Although most of DJ music can be downloaded and purchased from Beatport and these stores are the first choice to purchase music online, some places still are offered to download free music legally. Usually, you can search for unsigned artists who haven’t entered to Beatport catalog. Additionally, doing up these sites is a good way to get a diversified DJ music library, which does not rely on Top 10 chart of mainstream music sites and helps you to select your song from other accessible DJs. So, we don’t have any excuse to steal music, but searching for legal and free music sources is quite worthwhile. This article will list 8 best DJ music download sites for your reference.

Part 1: 8 Best sites to download DJ music free

1. SoundCloud
Currently, this site gets lots of attention because of the new advertising policy and selling major labels. SoundCloud still plays a vital role in the industry of modern music, as unknowns can listen to their music via a social outlet and a platform offers big name DJs as well as producers who want to promote music. SoundCloud adopts a tough standpoint and pulls down the music with copyright. And original music and producers’ remixes are very prevalent, most of them can be got via the like from Facebook.
Pros: New community for music producers and its listeners, a great number of free originals and explosive growth like remixes and bootlegs.
Ads on the specified artists, strict copyright policy, popular artists use SoundCloud to promote their products and it is used as a gateway for preview linking to iTunes or Amazon, which you have to purchase their music.


2. Bandcamp
This storefront is indie-friendly and goes on booming in the field of music streaming, because producers and labels are given the ability to build a free shop by it, they are allowed to offer free music, charge a fixed fee or request donations. Though you can select more songs from SoundCloud, Bandcamp provides the complete downloading for album and EP.
Pros: There are many new and independent producers as well as record company here, store design is simple and good-looking so that you are allowed to preview and get the tracks and full albums downloaded easily.
Cons: There are not many big name or signed producers in this site.


3. Facebook
Lots of new and active producers hope to increase their influence in social media, they add their own remixes and bootlegs to Facebook Page, if you “Like” this page, you are allowed to get downloaded free of charge.
Pros: It will benefit you a lot if you like the particular producer or production team, such as Wideboys or Chainsmokers or others. It offers convenient way for you to get music downloaded and keep updated in a social network.
Cons: In this “Like” page, it means that the updates of page will be seen on your social media. If you like lots of pages and just want to get several songs, a large number of status posts which you do not expect can be seen.


4. Noisetrade
This site is similar to Bandcamp, songs and full album from artist and producers can be downloaded here. The difference is that you can use your e-mail to exchange the songs because growing artists’ mailing list is this sites’ main duty, if you are generous, you also can give some tips to the artist. Music from popular DJs or producers are difficult to be found here, but if you take time to go through their catalog, you will find that lots of good music are from the unknown artists.
Pros: Using e-mail to exchange music helps you to support the artists in non-pecuniary way.
Cons: There are no popular songs and producers in this site, newsletters from the artists will annoy you much.


5. Jamendo
Jamendo does not always aim at DJs and music enthusiasts, but it offers a large number of free music to be downloaded here. This site is mainly for music supervisors who hopes to get licence music for TV or film or establishments. Therefore, it is a good platform to discover electronic gems in your set.
Pros: Simple option search allows you to to go through the large collection and music can be downloaded free without signing.
Cons: Due to this music licensing site, your favorite DJs or producers cannot be found here, as lots of composers and producers have made their music licensed.


6. Soundclick
It is the first site to allow download music online legally, Soundclick still is a music library for artists and bands. Some good electronic music and hip-hop music can be found here if you can go around the interface of obsoleted MySpace-era.
Pros: Free music can be downloaded once you register. It is a big library for different kinds of music.
Cons: It seems to be one of the oldest sites for music downloads. It is not the primary task for producers to release original music any more.


7. Record Label sites
Songs and samples will be given away as a promotion by record labels occasionally or buzz will be tried to build for new artist sometimes. Contest and prize also are announced to newsletter members by labels. If you would like to take part in this promotion activity, you’d better sign up with your preferred labels.
Pros: Get music directly for your preferred producers or DJs, you have the chance to gain exclusive music or samples via the contest and promotion.
Cons: It is not the primary task for record label to give away music, so free downloads can not be expected as much you like.


8. Amazon music
A large amount of music download is offered free from Amazon. A section of free music download is in Amazon and it keeps updated constantly. Amazon wants you to have a try on their music streaming service or select an account of Amazon. Therefore, anything can get you enter the circle products of Amazon. If you want to upgrade, Amazon music will be a good service for streaming media. Once a few free MP3s are downloaded from Amazon, they can be taken anywhere as you like.


Part 2: How to download DJ music free from website

Here we will give you an example of how to download DJ music free from SoundCloud. You can follow the specific steps as below.
1. Open SoundCloud website on your computer browser and sign up.
2. Enter the name of artists, bands or tracks on the search bar. Then click on “Go” button beside the search bar.
3. Then you will be navigated to the target page of DJ music you want to download, you see some options below the song, such as Like, Repost, Share and More.
4. Click on three-dot button “More”, then choose Add to playlist. Then your favorite DJ music will be downloaded free to your playlist.


Part 3: How to download DJ music free through online music downloader

To download DJ music free via online music downloader, here a wonderful website https://freemp3downloads is highly recommended for you. Then you can follow the guidance below to complete the downloading task.
1. Enter the website address to your computer browser and open this website.
2. You will see a search bar which allows you to type into the name of target artists or tracks or copy the link of music.
3. Then enter the music or artist name that you want to download into the search bar. Next, click on “Go” button next to search bar to begin searching the target DJ music for downloading.
4. The search result will be displayed beneath, you can select one for downloading.
5. Click on “Download” button to begin the process of downloading DJ music free.
6. Once the downloading is finished, the downloaded DJ music files will be converted and saved as MP3 format automatically.


Part 4: How to download DJ music free via Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder is an excellent and professional software for music recording. You are allowed to record any free music from multiple sources like built-in input audio, computer audio and online music. Then the recorded music can be saved as MP3 or WAV format with original quality. This smart music recorder can help you to add music tags in an automatic way, you also can edit the music tags manually by using the music tag editor. Moreover, its internal library will help you get all recorded music files found and managed. The recorded music files also can be shared to iTunes with one click. Based on the powerful and innovative recording technology, a variety of basic settings including Task Scheduler, Output Format and Audio Source and more are provided by this audio recorder to meet the customized requirements. Below we will teach you how to download DJ music free via Leawo Music Recorder.

1. Run Leawo Music Recorder on your computer and then enter the main interface. Click on the icon button “Audio Source” on the main interface in order to preset audio source in the beginning. As we need to record DJ music free from online audio, we have to choose the option “Record Computer Audio”.


2. Enter “Format” tab and choose output format you need, two options including mp3 and wav format can be selected to meet your needs. Additionally, the audio code, bit rate and sample rate can be adjusted in “Audio Settings”.


3. Choose “General” tab, then press on the folder icon button to select an output directory for saving the downloaded DJ music on your computer. Moreover, the interface language of this program can be set here.


4. Click on red button “Start” to make Leawo Music Recorder work. Then play the source of DJ music files. You should note that Music Recorder must begin working prior to playing DJ source audio. If necessary, the customized setting “Task Scheduler” can be used by clicking on the icon button “Recording task scheduler” on the left bottom corner, the start time and duration time of the recording can be set via this function.