In 2020, the trendsetter Apple released a range of iPhone 12 models, the first 5G iPhone on our nationwide 5G network and packed with several new, exciting features, which has been certainly proved a hit in smartphone market. However, some notable features didn’t make their way onto any of the new iPhone devices and the new leaks suggest they will finally appear on the iPhone 13 range in 2021. As a matter of fact, there are a variety of juicy leaks and rumors land from different kinds of sources about what to expect on the iPhone 13 models from Apple.

Part 1: All Rumors and Leaks about Apple iPhone 13/13 Pro

For the last 10 years, Apple has consistently introduced and released its flagship phones at an event in early September every year. All that changed in 2020, due to the pandemic, the newest iPhone 12 models were delayed beyond the usual window. According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report (via MacRumors), the iPhone 13 will come in the same four sizes as the iPhone 12 models, which means few changes may happen in design. And it may be expected that the iPhone 13 release date would be set for September 2021, but iPhone 13 release date 2021 may be subject to change given the pandemic. Except for the release date, there are a lot of rumors and leaks about Apple iPhone 13 range, including iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Smaller Notch

It is reported by DigiTimes that Apple iPhone 13 will get smaller notch while simultaneously upgrading both the front and rear cameras with Pro-level improvements across the range. According to the report, there are two crucial breakthroughs applied to make it. On one hand, Apple has managed to significantly shrink the sensors for Face ID. On the other hand, a streamlined VCSEL chip will apply to in the front camera, which both reduce volume and add improved depth sensing capabilities. All these makes it possible to get a smaller notch and a boon for Portrait Mode selfies at the same time.


Upgrade of the Cameras

The Huawei P40 Pro has its optical zoom boosted to an unprecedented 10x, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is only 2.5x. There is no doubt that a major lens upgrade for the iPhone 13 is expectable. According to DigiTimes’ report, Apple is working with US-based II-VI to fabricate VCSEL chips for time-of-flight (ToF) LiDAR scanners with all four iPhone 13 models (including iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max) getting this previously Pro-only feature. Besides, analyst Ross Young predicts that the iPhone 13 Pro models may will gain larger sensors, having f/1.8 ultra-wide cameras with autofocus and a 6-element lens, which will collect more light and a shallower depth-of-field.


120Hz Refresh Rate Display

According to reports, the iPhone 13, thanks to LTPO adoption, is expected to feature a ProMotion display with a variable refresh rate display. As you know, the Apple Watch has integrated touch OLED screens using LTPO backplanes to remain always-on by slowing the screen to as little as 1Hz. This is the LTPO technology could signal the inclusion of an always-on display option, as well as 120Hz capability. The LTPO technology is an OLED display backplane technology developed by Apple, which is proved powerful in keeping the battery life under control. According to Korean news site The Elec, for the screens to reach a refresh rate of 120Hz and prevent inadvertent battery drain, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are likely to use LPTO displays. A report says that LG has been tapped to produce the needed LTPO displays for the iPhone 13 in 2021.


Revolution of Charging Method

In addition, there are many rumors predicting that the iPhone 13 will drop the charging lightning connector in favor of a portless design. A report from Jon Prosser earlier in 2020 states that Apple will never adopt USB-C in the iPhone and that Apple is planning to release one “portless” iPhone in 2021. But LeakApplePro also says that the future versions of iPhone will only use MagSafe or Smart Connector chargers. Actually, the MagSafe Charger has been applied to iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models in 2020, which makes wireless charging a snap, providing faster wireless charging up to 15W. It is likely for Apple to either improve the charging speed or drop the lightning connector for iPhone 13 models. There is even a rumor that Apple would develop a pad designed specifically for fast-charging an iPhone 13.


A15 System-on-chip

Apple’s A14 system-on-chip just debuted on iPhone 12 models in 2020, which is so powerful that Apple calls it a milestone in iPhone history. The Apple A14 Bionic is the company’s latest chip, the first chipset announced to be built on TSMC’s cutting edge 5nm process. Apple has paired the chip up with a Snapdragon X55 4G and 5G dual-mode modem and made the iPhone 12 Pro the first 5G iPhone. Market analysts are already making predictions about next-next-generation silicon like boosting to A15 for lowering power consumption. It is said that Apple will use a 5nm+ A15 chip for the 2021 iPhones, with the chip set to be manufactured by TrendForce.


Higher Battery Capacity

After the four iPhone 12 handsets debuted, you may have found that both the regular iPhone 12 Mini and Pro models suffered compared to the iPhone 11 in battery life, especially pronounced when playing 3D games. According to the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 13 will come with a new kind of battery technology so that battery capacity is to be larger and last longer. Kuo also says that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will be the first iPhone range to utilize the technology for batteries. And the technology may help to design a slimmer iPhone without sacrificing battery capacity.


Wi-Fi 6E

The analysts expect the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro to feature Wi-Fi 6E, and MacRumors also states that Apple will add Wi-Fi 6E to the iPhone 13 range. Wi-Fi 6E extends use of Wi-Fi 6 developed as per IEEE 802.11ax into 6 GHz frequency band. Wi-Fi 6E is triple-band Wi-Fi and handles three different Wi-Fi frequencies—2.4GHz, 5Ghz, and 6GHz, while the previous Wi-Fi 6 only handles 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Besides, the max data rate of Wi-Fi 6E is 2.3 Gbps per device, higher than Wi-Fi 6 and other traditional Wi-Fi devices. Moreover, Wi-Fi 6E has low latency and more number of channels and better network performance.


Part 2: How to Back up Previous iPhone before Updating to iPhone 13?

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Anyway, in this post, you may have learnt so much information about iPhone 13. Many rumors and leaks about iPhone 13 models are flooding in the market and most of them are probably controversial. All you should know is that iPhone 13 models will bring different features and make distinctive improvement, which deserves for an expectation.