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Best DVD Software Tools to Make Photo Slideshow

What is the best way to share your photos or personal point of view in front of others, for example at a party or in a meeting? Well, for most people, making a slideshow is of great convenience for sharing. Especially, merging all the photos you would like to share to a slideshow can be quite clear for others to obtain the general idea of your main information. What would you do with the photo slideshow? The most efficient way is to seek the help from one of the best DVD photo slideshow software.

Part 1: Introduction to Photo Slideshow

As one of the best ways to develop impressive presentations, photo slideshow is a good choice. A photo slideshow is a presentation that consists of a series of pictures that is used to present a vivid introduction of the host. Usually, the slideshow is typically in prearranged sequence. Traditionally, the photo slideshow may be presented in a larger screen with the help of slide projector. But due to the advanced technology, the current photo slideshow can be saved in the digital formats so as to contain different content in various formats with vivid effect.

Furthermore, now the photo slideshow can be saved in various popular digital file formats, such as MPEG, MP4, AVI and so on which can be compatible with other platforms including Android or iOS and PC. Instead of slide projector, additional photo slideshow maker programs will be used as the alternative to transform video clips and images into slideshow. In order to obtain the steps on how to make a photo slideshow, you should focus yourself on the following post.

Introduction to Photo Slideshow

Part 2: Top 5 Best DVD Software Tools to Make Photo Slideshow

Aside from the professional photo slideshow makers, users can also turn to the help of some DVD burning software tools. Next, I will list the best 5 pieces of best DVD photo slideshow software for your further references based on photo DVD slideshow software reviews.

1. Leawo DVD Creator

In the first place, I will push Leawo DVD Creator as the firm choice for you. Just as its name implies, Leawo DVD Creator is a powerful DVD burning program which could be able to burn videos from more than 180 formats to DVD discs with original quality retained and 6X faster speed. This is also one of the best ISO burners for Windows and Mac. Besides, it can burn DVD from photos as well and its supported input photo formats include PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, GIF, JFIF, ICO, EMF, WMF. As the built-in photo slideshow maker, Leawo DVD Creator is able to create DVD from all kinds of photos and video clips and burn them to DVD disc with easy steps. Its additional features allow the users to obtain the best DVD burning experience with personal style.

Leawo DVD Creator

2. Freemake Video Converter

Next, you can turn your eyes to a comprehensive DVD burner and video converter named Freemake Video Converter. It can be used to convert videos to any other digital formats, DVDs and audio formats as well as to YouTube. Also, if you would like to use it as perfect photo slideshow maker, it can meet your requirements. It can easily combine all the photo, video clips, music or text together in an impressive way with a lot of output formats supported. You can save the photo slideshow on your computer or burn it to DVD disc. If you are active on the social media platform such as YouTube, this tool can allow you to freely share the slideshow on it with ease. But you are not able to get access to various templates and it lacks the effects.

Freemake Video Converter

3. Windows DVD Maker

Windows DVD Maker is another powerful photo slideshow maker and DVD burner on your computer which is compatible with Vista, Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate. It is a simple and easy tool to make a photo slideshow with professional-looking menu and background music. You are allowed to add photos, video clips, audios, music as well as texts to the program to merge them into a whole photo slideshow. Also, the slideshow can be burned to DVD disc for further keeping and sharing. Once the photo slideshow has been burn to DVD, then you are free to play the slideshow on TV and any other DVD player whenever you like. Besides, if you only would like to save it as a digital video format, you can also choose the various output formats from its list.

Windows DVD Maker

4. Photo DVD Maker

Next one is a professional DVD maker that has the focus on the slideshow production. This DVD burner is able to offer the solutions to making entertaining photo slideshows for the use of family or business. You can easily add photos and video clips to your slideshow with great effects. Also the texts and music or audio tracks are supported. It is quite rich in the output effects, including transition effects, album themes, DVD menu templates and so on. Furthermore, it allows you to burn the photo slideshow to DVD disc, Blu-ray disc, VCD and SVCD or to keep the slideshow in the HD format on your computer. You can also upload the photo slideshow to YouTube and MySpace. .

Photo DVD Maker

5. RZ Slideshow DVD Maker

The last one on my recommendation list is RZ Slideshow DVD Maker. This tool provides you with the basic slideshow making functions. You can edit the videos, photos, music, texts, subtitles and combine all of them to a photo slideshow with personal preferences retained. With this maker, you can find it quite easy, flexible and fast to process with any photos. If you are a 3D fan, RZ Slideshow DVD Maker also can meet your needs in making the photo slideshow with hundreds of 2D/3D transitions or motions. The photo slideshow you prefer to make can be burned to DVD disc so that you can share your favorite slideshow on DVD players with your family members.

