"How could I copy a Blu-ray disc and save onto my Mac computer in ISO file? I've searched a lot for an exact anwser but none of them is satisfactory."

An ISO file, or ISO image file, is an exact copy of the data on an optical disc. Creating an ISO image is an effective way to back up data on an optical disc, such as Blu-ray disc, DVD disc and CD disc. Copying Blu-ray disc to ISO image file lets you save Blu-ray disc onto computer for easy and convenient playback.

This guide would show you detailed steps to create Blu-ray ISO file off Blu-ray disc with professional Blu-ray ISO burning software and other related information on making Blu-ray ISO file.

Part 1: Get Prepared to Make Blu-ray ISO File on Mac

Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD, BRD) is a digital optical disc data storage format. It was designed to supersede the DVD format, in that it is capable of storing high-definition video resolution (1080p). Although Apple does not give its Mac computer the capacity to play Blu-ray movies, it does not fail people from enjoying high definition Blu-ray movies on Mac. What you need to watch Blu-ray movies on Mac computer are an external Blu-ray drive and a Mac Blu-ray player program, or, with Blu-ray drive, Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray copy software, you could copy Blu-ray disc to ISO image file by using Blu-ray ISO burning software and then make use of professional Blu-ray ISO player to play Blu-ray ISO file on your Mac computer.

Since ISO image file is the image of an entire CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, you could create ISO image from optical disc. Besides, you could also download ISO image file from multiple websites and then try to burn ISO file to DVD, Blu-ray or CD discs.

Things you need to prepare include:

  1. Download and install Leawo Blu-ray Copy (officially known as Blu-ray Copy) on your computer.
  2. Mac OS X 10.6 or newer (Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 or 8.1), with Blu-ray recorder drive installed.
  3. Source Blu-ray disc and enough computer hard drive. Blank writable Blu-ray disc if you need to burn ISO file to Blu-ray disc on Mac.
  4. Internet connection.

Taking storage into consideration, it is recommended that BD25 ISO file be copied onto BD25 disc and BD50 ISO file to BD50 disc.

Part 2: Copy Blu-ray to ISO File on Mac and PC

Step 1: Insert Blu-ray disc

With external Blu-ray drive connected with your Mac computer, insert source Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray drive and then launch Leawo Blu-ray Copy for Mac.

Step 2: Add Blu-ray disc

Click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button to add Blu-ray/DVD movies from Blu-ray drive into this Blu-ray Copy. After loading, select output disc type and copy mode (Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Mode) from the bottom left corner. Full Movie mode is recommended for you to create Blu-ray ISO from Blu-ray disc.

Step 3: Settings

Click the big green "Copy" button on the top-right corner to finish Blu-ray to ISO backup settings. Set "Copy to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" options. Select "ISO file" under the "Copy to" option. Leawo Blu-ray Copy would automatically calculate required storage for you, upon which you could adjust output directory.

Step 4: Copy Blu-ray to ISO File

At last, click the "Copy" button at the bottom of the settings panel to start copying Blu-ray disc to ISO file on Mac.

Part 3: Burn ISO File to Blu-ray Disc on Mac and PC

With Leawo Blu-ray Copy for Mac, you could not only copy Blu-ray to ISO file on Mac, but also burn ISO file to Blu-ray disc directly in 3 simple clicks.

Step 1: Add ISO file

After launching Leawo Blu-ray Copy software on your PC, click the inverted triangle drop-down button next to the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button and then select "Add iso file" option on the drop-down list. Insert blank writable Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray drive.

Step 2: Backup Settings

On the "Add iso file" window, complete "Copy to" option and "Disc Label" settings. Select the Blu-ray drive into which you've inserted a writable blank Blu-ray disc.

Step 3: Burn ISO File to Blu-ray Disc

After the backup settings, click the "Burn" button on the "Add iso file" window. This Blu-ray ISO burning software would start to burn ISO file to Blu-ray disc on Mac instantly.

Part 4: Other Mac Blu-ray ISO Burning Software

Disk Utility

The on-screen prompts will guide you, but it will by default create a .dmg, which is an OS X-specific file format. Disk Utility will also create an ISO (.cdr extension) if you select the "CD/DVD Master" option before creating the image. You can rename the extension (to .iso) after creation if desired.

Magic Blu-ray Copy

Copy protected Blu-ray disc to computer hard drive as BDMV folder or ISO file, and burn a Blu-ray disc to a blank BD with the original quality. Support to copy Blu-ray and compress BD50 to BD25, burn BD/DD folder to BD/DVD disc, copy ISO to disc directly, etc.



Burn is to Mac OS X what ImgBurn is to Windows — a great, free utility for working with disc images and discs in general. And it's a great solution if you're looking for a way to make an .iso disc image from a CD or DVD in Mac OS X.


Roxio Toast

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