Yes, as the article title says, the Summer Camp Music Festival, one of Rolling Stone’s 40 major music festivals, will soon be held in Three Sisters Park. If you are a music lover, then this music festival is a music event you can't miss. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the various information of the Summer Camp Music Festival, including: the time and venue, the lineup of the festival, the ticket price and so on. Of course, if you have not been able to participate in this festival in person, I will also introduce you to other ways to watch this festival, for example: downloading the video of this festival from YouTube.

Part 1: 2021 Summer Camp Music Festival

The Summer Camp Music Festival is a multi-day music festival created by Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment and held annually on Memorial Day Weekend at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. More importantly, the guests participating in this festival are all well-known singers or bands in the United States. It is their performance that makes the Summer Camp Music Festival extraordinarily exciting and unforgettable. Unfortunately, due to the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, the government decided to postpone the 20th Summer Camp Music Festival, originally held in 2020, to 2021. And this year's Summer Camp Music Festival will be held from August 20th to 22nd. Therefore, for music lovers, this is an unmissable music event.

Part 2: Lineup of Summer Camp Music Festival in 2021

The organizers of the Summer Camp Music Festival invite many well-known singers or bands in the United States to form a super luxurious lineup to participate in the festival's performances every year. Of course, this music festival is no exception. According to the official website of Summer Camp Music Festival, more than 100 singers or bands have been invited to perform at the festival. Below, I will highlight several heavyweight guests who will perform at the 2021 Summer Camp Music Festival:



Eoto is an electronic band formed by Michael Travis and Jason Hann. The band performed their first performance at Sonic Bloom in May 2006. In the five years since its establishment, Eoto has performed more than 200 live performances and more than 700 performances in 48 different states. Rich stage experience makes their live performances extremely expressive. Fans are also extremely susceptible to the atmosphere of the scene and become fanatical when watching their performances. I believe that Eoto will bring a wonderful performance on the stage of the 2021 Summer Camp Music Festival.

2. CloZee


CloZee is the pseudonym of Chloé Herry, he is the composer and performer of French electronic music. CloZee is an electronic music composer with great musical talent. He came into contact with music through classical guitar when he was 11 years old. In 2012, after he released his first electronic music, it quickly became popular all over the world. Today, he has performed extensively internationally. Especially in the United States, where he is very successful and his music is very representative. His performance at this festival will surely turn the audience upside down.

3. Twiddle


Twiddle is a rock band in the United States. The music style of this band is very varied, including rock, jazz, bluegrass, reggae, and funk. This band called "house band" uses musical instruments to improvise in their live performances. Therefore, their performance is very contagious. Twiddle, who is invited to participate in the 2021 Summer Camp Music Festival this time, will also hold an annual festival called Tumble Down at Burlington Waterfront Park.

4. Shpongle


Shpongle is a psychedelic electronic music project from the UK. Its music comes from a genre that combines world music with psychedelic insanity and environment. Therefore, Shpongle's music style combines traditional music from all over the world. Shpongle is composed of Simon Bosford and Raja Ram. Bosford is usually responsible for synthesizer and studio work, while Raja Ram provides a wide range of music concepts. Shpongle's fantastic live performances will surely shine on the stage of the 2021 Summer Camp Music Festival.

Part 3: Information about Ticket of Summer Camp Music Festival

Taking into account the needs of different tourists, the organizers of Summer Camp Music Festival also intimately provide tourists with 8 different tickets (the following pictures are 4 of them), including: 3-DAY GA PASSES, PRE-PARTY PASSES and VIP UPGRADES and so on. At present, the supply of all kinds of tickets is still very sufficient. You can go to the official website of Summer Camp Music Festival to buy the corresponding tickets according to your needs.

Part 4: What if You don't Get the Ticket?

Of course, if your place of residence is too far away from the venue or you can’t participate in this year’s music festival for other reasons, you can still watch the event in other ways. On the one hand, the organizers of the Summer Camp Music Festival will broadcast the festival's activities live on YouTube. Therefore, you can log on to the YouTube website to watch those programs online. On the other hand, the organizers of the Summer Camp Music Festival will also use their official YouTube account to upload videos recorded at the festival. If you want to use your free time to watch these music programs, the best way is to use an efficient video download tool to download videos from YouTube to your device. So, you can play these wonderful programs offline anytime, anywhere.

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Part 5: Other Activities in Summer Camp Music Festival

In addition to watching the wonderful performances of various singers and bands, the Summer Camp Music Festival will also host other particularly interesting activities. The following is a detailed introduction of these activities:

1. The Soulshine Experience

The Soulshine Experience provides visitors with a space for collective awareness, aiming to improve visitors' social and environmental awareness. Treasure Hunt and Live Art Gallery are two of the most interesting activities. Visitors participating in the Treasure Hunt will experience a unique treasure hunt. Bring the completed card to the SOULounge inside Soulshine Tent, Visitors will receive the corresponding prizes. Visitors participating in Live Art Gallery need to submit 5 pieces of artwork for fans to view. If visitors’ works are selected, then these works will be displayed in the Soulshine Live Art Gallery.


FIELD DAY is an annual special event of the Summer Camp Music Festival. Visitors can form their own teams to participate in dodgeball, food competitions, tug-of-war and other competitions. The winning team will become this year's Field Day Champion.

Part 6: Rules in Summer Camp Music Festival

Of course, this festival has other information that needs special attention from tourists. Below I will introduce some key information in detail:

  • 1. The 3-Day GA Pass purchased by each tourist only includes camping on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. If the tourist wants to camp in the park on Thursday night, he must purchase a Thursday Pre-Party pass again. In addition, if you want to drive into the park, you must purchase a parking permit.
  • 2. If you lose your personal belongings in the park, you can try to find it in the SE corner of the Soulshine Tent. It is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday-Sunday. and 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday.
  • 3. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets, any kind of guns or weapons, and any other items deemed dangerous by the security department into the park.
  • 4. In order to protect the environment, please don't throw rubbish, and put all rubbish in the waste recycling station nearest to you.

That's all about the 2021 Summer Camp Music Festival. I believe you are already looking forward to this music festival. So, hurry up and book tickets on the official website of Summer Camp Music Festival! Or go to the Internet to download Leawo Video Downloader, and then use it to download the video of Summer Camp Music Festival to the computer, and then enjoy the event quietly.