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Things You Need to Know for Buying 4K Computer Monitor

There is an obvious trend in 4K digital content when you look down on modern media sources. It is not hard to find that 4K devices are also everywhere within reach. Common sense is the 4K movies are supposed to be played on equipment that supports the new technology such as a 4K monitor. You may ask what is a 4K monitor and how to choose a 4K monitor? There could be a couple of sections to extend the information. Thus, this post will be a useful 4K monitor buying guide for you from all respects.

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Part 1: What is 4K Monitor

Before purchasing a 4K monitor, there is some acknowledgment about what is 4K resolution computer monitor. Known as a UHD monitor which is fully called the ultra-high-definition monitor, a 4K monitor is aimed to supply the 4K resolution. More precisely, 4K resolution stands for the picture definition that is commonly seen as the 3840P spec. That is to say, the image is composed of 3,840 pixels in width and 2,160 pixels in height while standard 1080P files only contain a quarter as 1,920 pixels in width and 1,080 pixels in height. That is a huge difference.


Part 2: Tips for Choosing 4K Monitor

After acquiring a brief introduction about what is a 4K monitor, you may count on how to choose a 4K monitor whereas tons of products in the market. This following 4K monitor buying guide will help through each specific aspect to get what is 4K resolution computer monitor good for you.

Tip 1. Figure out what monitor panel type you want.

In general, there are three mainstreaming 4K monitor panel types, including IPS panels, TN panels, and IGZO panels. Being new to the blooming 4K monitor market, it is confusing to distinguish each term of the 4K monitors. For your frank info, IPS panels have better performance on color reproduction and sharpness but it has a slight lag in response time. TN panels could be ideal for novices as it focuses on simplicity and quick response time. Beginners may need to reconcile the color accurateness. The IGZO panels are relatively new and designed with the feature that drastically decreases the power consumption. It is able to deliver stunning 4K resolution in dense pixels but the price would be higher.

Tip 2. How big do you expect to display?

The majority would think of the 4K resolution monitor to be as huge as it could. However, the 4K monitor must be able to fit in your space regardless of a higher cost. There is also a plethora of monitor sizes and aspect ratios. The popular aspect ratio is 16:9 as it has been adopted to movie industries for years. You can also find other types like 21:9.

Tip 3. The enriched color could be more real.

The given term of color accuracy is actually not that difficult to understand. It correlates with the color gamut and the standard RGB ranges. Even though human eyes can only adapt to a limited array of color deviation, the 4K monitor could do a better job. So an excellent 4K monitor has the ability to directly display a larger coverage of hue while others require calculating to represent the actual fidelity level.

Tip 4. Maybe the refresh rate matters to you.

For game lovers, this factor would be critical. This respect involves massive motion requirements. For instance, more movements are delivered through games so the regular refresh rate could be 144Hz. But the primary standard is 60Hz even some 4K monitors are born with a lower 30Hz. This 4K monitor buying guide will recommend 60Hz as the satisfaction for 4K movies.

Tip 5. Brightness is likely to affect eye fatigue.

You definitely want to take brightness into consideration because it can be conducive to your eyes. Most 4K monitors have a spectrum of brightness from 250 cd/m2 to 350 cd/m2. If you want less strain and be more comfortable, 250 cd/m2 is suggested.

Tip 6. Other practical functions for your preference.

There are more complex parameters in terms of how to choose a 4K monitor such as contrast ratio, connectivity, response time, multi-angle vision, adaptive sync technology, backlight compensation, and so on.

For some recommendations about 4K computer monitors, you can click on this tutorial: Best 4K Computer Monitors for Different 4K Needs

Part 3: How to Clean and Setup 4K Monitor for Computer

Whereas the question of how to clean 4K monitors is coming after, this guideline will lead you to how to set up 4K monitors easily.

Step 1. Switch off the power from the 4K monitor.

When the screen turns off, you can observe the smudges from a pure black background. Meanwhile, it is safer to manage how to clean 4K monitors with bare hands.

Step 2. Prepare a small cloth to wipe.

If you could get a microfiber material cloth, then it could be fantastic. Gently brush the monitor with the cloth. In case the filth that stays strong, apply secure fluid that suits for screens. Do not spray any fluid directly to the 4K monitor as the pixels inside are fragile. Distilled water is advised then wait for it to dry out.

Step 3. Connect the monitor to the computer with a 4K graphic card support.

This is also the first step on how to set up 4K monitors. Although many computer monitors have new generations of graphics cards, not each of the core processors offers 4K. Under the condition that your 4K graphics card is installed, use the correct cable such as HDMI or DVI lines to link each other.

Step 4. Run the 4K display driver process.

Once the monitor is powered, the corresponding driver will pop up with a prompt in most circumstances. Install the monitor by following the setup windows. If you are not sure what to choose, keep hitting the next so as to leave it as default.

