"I used to have an iPhone and synced all my songs in iTunes. However, I have an Android phone now and would like to transfer music from PC to Android. Any solution you can provide?" Many people may encounter the same problem when they change to Android phone. For some people, music old on old phone means a lot to them. It is really significant for them to learn how to transfer music from PC to Android. Here we would like to introduce three solutions for you to fix how to transfer music from PC to Android.

Solution 1: Manually Copy and Paste to Transfer Music from PC to Android

The simplest way to fix how to transfer PC music (like iTunes music) to Android is to manually copy and paste. However, if you want to transfer music from iTunes on PC to Android, it is not convenient enough to transfer iTunes music, for iTunes music files might be stored in different folders on computer. Generally speaking, music is saved to iTunes music folder by default.

For different computer system, they might be saved in different disk. For example:

    Windows Vista: C: Users \user name\Music iTunes
    Windows XP: C: Documents and Settings\user name\My Documents\My Music iTunes
    Windows 8/7: C: Users\user name\My Music iTunes.

1. Connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. Computer will automatically detect Android phone and read it as external disk.


2. Find iTunes media folder and usually music is laid out by artist name. You can selectively choose song by holding "Ctrl" and clicking the song.


3. Right click one of them and choose "Copy". Go to create a folder in Android phone and right click space to choose "Paste". Now, you have already transferred iTunes music to Android.

Solution 2: How to Transfer Music from PC to Android via Leawo iTransfer

As for how to transfer music from PC to Android phone, Leawo iTransfer provides best solution to transfer a wide range of files like music, TV shows, photos, movies, notifications, tones, etc. between Apple devices, iTunes and computer. Different from copy-and-paste method, the software will show all music on your iTunes and other music folders on your computer. Hence, you don't need work on different folders to find music.


Leawo iTransfer 

☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

Download and install this iTransfer on your computer. Now the following tutorial will teach you how to transfer music from PC to Android.

Step 1. Launch Leawo iTransfer

Launch the software and connect Android to computer. The software can recognize Android as external disk.

connect iphone to computer

Step 2. Select music to transfer

Go to iTunes > Library > Music and select music by clicking on the song name. Right click one of them to choose "Transfer to > My computer".


Step 3. Transfer music from PC iTunes to Android

A pop-up box will ask you to choose destination folder. Choose your Android phone as the destination folder and then click "Transfer Now". Now, the software starts to transfer music from iTunes to your Android phone.

Transfer music from PC iTunes to Android

With Leawo iTransfer, you could copy multiple data and files like music, video, photos, etc. between iOS devices, iTunes and computer. If you're using a Mac computer, you could make use of Leawo iTransfer for Mac.

Video Demo of How to Use Leawo iTransfer

Solution 3: Transfer Music from PC to Android via Google Play

If you are looking for a method to get iTunes music on different Android devices, the simplest way is to upload your iTunes music to Android via Google Play Music. In this case, we need network to download music from Google Play to Android so that we can listen to those songs offline. Now let's go straight to learn how to transfer iTunes music to Android.

1. Go to Google Play Store on computer: https://play.google.com/store and log in with your Google account. Choose "My music" and open menu on the left, then select "Upload" at the bottom.


2. A prompt will ask you to download Music Manager. If you have it, then you don't need to download it again. If not, download it and log in it with your Google account.


3. Go to "Upload songs to Google Play" and choose "Next", then you will see folder you want to upload. You can choose iTunes and Google Play will automatically detect all songs.


4. You can select songs or all songs to upload and then tap on "Next". A pop-up box will ask you if you need to automatically upload songs and keep iTunes and Google Play synchronized. Confirm it and then it will starts to upload music.


5. After music is uploaded, you can log in Google Play with Google account and download music to your android phone.