DVD players have been popular for a lot of years. In the past years, as one of the most necessary parts of household facilities, DVD players have become the top one on the go-to-buy list. For most people, a DVD player with the support of single disc can meet their requirements in most cases, because you can only watch one movie at a specific time. However, for some consumers, the single disc DVD player is not enough for their needs. Instead, they prefer to spend a few extra dollars in other features, for example, they may go for some new type DVD players such as DVD player of multi-disc type. Next, our focus will be the multi disc DVD players.

Part 1: What is Multi Disc DVD Player

What is multi disc DVD player? In comparison to single disc DVD player which only supports one DVD disc to be inserted to the disc drive at a time, the multi disc DVD player is compatible with more than one disc at a time which can be usually up to 10 discs in total. After inserting these discs to the DVD drive, you will be able to select one disc from which you have inserted when you have the need. You will be allowed to load DVDs or CDs and you can switch from watching a DVD movie to listen a piece of music CD. Why would some consumers like to spend extra money on buying a multi disc DVD player? What are the advantages of a multi disc DVD player?

First of all, a multi disc DVD player is very easy to use. Users only need to import all the discs you love to the DVD player for one time without spending extra time loading one by one. Once they are imported, the multi disc DVD player will allow users to easily search the disc they would like to play. If you don't like the one you are playing, then you can simply quit and change to another one disc for viewing. Secondly, a multi disc DVD player can save space for you. While some DVD players can hold up to 10 discs at the same time so that you will not need to store these discs on another shelf which may occupy space. Thirdly, it is a good choice for family use. Not all the family members will love the same type of content. Someone may prefer a movie while others may prefer to listen to the music, and if you insert the DVD or CDs to the DVD player meanwhile, then it will be much fairer for everyone.

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Part 2: Top 10 Best Buy Multi Disc DVD Players

Since the advantages of obtaining a multi disc DVD player is so obvious, how to select the best multi disc CD/DVD players? According to some of the multi disk DVD player reviews, I will list top 8 of the best multi disc DVD players for your further references.

No. 1 Sony DVP-NC615 DVD Player

On the top of the recommendation list, I will introduce Sony DVP-NC615 DVD Player. This DVD player is able to support 5 discs at the same time, including CDs, DVDs and MP3 playback. It has Dynamic Tilt Compensation, Digital Video Enhancer, Virtual Surround which could provide you with the superior audio and video effects. It also includes Dolby Digital and mega storage changer control.

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No. 2 Sony DVP-NC80V DVD Player

Second of all, it is another Sony player named Sony DVP-NC80V DVD Player. Equipped with 5 discs changer, this player is able to be used as a multi-disc DVD player with best audio and picture quality. It contains tutorial instructions, remote controller, AV cable, AA battery and Dolby Digital audio surround effect which could take you to an immersive movie world or the music world.

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No. 3 Sony DVP-CX995 400-Disc DVD Mega Player

If you really prefer a larger DVD disc player and storage, then you should not miss Sony DVP-CX995 400-Disc DVD Mega Player. It can hold up to about 400 DVD discs or CDs at the same time. This mega changer is able to provide you with Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 sound effects; meanwhile, it is compatible with SACD, DVD-RW, MP3, JPEG, VIC and SVCD etc. Also, it supports 1080I and 720P resolution videos.

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No. 4 Denon DVM-1815 5-Disc DVD Player

Denon DVM-1815 5-Disc DVD Player is able to support 5 discs at the same time. It has adopted audio surround sound virtual system and DTS standard display. With this player, you will be able to play DVD-RW, CD-RW and music tracks. It is quite classical in its design and function. You can take a try on it.

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No. 5 Philips DVD 793CH Player

Another DVD player with multi disc support is Philips DVD 793CH Player. This player offers high definition image and high quality audio and it can support 5 discs to be inserted into for one time. It is compatible with DVD, VCD/SVCK, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3-encoded discs, which has delivered the full potential of DVDs. You can be easily immersed in the theatre-like experience even you are playing DVDs or CDs at home.

