Electronic music is a kind of music that applies musical instruments, digital instruments and circuitry-based music technology, which is quite easy to distinct from other types of music, for it is always typically made loud enough for performers and audiences to hear with an instrument amplifier and speaker cabinet. There are various instruments for people to create electronic music. It is quite popular in modern time. If you are just wondering how to get electronic music download MP3 free, you can read on to learn the methods to cope with this issue.

Part 1: 10 Best Electronic Music 2018

If you are not familiar with electronic music and would like to pick up some best ones to listen to, you can try the 10 best electronic music 2018 shown in the following paragraphs, which will surely make you pleased and excited.

1. The Middle
Artists: Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey
Album: 538 Hitzone 85


2. Like I Do
Artists: David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Brooks
Album: 7


3. Everything Connected
Artist: Jon Hopkins
Album: Singularity


4. I Never Dream
Artist: Nicolas Jaar
Album: 2012–2017


5. Say My Name
Artists: David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, J. Balvin
Album: 7


6. I Miss You
Artist: Clean Bandit
Featured artist: Julia Michaels
Album: What Is Love?


7. Sober
Artist: Demi Lovato


8. So Far Away
Artists: Martin Garrix, David Guetta
Featured artists: Jamie Scott, Romy Dya
Album: Coco Beach Ibiza, Vol. 7


9. You Owe Me
Artist: The Chainsmokers
Album: Sick Boy


10. Mad Love
Artists: Sean Paul, David Guetta, Becky G
Album: 538 Hitzone 85


The list including the song name and artist shown to you in the above is really worth your time to check out. You can search them on the Internet and enjoy them in your spare time.

Part 2: 5 Websites for Electronic Music Free Download

Electronic music is a fairly popular genre right now and the festivals going on in support of electronic music increases. If you are someone who desires to get into this exciting genre or someone who just would like to stay current with the electronic music, you will need to know the best websites for electronic music songs free download.

1. EDMTunes


This best electronic music MP3 free download website offers you various sources for you to enjoy. You can also view the latest news of electronic music. It is also available for you to share the music with others.

2. LivingElectro


On this website, you can get electronic music download and all of the latest information of EDM. It is quite convenient for users to upload their own music and share with others.

3. Your EDM


It is one well-known best electronic music free download website for you to visit. The number of its electronic music songs is a lot, which has won the recognition of users all over the world.

4. EDM Hunters


You can download and listen to the most popular and trending electronic music songs via this website, which is free of charge. It is really a wonderful platform for you to relax yourself.



This website provides users with the newest electronic music songs and info, which benefits EDM lovers a lot. Its content has reached millions of readers globally.
All the electronic music download websites shown above are excellent for you to make use of. You can visit them in your spare time to enjoy new and popular electronic music songs at ease.

Part 3: Best Electronic Music MP3 Free Download with Music Recorder

In order to gain the best electronic music of all times download, you can resort to Leawo Music Recorder to help you. This tool is quite powerful for you to make use of, which can assist you to record computer audios and online tracks to the files in format of MP3 or WAV with high quality simply. In addition, it allows you to edit the music tags manually. The following contents will display the detailed steps for you to refer to.


Leawo Music Recorder 

☉ Record any sound from computer and microphone audio.
☉ Record from 1000+ music sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
☉ Schedule music recording via recording task scheduler.
☉ Automatically/manually add tags: artist, album, etc.
☉ Save recordings to either WAV or MP3 format.

Step 1: Set Audio Source

Launch music recording software on computer and then click on the microphone icon at the bottom left corner of the window. In the pane that shows up, you need to click on “Audio Source” and then choose the option of “Record Computer Audio” to tap on. If you desire to record the audio that you input, you can choose the option of “Record Audio Input” to click on in case you need.


Step 2: Set Output Format and Folder

Afterwards, you need to click on “Format” option and then choose “mp3 Audio (*.mp3)” in the panel to hit on. The settings of the audio codec, bit rate and sample rate for the output music files are also available in this pane via the function area of “Audio Setting”.


Navigate to the “General” tab and then click on the folder icon in this pane to choose a computer local folder to save the recorded electronic music. Language setting is also allowed in this pane. For example, you can click on the downward triangle icon to set English as your target language.


Step 3: Record Electronic Music and Download

Go back to the main interface of the music recording tool and then click on the red recording button at the top left of the screen to start to record the electronic music. You need to play back the electronic music that you desire to download on the Internet at the same time. Only in this way can the software record the electronic music for you. When the EDM song is over, you can click on the recording button again to finish this task. The recorded electronic music file will be right in your computer folder for you to enjoy.


This electronic music download solution is quite simple for you to have a try. After the recording, you can enjoy the EDM song on computer freely at any time and anywhere you prefer.

Part 4: Best Electronic Music Free Download via Streamosaur

It is also a great idea to use Streamosaur to obtain best electronic music free download, for it is known as one excellent audio recording program. Users can use it to record EDM song and store it in the format of WAV by default. Read on and you will know how to handle this issue with this tool perfectly.

1. Open a web browser and find the electronic music that you would like to download free and play it back. Make sure the playback is smooth.
2. Launch Streamosaur on your computer and then hit on the “Start” button to start to record the electronic music. When the electronic music comes to an end, you need to click on the “Stop” button to terminate the recording process.
3. Navigate to the “File name” option and then click on the “Set” button next to the white box to set a proper place on computer to save the recorded electronic music and name it.


It is very easy to take advantage of Streamosaur to record electronic music. However, by default, you only can get the WAV format of electronic music. If you would like to get the recorded file in the format of MP3, you need to download the MP3 encoder to achieve this aim.

Part 5: Electronic Music Songs Free Download through Online Music Downloader

Online music downloader is a good choice for you to download electronic music songs as well, which does not call for the downloading and installing of software on computer. The steps are quite straightforward for you to get this task done.

1. Open a web browser and then navigate to the website of FreeMP3Downloads and then enter the URL of the electronic music song in the search box. Click on “Go” button to continue.


2. A list will show you the search results and you need to choose the electronic music you desire to download to click on. In the next interface, click on “MP3> Convert” to wait for the converting process to end. In the end, you can hit on “Download” button to get it to your local folder on computer.


After reading through this tutorial, you will get to know electronic music download free more deeply. The ways to achieve the free download aim is quite diverse. Among all the tools introduced to you in this guidance, Leawo Music Recorder is the one that I strongly recommend to you, for it has many advantages over other programs or online music downloader. You can download it from the official website and install it on computer for trying. You should know that the trial period is limited.