May you have a nice holiday and a happy new year! As Santa is driving his sleigh from North to your house, are you ready to say hello to him? I hope so. And you may have made up very nice outdoor decorations to welcome your friends and yeah, Santa Claus. You may have finished the interior and outdoor decorations, and you may have got many helpful advices from the PowerPoint presentations about Christmas, and you may also have converted PowerPoint for your iPad to view and get more detailed information. But I still want to share several Christmas decoration tips with you guys, in case that you have omitted the very specific details.

As Christmas decoration is so large a project, many aspects should be paid attention to. So the following post won't tell every aspect about Christmas decoration, and it only picks up 10 tips you may want to take a look at.

1. Decorate the Mailbox Top

Christmas Decoration on Mailbox

For the people who have a mailbox in front of your garden, you may want to decorate it. You don't have to make very complex decorations, you only need to put a few decorations on the top of the mailbox to make it match the holiday atmosphere. For example, a bunch of plastic flowers and a Christmas ball will make it very nice. If you don't like the plastic flowers, just put some Christmas ribbons on it will also make it cute and lovely.

2. Set up a Welcome decoration on the door

Christmas Decoration on Frontdoor

Making a Welcome decoration on your front door for your friends and families come from afar is a very good choice. If you have used the circle welcome board, you can take advantage of the heart or the star shape, and decorate it with the Christmas balls, dolls and so on. If that's not enough, you can decorate the front door steps with a theme. For example, if you, or most of your friends, are fond of Marvel super heroes, you can decorate the door steps with several super-hero toys.

3. Put Christmas Candles out

Christmas Candles and Lanterns

Generally speaking, candles are suitable for all kinds of festivals. Christmas candles, or Christmas lanterns, will make your house warm and welcome. The candles or lanterns can be put on the edge of the windows, and they won't need to light them up all night long, because you may have already surround your house with the lights and shining stuffs.

4. Snowman outside or Themed Inflatables

Christmas Inflatables

If your hometown snows heavy during the holiday season, you will are able to make up a snowman when Christmas comes. If not, the Christmas-theme inflatables will also be good choices. Many people prefer to use animal inflatables than others, but you can choose the inflatables in accordance with your own idea.

5. Wind the Porch Post with Ribbons and Greeneries

Christmas Inflatables

If your house has a porch, you may want to decorate the porch as well. You can wind the porch posts with Christmas ribbons and greeneries which will make it more festive. Also, the Christmas balls, stars, dolls or handmade toys can also be tied with the ribbons, and it will seem very lovely.

6. Cookies and Candies

Christmas Cookies and Candies

DIY cookies and candies will be most welcomed on the Christmas table. If you don't have time to prepare them, you can select several kinds of cookies and candies which your families and friends will like. The cookies and candies can be set on your table before your guests come, and the Christmas-theme candies, chocolates will be most popular.

7. Christmas Decorations on your Table

Christmas Decoration on Your Table

The decorations, purchased or handmade ones, can be put on your table, ingle and everywhere. The decorations don't have to be very luxury ones, and they can add the Christmas atmosphere in your house. The handmade Christmas decorations will show your imagination and carefully preparations for the Christmas, but the purchased items will also bring different festive feelings if you put them in the right place.

8. Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings Decoration

You have already grown up and long passed the time of hanging stockings beside your bed, but on this holiday season, the stockings do add the more Christmas atmosphere in your home. You don’t need to hang up the traditional red stockings, you can select some lovely ones and hang them just for decoration. That’s lovely and festive.

9. Your Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Decoration

You have prepared so many gifts for your friends and families, why not make it more of your own style? You can pack them up with very beautiful covers, and add some little decorations on the strings or covers. For example, you can add some rings or small plant decorations on the strings to make it lovelier. These decorations could be disposable so you don’t have to use the expensive ones.

10. Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Decoration

There is nothing much to say about the Christmas dinners, because every family may have totally different ideas on the dinners. The dishes you want to do may not as traditional as the Thanksgiving turkey dinner, so you can use your imagination on the dishes you cook. You can decorate the dishes with vegetables and fruits just as you may do in your daily life, which will make the dinner attractive.

Anyway, this is my Christmas decoration tips for all. Of course, every family will have their own ideas on Christmas decoration, so just make this Christmas 2014 in your own way.