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8 Best Podcasts for Learning French

There are a great number of French podcasts, but we don’t have much time to choose which are deserved to listen to. It seems to be challenging if you want to find suitable podcasts to match your needs. Thousands of best french podcasts are provided with different qualities from the Internet to help you learn French. Some French courses are totally free, some need to pay after several complementary courses. Do you know which are the best podcasts to learn French? In this article, we are going to show you 8 awesome podcasts to learn French. Let’s go ahead and have a look.

Part 1: 8 best Podcasts to listen to while learning French

  • 1. Daily French Pod
  • Learn French via Daily French Pod from a series of succinct courses, this podcast is absolutely good recommend. The course is based on dealing with everyday situations which you will meet in France. The courses are all conducted in French, the podcast is narrated by Louis and the conversation is exchanged with other speakers. The spoken speed is normal and Louis is speaking slowly to the listeners. But this podcast is not suitable for the beginner due to a lot of prior useful French knowledge. You can download the learning materials which include transcripts in PDF.

  • 2. Coffee Break French
  • A front seats will be given to the listeners about a series of useful courses conducted by French language teacher named Mark. This is a good way to remember words, language grammar and the phrases, because it is not so boring or nervous as staying in the classroom. The course is simple to follow which lasts for around 10 to 15 minutes, it is particularly for the beginners. The most attractive point of this podcast is that the teacher Mark’s charming personality draws the attention of listeners. Accompanying notes also are provided here to assist students to gain most from this podcast. This podcast is made by Radio Lingua Network, which is one of the expert language course providers from website.

  • 3. One Thing in a French Day
  • This is a good basis for podcast, which shows a small part of Frenchwomen’s day. The different daily event is presented on each podcast like eating a croissant, taking a walk in the night and going shopping. The podcast is conducted by the native speaker named Laetitia, in which the event of each day is discussed with a normal speed in French. Her words are crisp and clear that they are easy to figure out.

  • 4. Learn French by Podcast
  • This podcast feature in the conversation about football match, self-introduction and travel tickets purchase. It seems that you are eavesdropping from the table beside you in the Parisian cafe. The podcast is separated into two sections, one is that the French conversation is listened to and repeated in one or two times, the other is the analysis on the grammar and phrases which are also repeated in several times. Each lesson offers the study material which includes a complete transcript and exercise.

  • 5. One Minute French
  • This short lessons offers quite a lot of useful information for the French learners. The teacher Pierre-Benoit teach the learners enough language grammar basis to assist them to converse when they are on business or vacation. It is one minute French, but actually it lasts for 2 to 4 minutes.

  • 6. Learn Out Loud: Survival Phrases
  • If you are busy and would like to learn French in a quick way, but you have no time to spend hours reading books or have lessons, this podcast will be a good choice for you, which offers a podcast series to the beginners. The lessons aim at teaching the French learners the basis and the correct pronunciation anytime. You just need to focus on one phrase each day like “You’re welcome” or “Thank you” in French.

  • 7. News in Slow French
  • News in Slow French is an excellent podcast in which the news stories are read at a slower speed than you heard from television or radio. The perfect pronunciation enables the learners to hear clearly in each word. This podcast is suitable for the beginners and intermediates, the transcript in each lesson also helps a lot to them.

  • 8. French Pod 101
  • This French-language podcast is suitable for all learners in different levels from the beginners to the advanced speakers. Abundant information which includes conversation, cultural insights and travelling in the country is offered in each lesson for French learning.


    Part 2: How to get the soundtrack from podcast with Music Recorder

    There are so many best podcasts to learn French, have you ever thought if the audio from podcast can be downloaded for offline listening to many times? That would do great help to you if you can listen to a series of French knowledge in repeated times. Here we will recommend a powerful tool Music Recorder to help you get the soundtrack from podcast downloaded in original quality.

    Leawo Music Recorder is an excellent and easy-operated music recording program that helps you to record free soundtrack from internal audio, computer audio and online audio sources. The recorded audio can be saved as an output format of MP3 or WAV in original sound quality. The music tags even can be added to the recorded music automatically or manually while recording the audio. Furthermore, you can search for and get the recorded audio managed well via the internal library.

    Now, you can follow the specific instructions as below to get the audio downloaded from podcasts with Leawo Music Recorder step by step:

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1: Run Leawo Music Recorder on your computer and then you will be guided to the main interface of music recorder. Click on the tab “Audio Source” from the main interface to get an audio source set at first. As we need to record audio from the podcast, we have to choose the option “Record Computer Audio”.


    Step 2: Jump to the tab “Format” and then hit on the drop-down box next to the “Output Format” option. Here you can choose the output format in 2 options: MP3 and WAV. Additionally, the audio parameters like bit rate and sample rate can be adjusted in the option “Audio Setting”.


    Step 3: Go to “General” tab next to “Audio Source” tab, hit on the yellow folder icon button in the right side of “Output” option to view and choose a target folder to save the recorded audio from podcast. The program interface also can be set here.


    Step 4: Hit on the “Red” button to make Leawo Music Recorder work. Then play the audio from podcast that you want to download. Here you should remember that the audio recording tool must begin recording prior to playing the source audio. If necessary, the feature “Task Scheduler” can be used for your recording. You hit on the icon button “Recording task scheduler” from the left bottom corner to make this feature pop up, then you can set the start time and duration time for your recording.


    Step 5: After the audio recording is finished, you can have a right-click on the recording audio files to call out the feature “Music Tags Edit” and then edit the information for your recordings manually. Afterwards, click on the button “OK” to get your settings saved.



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