Lady Gaga and Victoria’s Secret, there is no doubt that the combination can make up the most influential fashion event. As one of the well-known fashion shows around the world, Victoria’s Secret has been held for more than a decade since 1995. Sponsored by and featuring Victoria’s Secret, the show is glamorous with the performance of the models under contract to the company. Along with Lady Gaga, who is also a fashion icon, Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2016 is indeed one of the year’s highlights.

Part 1: Lady Gaga Victoria's Secret Performance

Victoria’s Secret fashion show is known as an event to showcase costumed lingerie, set design, and music by top-tier entertainers. Every year there are dozens of the world's top models selected to perform on the fashion show, which makes it a fascinating event that attracts lots of celebrities and brand followers. In 2016, even though Victoria’s Secret has secured big-name models, such as Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and more, the petite pop star, Lady Gaga, seemed to be the spotlight on the runway.

With a massive cloud of stage fog, wearing a dress embroidered with roses, Lady Gaga opened the show dramatically in Paris and took to the stage with her latest song at the time — “Million Reason” of her album, Joanne. With the mermaid dress, she is the diva on the runway that almost steals the show. “Million Reason” performed at the show proved that Lady Gaga is one of the few singers who can deliver a live performance that can be as perfect as recordings. During the performance, she also didn’t forget to interact with the models. When the angels walked down, Gaga sometimes joined hands with them and walked along to the end of the runway.

Lady Gaga’s second performance came at the closing of the show when she took to the stage with two songs, "A-Yo" and "John Wayne." Wearing a metallic bodysuit from the latest Saint Laurent collection for the first song, Lady Gaga made an on-stage outfit change covered by the dancers. Here’s when she put on a $1 million hat made with 45,7000 Swarovski crystals which is astonishingly beautiful. That’s not just it, as "John Wayne" came to the end, she quickly put on a white leather jacket with a pair of wings attached to it and strutted down the runway with stunning sky-high heeled shoes to finish her performance. Lady Gaga at Victoria’s Secret made a distinct fashion that is unique to the pop star’s charisma, which has become one of the hot topics at the time.

Part 2: More Except for Lady Gaga Victoria's Secret Performance

As the prominent annual fashion show, certainly, there are more to explore on Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The glamorous and flawless Victoria angels; the fascinating theme and set design; epic performance with leading musicians. Other than Lady Gaga, Grammy award winners Bruno Mars performed his hit single “24 Magic” and “chunky” which transformed the runway into a funky dance floor. Aside from Bruno, artist The Weeknd, who is also a Grammy award winner, also joined the fashion show with his famous “Starboy.” Occasionally have the audience sing along with the song, the runway has become his mini live concert. All in all, with three top-tier musical artists, it’s one of the unforgettable Victoria’s Secret fashion show performances of all time.

Part 3: How to Download YouTube Video of Lady Gaga Victoria's Secret Performance?

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show that features Lady Gaga is the hottest one without a doubt as her performance is stylishly fashionable. Lady Gaga has well adapted to the style of Victoria’s Secret yet didn’t lose her own, which is something that is often seen in her previous work –– the provocative visuals and costumes that are distinct and experimental. If you want to watch Lady Gaga’s Victoria’s Secret performance, there are resources available on YouTube. For the fans of Lady Gaga, you might want to download the videos to keep them forever for future playback. Leawo Video Downloader is recommended here because it’s way more powerful than the average YouTube downloaders on the market.

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Part 4: How to Download Spotify Music of Lady Gaga Victoria's Secret Performance?

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