It is estimated that every minute, more than100 hours of videos are added to YouTube. To date, YouTube has over 100 billion users, which is almost a third of all internet users. If you still remember the music video “Gangnam Style”, it was so popular that it broke YouTube’s view counter and as a result it was upgraded. Right after Google its parent company, YouTube is the second largest search engine. In fact, it is bigger than Yahoo!, Microsoft’s Bing and Ask combined. These interesting facts show just how big YouTube is, and for many people life would certainly not be the same without it. While you can find almost any video on YouTube, from movies, music videos, tutorials and much more, you technically cannot download them if you are a free user. YouTube will offer you the option to download when you are a premium user, but these videos will still come with encryption. The good news is there are workarounds to download the videos, and in this guiding article we will show you how you can do it.

Part 1: Download YouTube videos with Leawo Video Downloader

At Leawo we always strive to provide the best softwares for our customers, and Leawo Video Downloader, is a good example. Not only can you download videos from YouTube, but you can also do so from over 1000 websites and in-fact most videos you see online can be easily downloaded by this software. The best way to enjoy videos is when you watch them in high resolutions, Leawo Video Downloader can even support up to 4K resolution. With advanced downloading technologies, this software can download videos at 6x faster speed, and it has smarter downloading techniques like setting queuing. If you have ever tried to download some videos from YouTube, you might have noticed that some videos cannot be downloaded even when you use software tools. This is because of some advanced technologies that YouTube has put in place to prevent video sharing, but Leawo Video Downloader can easily tackle that problem. To download videos from YouTube, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Leawo Video Downloader is integrated into Leawo Prof. Media, so launch the program and click “Video Downloader” from the available 8 modules.


Step 2: Go to the YouTube website. Leawo Video Downloader also integrates a web browser from where you can visit the websites, and by default it will direct you to YouTube. In case you wish to download a  video from another website, just enter the address in the search bar. Search for the video you wish to download from YouTube. If you have a link to the video saved somewhere, you can paste the link in the search bar.


Step 3: Download the video. When you open the video link, a sidebar will popup which will show you the linked videos. Click the download icon, and it will immediately start downloading. You can see the progress on the “Downloading” tab.


Step 4: Open your videos. After the video finishes downloading, go to the “Downloaded” section. From there, you can play the video(s), and you can also find it in its downloaded location if you click “File Location”.


Part 2: Convert YouTube videos to QuickTime with Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter is a professional converter program that works with most audio and video file types. If you downloaded your YouTube videos in 4K using Leawo Video Downloader, you will want to retain that quality, and this software will do that at 100% of the original quality. A built-in video editor is also part of this professional software, and you can easily watermark, trim, convert normal videos to 3D and much more. Follow the steps below to convert your YouTube downloaded videos to QuickTime.

Step 1: Import your video(s). By right-clicking on the video(s) you downloaded from YouTube, select “Add to Convert” from the Leawo Video Downloader module, which will send them to the Converter module. You cal also drag or add them by clicking “Add Video” right in the Converter module.


Step 2: Set the output profile. YouTube video(s) will download in the MP4 video format, but you can easily convert to a format of your choice. In this case, click “MP4 Video” (please note that the button name will change depending on the selected profile”. Click “Change” from the pop-up menu, then click “Format” followed by “Common Video” and then select MOV Video since this is the default file format for QuickTime.


Step 3: Video editing (optional). This software program comes equipped with an advanced video editor. The video editor includes video cropping, trimming, watermarking, noise removal, converting from 2D to 3D videos and more.


Step 4: Convert your YouTube video(s) to QuickTime video. When you have finalized the settings, click the green “Convert” button for the corresponding action. A sidebar will appear at the right, and set the save location under the “Save to” box. Click the “Convert” button at the bottom of sidebar.


Part 3: Convert YouTube videos to QuickTime with Internet Video Converter

Internet Video Converter is a Windows-only video converter, which unfortunately means Mac OS users are out of luck. The biggest advantage of this software is that it is free of use, and the user interface is also relatively straightforward. However, it will not support many video formats for output since it currently supports less than 10. You can also directly download YouTube videos, but in our tests, some videos failed to download because of the protection imposed on them. When you are converting videos from your local disk, this application is also a bit slow, and if you like to edit videos, then that will not work either. To start, download and install this software on Windows.

Step 1: Import your YouTube video(s), by either downloading it or loading it from your local disk. To download, click the “Download and Play Video” tab on the menu bar, enter the URL and then download it. To import a local file, click the “Video-to-Flash” tab.
Step 2: Select the format to convert to. Navigate to the “Transcoder” button, where you will see your imported video(s). Under the “Format:” drop-down menu, select MOV (QuickTime format).
Step 3: Convert the video(s). Navigate through the tab, then find and click the button “3>>>Start Conversion”.


Part 4: Convert YouTube videos to QuickTime with FileZigZag

FileZigZag is an online converter which is very convenient if you do not like to install software on your computer. You can also directly paste the YouTube video link on this website and download, but like Internet Video Converter, you still cannot download protected videos because of some policies. You also have a daily limit of 100MB. You can convert to MOV (QuickTime format), plus a few other formats supported by this online converter. To start, visit this service’s website.

Step 1: Select the YouTube videos, by either dragging them into the area highlighted “Drag & Drop a file here” or click “Select” to browse for the file on your computer. File size limit is 100MB.
Step 2: Click the “Convert to:” drop down menu to select the video output profile. Scroll down to the “Convert Video Presets file” from where you can find MOV (QuickTime format).
Step 3: Enter your email address.
Step 4: Click “Convert” to begin the conversion process. Once finished, the website will send you an email with the download link.


Part 5: Convert YouTube videos to QuickTime with Convertio

Convertio like FileZigZag is also an online converter, which also means you will not need any software installations, nor worrying about operating system requirements. You can also directly paste the YouTube video link, but as you might have expected it, some videos cannot be downloaded because of protection policies. You can also upload directly from your local disk, but you will need a strong and steady internet connection. Visit the Convertio website to begin converting your YouTube videos.

Step 1: Visit the Convertio website, and either log in to your account, or create one in case you want to save some settings or even purchase the service subscription. If you wish to convert a few videos which are less than 100MB each, you can skip this step. Also keep in mind that you have daily limits and limited minutes for free conversion.
Step 2: Uploading your file(s). Add your YouTube downloaded videos by clicking “From Computer” which will open a window from where you can browse and locate them. You can also paste the YouTube link, but keep in mind that some videos will not download because of protection.
Step 3: Select the output file type. When you have selected your video file(s), click the drop down menu and select the video output type to MOV When you finish, click the settings icon to choose your codecs, frame rates, CRF and many more options. Click “OK” when you finish.
Step 4: The next step is to convert the video. Click “Convert” to begin converting, and when it finishes.



In conclusion, it is way easier and much more convenient to use Leawo software programs. Leawo Video Downloader can easily download videos from more than 1000 websites, even when they are protected. The user interface is also very friendly, and the built in web browser makes everything easier. Leawo Video Converter is also a top of the like video converter that can easily handle over 180 video and audio formats. With a built-in video editor that is very easy to use, you can easily feel like a professional video producer. There is more to this software, so give it a try!