PornHub can be labeled with the best porn-viewer-friendly site in the world. That is without any exaggerations. It has made the viewing of porn videos so easy and enables all the porn viewers to have free access to tons of porn. For such an amazing porn viewing platform, is it worthwhile to sign up for its membership for even better services? What is the cost of the PornHub Premium, and what features can you expect from it? Check it out from the following sections.

  The reason for signing up for a membership is apparent. That is, to get better services which is limited without a subscription. But for PornHub, signing up for the Premium seems superfluous, as the non-subscribed one also offers free and sufficient sources. Is that really the case? Check it out from here.

Is PornHub Premium worth it?

  As far as the cost and benefit of paying for PornHub Premium is concerned, we can talk about this in two aspects. One is the cost of it and the other one is what you expect to get from it.

  Comparing PornHub Premium with the average porn VHS or DVD, it is extravagant to buy porn in physical form by paying from $19.99 to $59.99 while it only costs you just $9.99 per month to subscribe for PornHub Premium. What drives you even more desired to sign up for PornHub Premium is that you could get more content and a larger variety of porn sites on the internet than other porn sites like Netflix. Paying for porn shouldn't be a burden to our pocket, but it is a way for us to see the world in more colors. By the way, sex workers and performers need to be respected. Buying porn is the best way to support them and show our admiration on their jobs.

  Even if you don't subscribe to PornHub Premium, there are lots of porn videos and galleries for you to enjoy. Paying for it will only get you better quality videos and other affiliated services.

Cost of PornHub Premium

  The aforementioned has more or less talked about the cost of PornHub Premium. PornHub itself is a free platform for viewing content on it. However, paying for PornHub Premium is not like squeezing your bank. It only costs for $9.99 per month, and if you sign up for a quarter, a year or even for a whole-life membership, it will give you a discount on the charge. The site will occasionally offer promotions for your subscription. If you are patient enough and lucky, you can get a discount up to 30% for an annual subscription or unlocking its full porn network for life.

  And the customer service is fully trustable. If you want to switch from a normal visitor to one of the membership owners, then ask the customer service line for advice. Sometimes they are really helpful in getting you the better deals.

Benefits from PornHub Premium

  Here we sum up the benefits of PornHub Premium in several aspects. These might be the reasons for you to switch from a free PornHub visitor to someone who has all the perks in PornHub.

1. Improve the viewing experience

What really drives us crazy while watching the porn video is that it is finished without an ending. Unlike the other kinds of videos, the ending of a porn video is what supposes to be the most valuable part of the whole clip. PornHub is a free library available with a vast variety of abbreviated videos. Only by signing up for the PornHub Premium can you enjoy the ones with complete content. Furthermore, Premium empowers the user to download content in high quality, which can be up to 4k or 1080p. You are not gonna quit the subscription to get the standard definition files when the membership is due.

2. Ads-free for Premium

PornHub has been really considerable on phasing out many ads for the visitors. But that doesn't mean there are no ads during your visiting. Sometimes ads or annoying plugins keep popping out when you are searching for your videos or watching the videos. It is not a big deal to turn off the ads, but it actually brings down the viewing experience. Premium subscribers are totally free of the scourge of pop-ups, making your device in a safer environment.

3. Extra Features

Apart from the better viewing experiences and higher security level by signing up for Premium, you will get extra features on Premium such as added content on VR porn scenes and smart sex toy support which makes teledildonics come true. What's more, subscribers get Premium accounts will simultaneously get premium on RedTube and YouPorn. Premium members also get special status in the comments section of the site. It is free for the subscriber to hide their comments from other members.

  Talking so much about the benefits of PornHub Premium, the security is the most crucial one among all the benefits. You don't want to venture your PC or mobile in the risk of being attacked by the virus or malware. Then PornHub Premium is your best choice for securing your devices.

Pornhub Premium Now Free

  PornHub Premium now is free. Yes, stop being skeptical of what you have heard. It is true. To work together with the whole globe in coping with the spreading pandemics, PornHub Premium has open its access to some countries that has gone through lockdowns such as Italy, France, and Spain. For the US who hasn't literally enforcing lockdown, they can still enjoy the same deal.


To fight against the contagious pandemics, nothing is more useful than staying at home. Offering free service with Premium is the best way to support the medical practitioners, since letting less people go out for interacting with others will reduce the cases.

How to Download PornHub Video with PornHub Premium?

  If you want to keep the PornHub Premium forever and view it anytime you want in the future, Leawo Video Downloader is the best choice. It is a powerful video downloader for downloading videos from more than 1000 sites online at a speed of 6X higher. Leawo Video Downloader can download any types of videos. Special video types like HLS streaming downloading is easy to download with the Leawo Video Downloader and videos up to 4k or 1080p are all at your fingertips with one click of the button.

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  Before downloading PornHub video with PornHub Premium, you should first log in the official website of Leawo Video Downloader and install the Leawo Prof. Media, the commanding program of video downloader.

Step 1: Run Video Downloader


Launch the Leawo Prof. Media and slide the sidebar of the interface to see all the modules. Click the module of Video Downloader to enter the webpage. As a professional YouTube video download software, Leawo Video Downloader set the as its main webpage by default, which can be changed from the Settings Panel. There are more advices on using the Leawo Video Downloader to fix all YouTube downloading problems like how can we access private videos on YouTube.

Step 2: Set output directory

  For most of the cases, porn-viewers want to keep a porn video in a location that is known to himself only. Setting output directory in the video downloader can help you to do that. Click the gear-icon button in the top right corner to pop out the setting panel. Reset the output directory for the downloaded videos in the "Save videos to" box.

Step 3: Download PornHub Premium videos

  You can directly paste the video URL on the location bar to acquire the video results. The new page comes with a list of searching lists from which you can have free selection of its resolution or size. Press the download button to start the download process.

Step 4: Download finished

  It is free to set the maximum download tasks on Leawo Video Downloader. Once the video is downloaded, it will be transferred from the Downloading panel to the Downloaded panel. You can sort the videos by name, size and length with one click. More functions on the video are visible by right-clicking the video such as adding the video to convert as long as it is activated, switching to the Internet Explorer or locating to the output directory which has been set in the previous step.

Pornhub's Controversies and Cons

  PornHub has a history full of controversies. I bet you have heard some of it. For years, PornHub has run its platform by opening the access to pirated adult videos without the consent of the sex workers. It has partnered with Girls Do Porn, a studio that has manipulated women into an online adult shoot.

  In the end of 2020, PornHub carried out strong measures in purging all the unverified uploads under the pressure of the public backlash. Stricter screening system has been enforced on the platform by introducing more thorough identification processes to stop uploading unverified content to the site.

  It is a big impact on PornHub to face such a big change. Luckily, there are still lots of alternatives to PornHub.