Mother is the most important woman in everyone’s life. Mother’s day is a special and important day for us to appreciate and show gratitude to what our mother has done for us. What we need to do on Mother’s day is to treat them in a kind and courtesy way that they deserve. Purchasing gifts, ordering flowers, making a reservation, and picking out the card seem to be incomplete to celebrate Mother’s day 2020. Don’t worry, here we have collected 10 best Mother’s day songs to celebrate this special festival. Let’s go ahead and have a look.

Part 1: What can we do on Mother’s Day

  • Develop your relationship with your mother
  • Help your mother get her garden cultivated and nurtured, you can add a new flower or tree to your mother’s garden. If you mother likes outdoorsy gardening, she definitely cherishes the new flower or tree which may trigger her thought of her kids. In addition, if your mother enjoys cooking, a herb garden will be her love. Give each herb a label and attach the instructions of how to look after them.

  • Create a special experience for your mother
  • A special experience can be created for your mother, which will make your mother never forget. Giving your mother an experiential gift to make a new memory. You can plan a holiday for your mother. Go traveling with your mother, she will be happy with your thoughtfulness. Make a reservation on a spa day, she looked after everyone in the past day, now she deserves to enjoy a local spa for relaxing. Ask your mother to select several services as she likes, which includes hairstyling, body massage and manicure. Cook a delicious meal for your mother. Make a wonderful meal or dessert that your mother likes. She will be happy for your thoughtful gesture.

  • Select a gift that makes a significant sense
  • You can select a classic and meaningful gift to express your love to your mother.
    Make a collage of photos that embody the past life of your family so that your mother can enjoy and memorize her previous life. Write a letter of thanks for your mother, list all things that you learned from your mother over the years. Also, you can write a letter to let her know your appreciation for what she has done for your family these years. If your mother likes to collect mementos, you can give her a beautiful engraved box.

  • Give a gift which lasts for longer to your mother
  • If your mother enjoys shopping in the mall and then have lunch in her favorite restaurant, which will get her delighted and make her have something to look forward to. Help your mother clean the house or present her a service card of cleaning to let her schedule her own time.

  • Spend wonderful time with your mother
  • Although everyone’s life is very busy, but the best gift for your mother is to spend wonderful time with her. You can schedule precious time with your mother or let her do what she likes to do in this special time. Cook a meal with your mother together in a fun mood, then take photos for these precious memories. Have an enjoyable game night with your mother, but remember to choose the games that she likes. If your mother likes hiking, you can make a plan for a weekend adventure.

    Part 2: 10 Best Mother’s Day songs recommended

    1. Mama Said from The Shirelles
    This song became classic instantly in the year 1960, which is offered by the pop group The Shirelles to their fans throughout the world.

    2. Mama’s Song from Carrie Underwood
    This song is highly recommended to play for your mother in order to let you know you are her small girl all the time, even though you have your own family.

    3. The Best Day from Taylor Swift
    Taylor not only wrote this touching song to her mother, but also added many adorable videos that record the home days of her mother and her over the years.

    4. In My Daughter’s Eyes from Martina McBride
    Most of day, it is not an easy job for a mother, but this song reminds us of the simple happiness and pleasure of our mother.


    5. Because You Loved Me from Céline Dion
    No one can express love for your mother except Céline, this song lets your mother know the significant sense in this special Mother’s Day.

    6. A Song For Mama from Boyz II Men
    If you have no words to express your love to your mother, this song can help a lot, the lyrics of this song will put what you want to say to your mother in words on Mother’s Day.

    7. You Raise Me Up from Josh Groban
    The weepy lyrics of his song is perfect to describe what your mother has done for you all the years, from the kids to college.

    8. Wind Beneath My Wings from Bette Middler
    Your mother is always the one to give you guidance, when you fell, she picked you up. When you flew, she watched you with joy. Your mother absolutely is the wind below your wings.

    9. I Hope You Dance from Lee Ann Womack
    It is a good idea to follow Womack’s suggestion, hold your mother’s hand, and dance with this hit of the 90s.

    10. Mama Liked the Roses from Elvis Presley
    In this impressive ballad, Elvis memorizes his deceased mother Gladys, which reminds us that all our mothers convey their love in a lot of tiny ways.

    Part 3: How to download these songs for freed

    There are so many best songs expressing appreciation to our mother, it would be a great idea if we can download them for free and get them played on Mother’s Day. So, is there any simple way to download the mother’s day song freely without any effort? The answer is YES. Here we will recommend an outstanding third-party tool Leawo Music Recorder to help you download Mother’s day freely. Music Recorder is an easy-operated music recording tool to help you record free music from different channels like recording the internal input audio, recording computer audio and kinds of online music, such as iTunes music, AllMusic, etc. The recorded music can be saved into the format of MP3 or WAV without data loss.

    Leawo Music Recorder is an intelligent music recording software which can get the music tags added automatically when the music is being recorded, you also can edit the music tags in a manual way with the music tag editor. The internal library allows you to get the recorded music files searched and managed. You also can get the music files shared with iTunes with a simple one click. Based on the innovative technology of this music recording tool, you can capture and customize the music files with multiple kinds of basic settings including Task Scheduler, Output Format, Audio Source, and more.

    Hereby, we will show you specific instructions as below to guide you on how to record Mother’s Day songs for free.

    Download Windows Version Download Mac Version

    Step 1. Run Leawo Music Recorder on your computer, then you will enter the main interface of Music Recorder. Afterwards, press on the icon button “Audio Source” from the main interface to get the audio source set firstly. As we want to record Mother’s day songs from online source, we should choose the option “Record Computer Audio”.


    Step 2. Go to the “Format” tab and then press on the drop-down box next to the option “Output format”. Here you can choose MP3 or WAV as the output format for the recorded music. Additionally, the audio parameters can be adjusted in the option “Audio Setting”, the bit rate and the sample rate also can be set here as well.


    Step 3. Go to “General” tab next to the tab “Audio Source”, here you can press on the yellow folder icon button to view and choose a target folder for saving the output music files in the option “Output”. You also can get the program interface language set here.


    Step 4. Press on the red “Start” button to enable Leawo Music Recorder to work. Then get the source of Mother’s day songs played. Here you should keep in mind that playing the audio source should be done after the music recorder begins recording.


    Do you have any idea of doing meaningful things to convey your appreciation to your mother? Downloading some best Mother’s day songs for your mother is one of the best way to express your feelings into words on Mother’s Day. Why not try to use Leawo Music Recorder to help you download the songs freely in a simple way? Take an action now to show love and gratitude to your mother on Mother’s day 2020.