Easter is a major Christian event that falls on the first Sunday after the full moon equinox, which makes it a movable holiday with no specific fixed date. In 2020, April 10 will mark Good Friday, and April 12 will mark Easter Sunday. There are also stories surrounding this special Christian celebration from the Bible, and theories surrounding the Easter bunny and eggs which we will introduce. We will also show you where to download Easter wallpapers to spice up your iPhone display during this special celebration.

Part 1: What is the Easter story in Bible

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his death, executed on the cross. The week had started well for Jesus and his followers, welcomed as celebrities by the people of Jerusalem. There was no Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as Jesus entered the city on a young donkey but palm leaves and cheering were definitely trending on what is now called Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week. By Thursday, the atmosphere was changing. Jesus gathered in a room with his friends. Washing their feet, he called on them to love and serve one another. He shared a special meal with his friends at the festival of Passover, telling them that the bread he broke was his body, and the wine they shared was his blood. They were mystified, and he announced that one of his friends would betray him. That night, as Jesus had warned, Judas betrayed him to the authorities. Jesus was humiliated and locked up, Judas committed suicide, unable to cope with everything, and the disciples were left to deal with their loss. Friday brought Jesus’ trial, beatings, humiliation and a failed appeal to the people. Despite the celebrity welcome only five days earlier, the crowd now condemned Jesus to death. After carrying his own cross to the local execution site, Jesus was nailed to that cross, alongside two other men. On the cross, Jesus, with his mother and friends watching, cried out to God, “Father. Why have you forsaken me?” Why had everything come to this? Understanding his role in Salvation, Jesus cried out “It is finished”, his head fell and he died. Taken from the cross, Jesus was wrapped in burial robes and laid to rest in a donated tomb that the soldiers sealed with a massive rock. On Holy Saturday, as the city returned to normal, Jesus’ friends and family mourned, while soldiers guarded the tomb. The next morning, Mary Magdalene who followed Jesus visited the tomb only to find that, despite the presence of the guards, the rock had been moved and Jesus’ body was gone. All that remained were the burial robes. Mary asked a man she took to be a gardener about what had happened to the body. When He spoke to her, she realized He was Jesus, risen from the dead, and ran to tell the disciples. She cried out and told them that she had seen Jesus, and over the next few days many more of the disciples met the risen Jesus and the news of his resurrection spread quickly. Christians all around the world will be celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus on Easter.


The Easter bunny and Easter eggs story

Although Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus on Easter, the story of the bunny and chocolates are nowhere to be found in the Bible. In fact, the story of the Easter bunny is still in theory although one of the theories states that it is a symbol of the rabbit stems from pagan tradition. Basically, Eostre a goddess of fertility had the bunny as her animal symbol, and because rabbits are known for energetic breeding, they symbolize fertility. The eggs are also symbolic of new life. As Christianity spread throughout Europe, the celebrations around this theory may have merged with the observance of Christ's resurrection, since they both occurred around the same time. Missionaries were said to blend pagan traditions with Christian holidays to make the transition smoother, so it is possible that the celebrations of Eostre and the resurrection of Christ became one, and this is all according to the History Channel. More evidence of the Easter Bunny dates back to the 1600s, when it was mentioned in some German writings. The rabbit, known as Easter hare was believed to lay eggs for good kids. The Easter chocolate tradition also originated in Germany, wherein the 1800s they made chocolate bunny figurines.

Part 2: 10 HD Easter wallpapers for iPhone X/XS/XR/11

We have introduced the wonderful Easter story to you, but you could do more to show your dedication to the Christian faith. Changing your wallpaper for this period is an effortless thing to do, and we will give you some recommendations for some free Easter wallpapers. But first, we will briefly show you how you can get the wallpapers for free.

Download the Easter wallpapers on your PC

The internet is full of websites with plenty of free HD wallpapers, which also include Easter wallpapers. Using your PC’s internet browser for free downloads is much easier for you to grab them. The best websites you could use include WallpaperCave, UnSplash, WallpaperAccess, TheHolidayPost among many others which contain hundreds to thousands of free Easter wallpapers. Below are ten recommendations of free HD Easter wallpapers which you can use on your iPhone.

  • 1. A brown wooden cross
  • Wallpaper-1

  • 2. Easter eggs on a brown nest
  • Wallpaper-2

  • 3. Sun rays in a cave, depicting the resurrection of Jesus
  • Wallpaper-3

  • 4. Assorted colored eggs on a white tray
  • Wallpaper-4

  • 5. A beautiful yellow flower surrounded by Easter eggs
  • Wallpaper-5

  • 6. Gray Easter bunny with eggs
  • Wallpaper-6

  • 7. A close up of palm leaves
  • Wallpaper-7

  • 8. Blue, purple and yellow stones to depict Easter eggs
  • Wallpaper-8

  • 9. Christ the redeemer surrounded by clouds
  • Wallpaper-9

  • 10. A group of worshippers raising their hands
  • Wallpaper-10

    Part 3: How to download these wallpapers and transfer them to iPhone

    For Christians all over the world, Easter is a significant period and a wallpaper to celebrate this period is ideal. For a brief period, and an Easter wallpaper will transform your iPhone display, and also show your dedication to the Christian faith. You can find Easter wallpapers all over the internet for free, and they can easily be download on your computer. iOS by nature is much more strict in terms of its data management in comparison to other mobile operating systems, hence you will need dedicated software for the task. The most suitable software for this task is, beautiful and powerful software that provides much more easier and advanced solutions for managing data on your iOS mobile devices. That is done through transfers and backups on your Mac or PC computer. The uniqueness of Leawo iTransfer from competing software is its ability to edit the iTunes library, because it is completely independent and does not require iTunes sync. Each and every iPhone has 3rd party apps, after all millions of them are available on the AppStore, and this software will help you to backup and transfer their precious data. With the exception of the original iPhone, all iPhones, iPads and iPods are supported by this software, and future versions will be supported as well because of constant updates. If you have an iPhone with a lot of unused storage, you could also put anything you want and use it as flash drives. If you have not downloaded your Easter wallpapers, you can refer to the previous section of this article on which we recommended some of them. For now, you can proceed to download Leawo iTransfer here, and follow the steps below to transfer your Easter wallpapers.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1: Run the software on your PC

    Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and the software should detect it. On the left sidebar of the software, there are libraries which include notes, music, messages, photos, podcasts, camera, USB storage, etc.


    Step 2: Load your Easter wallpapers into the software

    Click “Photos” on the libraries, and to import your Easter wallpapers into the software, right-click then select “Add File” or “Add Folder” from the menu. Alternatively, you can click “File> Add> Add File/ Add Folder” then browse for them on your computer.


    Step 3: Transfer your live wallpapers to iPhone

    Hold the “Ctrl” (for Windows computers) or “Command” (for Mac computers) keys, then click to select the Easter wallpapers. After that, right-click and under “Transfer To:” select “iPhone”.

    Step 4: Begin the transfer

    There is a progress bar that will show you the overall percentage of completion. Please make sure not to disconnect the iPhone from the computer before completion as it might corrupt your data, or fail to transfer it. When you want to cancel, click “Stop”.