As DVDs have become part of modern digital life, more fans are requiring a higher quality from the movies and videos. After a while, HDTV was introduced to enhance the visual experience for all the users. Later on, in 2006, the Blu-ray and HD-DVD were created to meet the higher requirements from the audience. These are remarkable upgrades to the digital media market. Yet cheap Blu-ray drive for PC is also in great demand since the growing individuals prone to play movies via computers instead of theaters. We have collected valuable information about cheap Blu-ray drive for you.

Part 1: Why Do You Need a Blu-ray Drive

You may have a question that why you need a Blu-ray drive. In fact, you can get a lot of benefits more than what you expect from playing Blu-ray discs via a Blu-ray drive. Decades ago, the DVD used to be the most popular storage medium for multimedia enjoyment. When it comes to the commercial movie age, a lot more companies take full advantages of DVDs. So nowadays, we are still holding a huge collection of DVDs from past days. The previous resolution of normal DVD is a standard 480i resolution and it works very well back to the old era. Right now, 1080p resolution is widely accepted and applied for most users even at home. What is capable of 1080p is the disc format of Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

Blu-ray discs can not only play high definition of image quality but also is able to express 3D effect. To do that, a Blu-ray disc drive is what you need to play those discs. The Blu-ray drives are sold different price according to what functions they can offer customers. Even cheap Blu-ray drives can do a lot more than just a normal DVD drive. You can use Blu-ray drive to play not only Blu-ray discs but also DVD discs and CD discs. In addition, a few Blu-ray drives offer the feature of CD-to-USB Ripping so as to direct copy audio content from CD to a USB drive. With the help of modern technology, most Blu-ray drives are able to boost video or image quality as video upscaling function can make images look better. Years before, DVDs could be annoying because of the miserable resolution. Do not throw them away and Blu-ray drives can fix this problem and work it out better than you think if you can get a good Blu-ray drive.

As Blu-ray is getting more and more popular today, Blu-ray drive's price keeps dropping and more people could afford its price. They can be as low as $59 and rise up to about $199. You will get a really great deal for around one hundred bucks for a cheap Blu-ray drive with practical functionalities. We focus on the cheap external Blu-ray drives and cheap internal Blu-ray drives in the following parts.


Part 2: Top 5 Cheap External Blu-ray Drives

Top 1. VersionTECH. Latest USB3.0 Ultra Slim Portable DVD Rewriter Burner, External DVD Drive Optical Drive CD+/-RW DVD +/-RW

The VersionTech is the first choice as the best cheap external Blu-ray drive that contains advanced technology in terms of high reliability and efficiency. What would surprise the users is that a smart eject of this drive has been designed for avoiding the disc get stuck.


Top 2. Blu-ray Player External USB DVD RW Laptop Burner Drive

This cheap external Blu-ray drive hits the lowest price at only $59.99 with its brilliant performance and it can widely support a lot of desktop computers. It can work even for older operating systems including Windows 98. So for those whose operating system is not that updated, this one would be your great choice.


Top 3. ASUS Powerful Blu-ray Drive with 16x Writing Speed and USB 3.0 for Both Mac/PC Optical Drive BW-16D1X-U

The ASUS BW-16D1X-U LITE would keep users from so much trouble in the compatibility of Blu-ray disc type as it has the ability to read and write many types of Blu-ray disc. It also featuring disc encryption to protect your data. The powerful security can encode the files.


Top 4. Pioneer Slim External Blu-ray Writer BDR-XD05B

The well-known Pioneer BDR-XD05B stands out for being lightweight and quite portable in a clamshell that looks modern and stylish. It offers the MMC 5 SCSI command set and features BDXL Blu-ray discs supporting.


Top 5. LG Electronics Blu-ray DVD Writer (BE16NU50)

What puts LG BE16NU50 Blu-ray disc drive on this list is its ability to reduce unwanted noise while playing movies or any other videos with this drive. Meanwhile, 3D Blu-ray disc playback is also well supported. There is a built-in Jamless Play technology which helps read data from damaged or scraped discs.


Part 3: Top 5 Cheap Internal Blu-ray Drives

Top 1. LG WH16NS40 Super Multi Blue Internal SATA 16x Blu-ray Disc Rewriter

This cheap internal Blu-ray drive can play discs at a higher speed with a 16x more writing capacity. With 3D playback software, you can enjoy a lot of 3D movies on your computer with this Blu-ray drive. The unique M-DISC technology can save your data much longer on the discs so that important data is able to be stored for a long period.


Top 2. Pioneer Electronics USA Internal Blu-Ray Writer (BDR-209DBK)

As the second rank, this cheap Blu-ray drive allows you to watch any Blu-ray 3D movies with its feature of a 3D display system. The QuickPlay feature will help decrease the waiting time after inserting a disc and before the media starts playing.


Top 3. LG Electronics 14x SATA Blu-ray Internal Rewriter (WH14NS40)

The writing speed can reach the maximum of 14x for Blu-ray discs, which will cost users much less time to wait. It features that it could write on different types of Blu-ray and DVD discs such as single layer discs, dual layer discs and quad layer discs.


Top 4. Asus Black 12X BD-ROM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM SATA

The ASUS BC-12B1ST is also one of the best cheap Blu-ray drives for those who want to watch high definition movies watching but don't want to spend too much on hardware. The reading speed is quite decent of 12x for playback Blu-ray discs.


Top 5. Panasonic UJ-267 9.5mm Internal SATA Slot Load Blu-Ray Writer

This is one of the smallest models that runs on both Mac and Windows system with unbelievably high speed. If you would like to get a small hardware tool, then you should not miss this one for its small size and reasonable price.


Part 4: Best Blu-ray Player for Best Blu-ray Dive to Enjoy Blu-ray Movies

Since you get a Blu-ray drive for your computer, then you should need some Blu-ray software tools installed on your computer. Then you would not like to miss this free Blu-ray player – Leawo Blu-ray Player. This Blu-ray player is ranking the top on most websites, receiving so many positive reviews from customers all over the world. This Blu-ray Player has the comprehensive ability to meet most user's requirements. A Blu-ray drive could enable you to read and write Blu-ray and DVD discs. Also, with Leawo Blu-ray Players is the software that you could play Blu-ray discs and DVD discs, regardless of the region codes and CSS protection. This is one of the best region-free players that you could get for free. Leawo Blu-ray Player also can deal with 4K video in MKV, MP4 and TS formats, 1080P videos in HD MP4, HD MKV, HD MOV, etc. It has adopted advanced technology for providing stereo audio effect and high definition images, which can make users feel like they were watching movies in a high-end cinema. .It is designed for people who like to set up own style with its novice-friendly way. Multiple settings can enable users to modify parameters in line as you like.

    Free Blu-ray Player

    – Region-free Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray disc and DVD disc for free, regardless of disc protection and region restriction.
    – Play 4K FLV videos, 4K MKV videos, 4K MP4 videos, etc. without quality loss.
    – Play 1080P videos, 720P videos with lossless quality.

Part 5: Conclusion

Blu-ray drive is worth for you to enjoy leisure time of movies and all other home activities. Further, a cheap Blu-ray drive for PC is more affordable to build up a home theater system. For those who would like to get a Blu-ray drive but with a limited budget, the two lists of top cheap Blu-ray drives hopefully can be for your reference. Download and install this free Blu-ray program - Leawo Blu-ray Player for your choice and you will get a lot more joy in watching high-resolution Blu-ray movies. Playing high-quality movies and music in the original quality is never a dream with Leawo Blu-ray Player..