LiveXLive is a music streaming platform much like iHeartRadio, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal etc., and it launched back in 2007. Fun fact, LiveXLive is pronounced as Live by Live, so get that right in order to avoid a potential embarrassment. Recently, it purchased Slacker Radio and for that reason, some of Slacker Radio’s DNA is now integrated into LiveXLive. It has over 13 million songs in its music catalogue, and it offers a free tier, to which no registration is required, unless you wish to go for the paid tiers. It boasts one of the most robust playlists, which have been carefully curated by experienced DJs. We will discuss more about LiveXLive in the next section of this article. We will also compare LiveXLive with Pandora, which has for a long time been one of the leading music streaming services. Aside from that, this post will guide you how to download music for free from LiveXLive.

Part 1: What is LiveXLive

According to the LiveXLive website, they are a digital company that has been global, and its service is dedicated to live entertainment and music. LiveXLive purchased Slacker Radio, an editor’s choice award-winning media platform, and combined it into one in early 2019. Although Slacker Radio still exists for now, LiveXLive has officially rebranded the existing Slacker apps to ‘LiveXLive powered by Slacker Radio’. The LiveXLive apps are available for iOS, Apple TV, Android, Amazon FireTV, and Roku. Slacker Radio’s culture of deep music and DJs make LiveXLive one of the most competent streaming services on the market. If you are familiar with YouTube music, then LiveXLive also spots a panel-driven interface that puts all the relevant information on the homepage. Everyday, you will see new articles, recommended as well as features tracks, artists as well as playlists. On the Live Events panel, you will find playlists associated with upcoming concerts. On the Stations panel, you will find the radio stations in multiple genres, for example Jazz, News, Hip-Hop and so forth. On the Channels panel, you will find the videos which include music news, artist interviews, and live performances. The interface is just about the same as Slacker Radio’s with the exception of different colors.


In terms of content that is offered, LiveXLive adopted Slacker Radio’s distinctive content. They have what they call ‘Artist DNA’ stations, which basically play music tracks that influenced some important artists and these channels are hosted by music experts. There is also ‘Sample City’ which brings music snippets that have brought about popular songs in the present day. There are also channels that link past music to present-day music, along with many more informative stations hosted by expert DJs. LiveXLive has a catalogue that is well established. Many artists who were previously unavailable have been making their way to this service, for example, Prince’s library is now available on LiveXLive. Slacker Stories also makes its way to LiveXLive, which delivers the most popular pop culture tales. ABC News is also carried over, which is good for listening to trending news. LiveXLive also has sliders that can be used to tweak playback metrics in related artists and songs. However, the biggest limitation of LiveXLive is its lack of lyrics, given how Slacker Radio also lacks them which is unfortunate in the present day. Still, LiveXLive is great, given its content and experienced DJs who make music listening magical. This brings us to LiveXLive pricing.

  • LiveXLive pricing
  • For consumers, LiveXLive offers three tiers for listening to music. If you do not want to pay anything, then the Basic tier is for you, and it will give you 128kbps audio, and the ability to skip tracks by a maximum of six times in one hour. However, you will be stuck with a lot of ads and banners. The second tier is called Plus. Subscribing to plus will cost $3.99 a month, and you will get an ad and banner free experience. Moreover, the audio bitrate will be upgraded to 320kbps and you can skip the tracks as much as you want. However, you cannot cache music for offline playback. The top tier, which is called Premium will cost $9.99 a month, and with it you can cache music, albums and playlists for offline playback. Songs can be played on-demand, and you will also get all the goodies from the Plus tier. But given a price tag of $9.99, how does LiveXLive stack-up against Pandora, one of the biggest music streaming services in the industry? We explore that below.

    Part 2: LiveXLive vs. Pandora


    Many music streaming services exist in the present day, and while LiveXLive is not that popular in comparison to Pandora, it does have several advantages which makes it a worthy competitor. For instance, LiveXLive’s playlists and content which have been carried over from Slacker Radio make it unique and a worthy competitor. The table below gives an overview of the differences between the two music streaming services.

    LiveXLive Pandora
    1. Number of tiers Three tiers available, one is free Two tiers available, one is free
    2. Selective streaming Yes Yes
    3. Downloads for offline playback Possible Possible
    4. Platforms Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, Windows, web Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Bose, Sonos, Amazon Echo, Google Home, TiVo, Xbox One, PlayStation, Chrome cast, Android TV, Bose, Windows, macOS, web
    5. Global availability The United States, Canada The United States
    6. Number of tracks available Over 13 million tracks available Between 30 and 40 million tracks available

    While they are mostly the same, the significant differences are in the number of tracks offered between LiveXLive and Pandora. The same is also true for the platforms that are supported by different services. Therefore, how can you download audio from LiveXLive? Have a look at the section below.

    Part 3: How to download audio from LiveXLive free of charge

    In the world of music streaming services, LiveXLive is one of those services competing for the cake alongside Pandora, and a host of other services. LiveXLive is probably one of, if not the cheapest of these services because you could pay from as little as $3.99 a month, although you cannot download for offline playback. Nonetheless, if you pay the premium option, you will still be stuck with DRM protected music files, which means you could not play them on non-authorized devices. Therefore, what would you do if you wanted to download from LiveXLive free of charge? The answer is through advanced audio recording, and to achieve that we have designed and continue to develop Music Recorder.

    Quite simply, this professional software allows you to record and save any audio from over 500 sources, which also includes LiveXLive. Still, if you use another music streaming service Pandora, iHeartRadio Radio, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc., you will have no problems whatsoever and you can even preserve the original quality. It comes built with a task scheduler, which enables automation whenever its not convenient for you to manually start recording. This audio recording software also allows you to set time gaps between music recordings. Based on the time gaps, this music recorder program could automatically split or filter recordings. Leawo Music Recorder also has an ability to predict the correct music tags when you are recording, albeit its possible to edit the music tags manually via the music tag editor. If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad that you would like to add some music to the iTunes music library, Leawo Music Recorder will also allow you to export the recordings to the library in a single click. This professional software has a lot of features to offer, and you can see them all by visiting the product page. For now, you can download and install the software on your Windows or Mac computer, then follow the steps below to download audio from a LiveXLive app.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1: Launch Leawo Music Recorder on your computer

    Set the audio source by clicking the “Add Source” button from the bottom left corner. After that, choose “Record Computer Audio” in the Audio Settings panel to start recording audio from the LiveXLive service. For sources other than the computer, click “Record Audio Input”.


    Step 2: Customize the audio output settings

    Secondly, choose the output directory for saving the downloaded LiveXLive audio under the “General” tab. On the “Format” tab, you can choose the preferred output format which includes MP3 and WAV audio formats (the former preserves lower quality, while the latter preserves higher quality).


    Step 3: Finally record from LiveXLive

    When you have finished tweaking your preferred settings, the final step is recording the audio. Click the “Record” icon which is red, and podcast that is playing should start recording immediately. When you have finished recording, click the “Record” icon to stop.