Part 4: How to Download 4K Video for 4K Computer Monitor

Following the tips above you know how to choose a 4K computer monitor, so now let’s see how to download 4K video for your chosen 4K monitor. In fact, with the popularity of 4K, more and more streaming media have begun to provide 4K resources, such as YoTube, Netflix and so on. But none of them allow you to download videos to watch offline. Well, at this time, you can use CleverGet Video Downloader. As the name suggests, this is a video downloader. What's great is that it is able to download videos in up to 8K resolution from more than 1000 websites. Therefore, downloading 4K videos is more than enough for it. To download 4K videos for your 4K computer monitor, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download CleverGet Video Downloader

Download CleverGet Video Downloader and install it on your computer.

  • cleverget
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

    - Download videos up to 8K resolution
    - Support 1000+ sites
    - Support live video M3U8 link downloading
    - Multi-task and playlist download
    - Built-in browser and player
    - Advanced hardware acceleration
    - Easy-to-use interface

Step 2: Find the 4K video you want to download

Input the target 4K video in the address bar and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Once the video is played, the software will automatically start analysis. If you don't know what to download, see: Top 10 4K Disney Movies for Your Leisure Time


Step 3: Download 4K video for 4K computer monitor

Within a few seconds, all downloadable videos will be listed in different sizes, qualities and formats on the pop-up window. You can choose the option you want to download and click the blue "Download" button to download 4K videos for your 4K computer monitor. On the "Library" sidebar, you can also manage downloading tasks and downloaded videos.


Part 5: Free 4K Player Software for Your 4K Monitor

Since most users have issues in terms of 4K player software, there is a universal solution that brings out the full content of 4K videos on your 4K monitors. You will witness the whole power of 4K technology from the best 4K player program and 4K monitor.

Leawo Blu-ray Player is such a pleasant assistant that supports the 4K resolution media with ease. Featuring 100% original 4K movie display, this versatile player can host any 4K files in MKV, MP4, and TS formats. Without losing a single piece of pixels from 4K content, it is regarded as the best 4K Blu-ray player and Windows systems. This cross-platform 4K program has the ability to offer high definition media sources of all kinds, including 1080P videos in HD MP4, HD MKV, HD MOV, etc.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Player
  • Leawo Blu-ray Player

    - Quality guarantee with 100% original display for videos and even 4K Blu-ray
    - Diverse container format supports to reproduce over 180 file types
    - Thoroughly region-free decryptions provide unlimited access to Blu-ray and DVD discs
    - Breathtaking stereo sound output offer Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD
    - Optimized playback personalization like addable subtitles

Besides common container video formats, it covers the finest solutions for Blu-ray 4K and HD disc content. At the same time, this region-free application is capable of getting rid of disc protections no matter what geographic locations are and encryption is. In addition, the sound output can beat most of the other music players due to stereo audio diversity. During 4K movie playback, users are given chances to control and customize multiple parameters. You can literally personalize everything you could think of including background images and skins.

Performance of boosting 4K movie volume, upscaling normal videos, managing 4K Blu-ray menus, capturing 4K screenshots, adjusting 4K video ratio, and changing 4K visual angles are accessible to every individual. Plus, there is a battery status advisor and remote controller support along with a settable interface. Accordingly, the premium version even holds a formidable converter that transfers Blu-ray/DVD data to MKV files retaining the raw quality.

Bonus: How Do You Know If Your Monitor is 4K

From time to time, some people consider buying a 4K TV for computer monitors so as to take advantage of both sides. But how do you know if your monitor is 4K available? There are several simple ways to check. Next, I will demonstrate the method of examining your monitor.

Step 1. Have a look at the 4K monitor box.

Usually, the detailed specification will be described from the manual book or the box wrapper. In this case, you should look closely into the keywords of the maximum supported resolution. If it shows the 4K instead of full HD or HD, then it is very possible this device is a 4K monitor. However, the box and all instructions may be thrown away already. Learning how to set up 4K monitors as previously showed then just moving down to the computer check.

Step 2. Open the “Display Resolution” title.

Right-click on the clickable desktop area and navigate to the "Display Resolution" tab from the Display panel. Or you can enter from the Nvidia or AMD developed program related to the monitor driver.

Step 3. Verify the highest resolution.

If the dropdown list includes the 3840x2160 resolution, then select this option to apply. When the monitor accepts this operation without errors, it is okay to say you have a 4K monitor.



With long-term dedication into the latest market demands and technologies, the author has become an expert in posting practical, in-depth and user-oriented how-tos, tutorials, recommendations, reviews, and more digital multimedia solutions in Blu-ray, DVD, video, audio, picture, Apple utilities, etc.

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