RZ Slideshow DVD Maker

Part 3: Top 5 Best Photo Slideshow Makers for iOS

If you are running on the OS X system, you can also find the best photo slideshow makers for your Mac. The following top 5 best slideshow makers will be your good options.

1. Filmora Video Editor

On the top of the recommendation list, Filmora Video Editor can be your good choice. As a powerful video editor for Mac, it can easily allow you to edit your photos to a slideshow. With the editing tool, you can load any photos you prefer to the program and apply any changes or settings to the photo slideshow. Furthermore, if you would like to make the photo slideshow much more special, then you can add the wonderful free effects to it with ease, such as filters, titles, texts, transitions and so on. Furthermore, you can add background music via this best DVD photo slideshow software.

Filmora Video Editor

2. iPhoto

From the name of iPhoto implies, you can easily find that iPhoto is the built-in Mac application used to process photos. With a simple and beautiful interface, iPhoto can make it easy for you to make any photo slideshows. It is quite powerful in offering various audio effects and special video effects which could be able to present an excellent photo slideshow. Besides, you can obtain the personalized viewing experience since you can make full use of the editing tools with great effects supported. If you like, you can share the photo slideshow on many other social media platforms, such as Facebook.


3. JPEGDeux

If the format of your photos is mainly in JPEG, this photo slideshow maker is appropriate for you named JPEGDeux. As an open-source tool for Mac, JPEGDeux can be used to make slideshows with image files. Originally known as JPEGView, now this tool has been developed with various personalized effects. With its impressive outstanding customization options, JPEGDeux is completely safe and reliable to use. You can display the slideshow in various forms, in full-screen mode or window mode. But this tool doesn't allow you to share with others.


4. FotoMagico 5

Next, FotoMagico 5 can be another good option for you to make a vivid photo slideshow. With excellent compatibility to Mac OS X, this tool can merge your current images, videos, music text to a whole slideshow in a snap with professional and beautiful outlook. Its powerful features in offering 4K Ultra HD resolution and fast splitting speed make it much more impressive. If you only need the basic photo slideshow making function, it is free. But you have to pay for the more professional features with the premium licensed version.

FotoMagico 5

5. HyperEngine AV

Well, the last one that I will introduce based on the photo DVD slideshow software reviews is HyperEngine AV. Previously, it is a Montage which has been used to combine photos, videos, music and texts. As a great multimedia editor, HyperEngine AV can seamless make an excellent photo slideshow with ease and accuracy. The slideshow can be presented for many occasions, including family party, business presentations. What's more, HyperEngine AV allows you to import or drag the media clips from a FireWire DVD directly and can make further adjustment to the videos.

HyperEngine AV

Part 4: Best Online Photo Slideshow Maker to Recommend

If you prefer to make the slideshow online, you can also get your answer here. Among various online photo slideshow makers, I will strongly recommend Photosnack for your reference. This is a 100% free online maker with a wide of features. Instead of downloading from the Internet and installing on the computer, you only need to open the Photosnack website and add your photos to it immediately. Later, when it is completed and you can share the photo slideshow to the social media platforms.

This online maker is simple to use without any download or installation. If you only require the basic function, then it is quite wonderful for you. However, it is limited in photo slideshow editing features which only allow users to apply several templates. And the photo slideshow will contain the watermark. Anyway, if you would like to remove the watermark, you need to pay for the advanced version.


Part 5: How to Make Photo Slideshow with Leawo DVD Creator

Aside from the basic burning function, Leawo DVD Creator is also able to make photo slideshow. For the details, please refer to the following steps.

Step 1: Download Leawo DVD Creator and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Choose photos and add them to the program. Click "Add Photo" button to import the photos you would like to merge to a slideshow to the creator.

Leawo DVD Creator-Add Photo

Step 3: Edit the photos and adjust the related parameters, including "Photo Duration", "Transition Duration", "Rotate Photo" and so on. Besides, you can add MP3 audio track to the slideshow. Then click "OK" to apply the settings.

Leawo DVD Creator-Edit

Step 4. Start burning these photos to slideshow after applying all the settings. Just wait in patience and you can obtain a photo slideshow in seconds.



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