the case that you are allowed to play SWF in VLC, try this below method:

Step 1. Download and install.

Go to official VLC website to download and install VLC media player online then launch the VLC program.

Step 2. Import SWF video files into the software.

Click to choose the "Media" from the main menu bar. Locate the "Open File" option in the drop-down menu to browse SWF files from the local folders. Or you can press "Ctrl" and "O" hotkeys to call out the file viewer.


Step 3. It will start playing automatically.

It is supposed to playback the SWF videos in a second. But if you are not able to play SWF in VLC, keep moving to see how.

On the contrary, you may run with an outdated VLC version. That contributes to the reason VLC not able to read and decode the SWF video. So you can assume the VLC player SWF codec is not installed under this circumstance. Now you need to follow this solution:

Step 1. Look up online for the VLC player SWF codec.

I would suggest using the FFDshow codec package as the VLC player SWF codec.

Step 2. Download and start the installation.

During the setup, you will be joined the "Management of Compatibility Issues (VIDEO)" panel after opening the setup process. Make sure you tick the "Do not limit" option so that you can play SWF in VLC.


Step 3. Likewise, "Do not limit" should be confirmed.

After clicking the "Next" button, a new "Management of Compatibility Issues (AUDIO)" is coming. Select the same item as last time.


Step 4. Verify the VLC player SWF codec by opening VLC.

Use the method of accessing SWF files from navigating the "Media" to "Open File".


Part 3: SWF Alternative Player to VLC - Leawo Blu-ray Player

From time to time, users from VLC media players will get tired of keep installing VLC player SWF codecs. Also, some users find the VLC choppy playback for HEVC files. You can tell there are many potential factors influencing your media watching experience by VLC. To solve a series of problems, it is recommended to play SWF in VLC alternative programs. Hence, Leawo Blu-ray Player is designed for it.


Leawo Blu-ray Player works for all the SWF files as well as media formats of any kind. Embodied with universal solutions of decoding multiple media files, it allows users to experience the flawless display from the original SWF files. Besides, physical-digital media like Blu-ray Disc, DVDs, USB Flash Drives, and local Hard Disk Drives are all supported. It assists DVD or Blu-ray playback without changing player regions. On top of that, it emerges various handy features and superb functions. For example, you can set favored skins and languages, snapshot the screens and control whichever playback parameter via the virtual remote control support. The upgraded edition even makes it convenient to convert DVD/Blu-ray to MKV in a quality-lossless way.

Part 4: Convert SWF File to Common Format

For eliminating the questions like can VLC play SWF, here is another more effective solution. Converting SWF files into popular media formats can enable the SWF playback on any devices or platforms. Some common formats like MP4 or MOV could also be proper enough because they are acceptable by massive player programs including VLC. But what converter is capable of finishing the SWF transcoding task due to complexity and less compatibility of SWF?

Leawo Video Converter is suiting this situation perfectly thanks to the professional conversion support. Equipped with the most powerful codec sources, the Leawo Video Converter is able to manipulate any common media format including SWF, RMVB, FLV, WMV, ASF, DV, VP8, etc. Moreover, if you prefer the output to be HD or 4K videos, this software will assure all of your format demands. Furthermore, the outstanding feature displays the compatibility of portable electronic formats. That means the output of SWF files can be played on your mobile phones directly without second-round conversion. The real excitement is the 100% original video quality maintenance that is offered by advanced technology. It is also inspiring that ensures a diverse video editing tools like 2D to 3D conversion, photo slideshow creation functionality, and personalization user settings.

Right now, you will carry through the SWF conversion in a few steps in order to play SWF in VLC.

Step 1. Download and install.

Click on the image below to download and install the Leawo Video Converter.


Step 2. Open and SWF file converter and put SWF media files into the program.

On this home page, you can tab the "Add Video” icon that is placing under the "Home" menu button. Then a local media folder opener will give you a window to view and import SWF files. Alternatively, simply pull your SWF files over the top of this file panel.


Step 3. Gain access to the "Profile" panel.

Above the file loading field, you will find an option of “MP4 Video” as the default. Press the icon to open a drop-down menu where the "Change" button is turning available. Click on the "Change" item to enter the "Profile" setting page.


Step 4. Decide the output format you want to change from SWF files.

After getting to this panel, all the formats are provided to serve any player applications and devices. The most common video formats are illustrated from the initial page. At the same time, you can use the search bar on the left to quickly locate the format you desire. Here, select the MP4 video format in order to play SWF in VLC.


Step 5. Designate a location for converted SWF files.

Withdraw to the home area; click the "Convert" button that is next to the “MP4 Video” option. In a sudden, the converting setting panel will come up to have you set up the directory. In the "Save to" blank box, pick up a folder with adequate space to save SWF files.


Step 6. Start transferring the SWF files.

If you have set up everything in your satisfaction, the "Convert" button is ready for your calling. All the conversion processes are indicated by the strip bar.


Part 5: Bonus: How to Encrypt SWF File

Anytime when you need the help of protecting SWF files, you can easily encrypt your SWF files with this Leawo SWF Encrypt tool.

Step 1. Download and install Leawo SWF Encrypt on the computer.

Step 2. Initiate the Leawo SWF Encrypt program and add the SWF files.
Obviously, this software can load your source SWF files in two ways, which are "Add Relevant SWF file" and "Add Irrelevant SWF file".


Step 3. Pick up the SWF file encryption methods.

Under the SWF file viewing panel, you will be opened to three solutions to encrypt SWF files. They are Basic Encryption, Exceptional Encryption, Intensified Encryption. If you don't understand each definition, just click on each tab to find the detailed explanation whilst a diagram will be demonstrated in the Tips window.


Step 4. Locate an output directory.

Pay attention to the bottom of the entire interface, there is an output frame with optional settings. Input the wanted location.


Step 5. Wrap up the SWF file encryption procedure.

In the end, look for the blue "Encrypt" icon down to the right corner of the screen. Hit it to get SWF files encrypted.