PlayStation 5 is the full name of PS5, which is the fifth home game console from Sony. The launch of PS5 indicates the sleek visuals effect, the adaptive triggers as well as the haptic feedback that comes from this new console. PlayStation 5 makes an important leap to bring a brand new revolution on game experiences, which will redefine the expectations of playing games. With PlayStation 5, the game worlds will become more abundant and richer, they can capture your sense beyond your thought, and you can have a seamless experience with quick loading. In this post, we are going to show you a glimpse of the new generation PS5.

Part 1: What is PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 came after the PS4, the release date of PS5 was 12th, November 2020 in the selected regions like Australia, New Zealand, North America, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. But how much does the PlayStion 5 cost? The official price confirmed by Sony are in two different points which include PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. Meanwhile, the price is variable according to different regions and retailers. For example, PS5 is USD499.99 and PS Digital Edition is USD 399.99 in United States, while in UK, you should pay £449.99 for PS5 and £349.99 for PS5 Digital Edition.

PS5 comes in the most powerful performance compared to the PlayStation which was ever released as the hardware components are more excellent than before. The CPU runs with the frequency at 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz,the GPU is 36CUs at 2.23GHz. And it is customised RDNA 2 at GPU Architecture. It features in memory of 16GB GDDR 6 and has the storage in 825GB Customised SSD.

1. Controller Center is the most excellent addition to the user interface of PS5. When you tap on the button on PS5 DualSense controller, kinds of options can be provided, the new menu even can cover what you are doing on PS5. A collection of Cards or tiles will be displayed, and the Cards come with contextual options which are associated with what you play at the current time.

2. Regarding the accessories of PS5, the optional accessory includes Media Remote, HD Camera, DualSense Charging Station and Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

3. For Media Remote, it is a smart and fashionable design, it also has a mic to identify the different voices. There are 4 dedicated buttons served on Media Remote, which help you have quick access to your destination like YouTube, Spotify and Disney+.

4. For HD Camera, it comes with the evolved version of the PS5 camera, featuring dual 1080p lenses. Furthermore, it is an important accessory for the streamer to sell in the market. Also, the clamshell design with a two-tone feature can be fastened on the top of your TV.

5. For DualSense Charging Station, the station can offer service to two DualSense controllers, it also comes in two-tone design which is the same as the PS 5 controller itself.

6. For Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, it uses 3D audio technology from PS5 proprietary. Also, it features in two microphones with noise cancellation to make sure good quality communication in games.

Part 2: Xbox Series X vs. PS5

Xbox Series X is developed by Microsoft, while PS5 is launched by Sony. Both of these two new consoles is able to run with 8K resolutions, powerful processors, fast SSDs and at high frame rates. But which one is the better one to offer the library and which system would be the more excellent gaming machine for you? Here we are going to compare these two consoles in kinds of points as below:

1. Price

Both of the two consoles come with the price at $499 for standard models, while the Sony’s console with digital version cost a bit less, that is $399, also Xbox Series S has a cheaper price as well. So both consoles own cheaper versions, PS5 Digital version is for digital players, Xbox Series S is for casual players.


2. Games

PS 5 and Xbox Series X have different access to the game libraries, Xbox Series will optimize the performance for your favorite games. While PS 5 has the exclusive games which were launched along with the new console. And both of the two consoles are compatible with third-party games, therefore, they both are stocked with a lot of third-party titles.


3. Performance

The huge difference between the two consoles is the GPU and storage. The peak of PS 5 runs at 10 teraflops, the Box Series goes ahead at 12 teraflops. Xbox Series X also have SSD storage as an addition, though it makes a slight difference, it still won’t have any influence on the players. And the loading time of the games on PS 5 is shorter than Xbox Series X, but the travel time from point to point is almost the same.


4. Design

It is easy to have fingerprints on the front panel of PS5. The button of Power and Disc Eject is hard to distinguish. Although Xbox Series X is bulky, the space is easy to manage, and it also comes with a clear power button and a pairing button which can make the connections without hassle.


5. Controller

The controller of Xbox Series X is the same as the Xbox One model, except for the textured grips as well as the shoulder buttons, the revised D-pad, and the new button “Share” also come in the controller center. The PS 5 DualSense is different from Dualshock 4, it adopts a two-tone design and bigger grips. In addition, kinds of new features have been added, such as the sensitive haptics and the inbuilt microphone.


Part 3: Alternative playback software to PS5 and Xbox Series 5

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Here is a video guide on how to use Leawo Free Blu-ray Player: