If you are a music lover, you may be interested in learning to sing your favorite songs so that you can hum it anytime you like. Therefore, to remember a song lyric is greatly important to help you master how to sing it. In this case, you should know how to download song lyrics in an effective way so that you can learn it online easily and conveniently. In this article, we will show you some great solutions to help you download song lyrics, to learn your favorite songs. And the song lyrics downloading would help you master the singing in a fast way.

Part 1: 5 Best lyric sites for downloading song lyrics

1. Lyrics.com
To find lyrics online, there is no doubt that Lyrics.com is the best place for you to search song lyrics online. Its multi-functional features have beaten other online sites. A clean design style will give you a deep impression and it has minimal ads. A great deal of information is shown on the homepage like newly - released songs, the top hits and the most popular music. On the top of the main interface is the search bar with powerful feature, you are allowed to search the lyrics, the songs and the artists. The searching results will be listed in a clean way which makes you read it easily. Additionally, a great community is built for music, which allows you to interact with many music lovers. The lyrics pages not only show you the lyrics but also a video is offered by it while you are screaming the lyrics so that you can follow it to rock and roll. There is one distinguishing feature in this site that is a section for dedication. You can share the meaningful songs in this section with those who have the special commons.


2. LetsSingIt.com
LetSingIt is a site which offers the music and lyrics together. The powerful search box resides on the homepage which makes users find the target songs, artists or lyrics in a simple way. Moreover, the artist introduction, hit songs, discography and fan pages are also provided by this site. What makes the site’s big difference is that the YouTube video of a song is also inlaid this page. These YouTube videos are inlaid by the sites’ users. If one of these links are invalid, other users can correct these links. You will find more fun when you are reading this video feature along with lyrics. And you can see lots of information in the sidebars which makes you get lost easily in the great deal of information.


3. LyricsMode.com
What attracts you a lot in this site is its simple layout. You can see the search bar clearly on the top of the homepage along with top 100 songs together. The main feature in this page is the songs which are newly added. Apart from the common criteria like owning a great number of songs, well-organized layout, a large number of ads, there is a community on this site which is more prominent. You can find lots of good music here and the lyrics from this site are extremely accurate as everyone can choose to submit the correct lyrics when they find the wrong one. What makes this site’s difference is the Meanings section. Everyone can write down their thoughts on the songs in the community.


4. MetroLyrics.com
When you are accessing this site, you will find a lot of valuable information related to the music world. The later hot releases, the current hit content and the nice and clean search box can be found here. A powerful feature on the search bar is that you just need to enter the lyrics which you can remember and then the target song can be found easily here. If you want to know where a tune that you hum previously come from, Metro Lyrics will tell you the specific information. But what makes you confused on this site is the searching results, the artists and the title of a song are listed on the different sides, and the part of the lyrics are shown below.


5. LyricsPlanet.com
LyricsPlanet has become a tool to search thousands of lyrics to meet your needs since 2000. For example, to search the band Bon Jovi, a result of 66 songs can be seen, this ban has 10 albums totally, which means almost every song produced by the band has been recorded. A simple design has been used by LyricsPlanet to highlight the search on the home page, but actually it is only the available function on the home page. Other visible things on this site are un-clickable and outdated Billboard top songs, ads and links related to other sites. If you want to find the older pop songs, LyricsPlanet can work well on it, but to search the newer and the unknown song lyrics, the result would be not so good as you expected.


Part 2: How to download song lyrics via online lyrics downloader

Here we will teach you how to download song lyrics via online lyrics downloader Lyrics.com. You can follow the specific steps as below to search lyrics for your favorite song.

1. Open your computer browser and enter Lyrics.com into the search box of your browser.
2. You will access to the site Lyrics.com. Then you can see the powerful search bar which is prominent on the top of the homepage. You can enter the target songs, artists and lyrics to the search bar and then press on the search button to begin searching.


3. The searching results will be shown below, you can see not only the lyrics with your target songs, but also a video of the target song will display as well on the left side column for you to rock out. You can copy and download song lyric freely.
The whole searching results will give you a clean and easy way to help you view them conveniently.


Part 3: How to download song lyrics with Free Lyrics Finder

If your music files are in the popular audio formats of MP3 or WMA or FLAC or more, Free Lyrics Finder can download lyrics for these files easily. Information from the tagged corresponding files is used by lyrics downloader, especially for the title and the artist fields. Also, the songs with no tags can be downloaded as well, but Free Music Tag Finder can be used to download the deficient tags, particularly for the files without descriptive filenames. Below we will guide you how to download lyrics for music in MP3 format.

1. Run Free Lyrics Finder on your computer. You can view and choose the folders from your computer on the left side of the window. The files that have been selected are shown in the center part. A “Lyrics” area also display lyrics for the selected files on the right side. Therefore, we can choose folder containing MP3 songs from left side. Then, the files will be displayed on the center part. The color masks are used by Free Lyrics Finder to identify different properties for the files. Songs with no tags will be marked with red, tagged songs with no lyrics will be marked write, tagged songs with lyrics will be marked green. You can click on the certain file and press the key option Ctrl + A to choose all files. Then click on the button “Find Lyrics” from toolbar.


2. The program will begin searching lyrics from the internet. After that, the lyrics will be downloaded and saved to the songs which have been selected.


3. Once the searching progress is completed, the MP3 format songs will be processed and its lyrics will be saved with ID3 tags. All MP3 players which include hardware support ID3 lyrics. Now you can listen to MP3 songs with lyrics reading anywhere and anytime.


Bonus: How to download online songs free with Music Recorder

Since you have learned how to download song lyrics, you may want to know how to download online songs free. Leawo Music Recorder is just great helpful to complete this task. Leawo Music Recorder is excellent recording software for music which allows you to get free music recorded from multiple sources like the built-in input audio, the computer audio and online sources. The recorded audio can be saved in the format of MP3 or WAV without quality loss. Moreover, music tags can be added to the recorded music by this software automatically or you can edit the tags manually. The internal library will help you get all the recorded audio files found and managed. If you want to share the recorded music to iTunes, one simple click can help you to perform this task. Here we will show you the steps of how to download online songs free with Music Recorder.

1. Run Leawo Music recorder on your computer, then you will enter the main interface of this program. Click on the icon button Audio Source from main interface to get audio source set firstly. As we need to record online songs free, we have to choose the option “Record Computer Audio”.


2. Click on the red button Start to make Leawo Music Recorder work. Then choose audio files source and play it. You should note that the music recording software should begin recording prior to playing the source audio. If necessary, the function Task Scheduler can be used for recording. Click on the button “Recording task scheduler” on the left corner bottom to bring out this function. Then the begging time and the duration time can be set here, which is most suitable to get FM radio audio recorded.