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No. 6 Sony BDPS1700 DVD/Blu-ray Player

Sony BDPS1700 DVD/Blu-ray Player doesn't only support DVD discs but also be able to play Blu-ray discs. It can be allowed to load 8 DVDs discs for one time with HD quality supported. Also, it can help you to get access to streaming services via Wifi connection. You can easily obtain the better experience in picture quality with fully-encased optical drive, and share your photos or other digital media resources by USB slot 5.

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No. 7 Sony DVP-NC60P DVD Player

Next, you can also refer to Sony DVP-NC60P DVD Player. This player was released earlier than other players. It is compatible with DVD+R, DVD-R, VCD, DVR-RW as well as images and music tracks. It allows you to insert 5 discs at one time for further viewing. The Dolby Digital surround sound will make you obtain the fantastic audio effects. This player can meet your basic playing needs.

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No. 8 Onkyo DV-CP706B 6-Disc DVD Player

As a simple way to reveal the all-around home theater appeal, Onkyo DV-CP706B 6-Disc DVD Player is a good choice. It could play up to 6 video and audio discs, including MP3, WMA-coded discs. Also, it is able to upscale standard DVDs all the way to high definition resolution. With the Onkyo's RIHD function, this player can seamlessly integrate with any A/V receivers with optical and coaxial digital output supported.

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Part 3: Best Free DVD & Blu-ray Player Program - Leawo Blu-ray Player

For further references, if you prefer to play DVD discs or Blu-ray discs instead of buying an external DVD player, then you can seek help from Leawo Blu-ray Player, a totally free media player. Leawo Blu-ray Player is able to offer the best solution for all kinds of DVDs, Blu-ray discs, 4K videos as well as common video formats. If you only need to purchase a media player, then Leawo Blu-ray Player can meet all your requirements in playing digital playbacks. It contains many powerful features which can outweigh other media players to a great extent.


Leawo Free Blu-ray Player 

☉ 100% free movie player to play Ultra HD 4K, 1080P Full HD and 720P video without quality loss.

☉ Free 4K Blu-ray disc player to play 4K Blu-ray disc, regardless of disc protection and region code.

☉ Support multiple audio decoding systems like Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.

☉ Adjust subtitles, video and audio during media playback for better movie experience.

1. As a 6-in-1 and 100% free media player program, Leawo Blu-ray Player contains all media playback solutions you need for your leisure entertainment, including Blu-ray, DVD, CD, HD (4K), ISO file with AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, FLV, MKV/MKA and other popular formats supported.

2. With advanced image and audio processing technology, Leawo Free Blu-ray Player software could provide you with quality-lossless image for even 4K video, stereo audio enjoyment, all regions free DVD decryption and user-oriented playback control.

3. Leawo Blu-ray Player's practical bonus features including useful power manager, custom skin/language/background, snap screenshots, especially virtual remote controller make it a better choice for all playback choice.

4, Within Leawo Blu-ray Player, you could obtain the personalizing settings according to your preference and all the settings could be done automatically. The instructions for playing are quite easy.

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Part 4: Tips for Buying DVD Players

By referring to the above introduction, you may have already come to know which kind of DVD players you will buy. Actually, aside from the above information related to the best DVD players, you can also take other factors into consideration before buying DVD players. For example, you have to consider its full price, the comprehensive features it includes, such as supported disc types, multi-angle capability, surround sound decoder, audio disc support, recording capability, remote control and other functions.
Besides, you have to choose the most proper DVD player based on your budget and own preferences and real requirements. You don't have to buy the most expensive one. Instead, you should go for the proper one that meets your basic requirements in playing DVD discs.

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Part 5: Conclusion

Of course, as a good way to back up your digital files, burning digital files to DVD discs should be a necessary tip you should keep in mind. It can't only save your money on buying extra hard-disk storage, but also it will make you get access to free use of Leawo Blu-ray Player so as to obtain the theatre-like viewing experience. Also, there are many other free Blu-ray players that you could take a try.