Watching movies can be one of the most enjoyable ways to kill our leisure time. In order to obtain the best movie viewing experience, an excellent media player will be the essential device you must prepare. While, VLC is the one that you must be quite familiar and you should not miss. When we are trying to play movies in VLC and subtitles have to be used so that we can understand the movie content better. Especially, when you are watching a foreign movie, and then the subtitles in various languages will be quite necessary. However, what the pity thing is that not all the subtitles are shown at the exact time. Sometimes it may be delayed, or it appears earlier. If you are familiar with these issues, then in this post you will find the useful information.

Part 1: How to Resync Subtitles in VLC?

VLC Media Player is a simple style open-source player that supports multiple media formats. It is easy to operate and powerful, and can play a variety of audio and video formats, such as MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, Mp3, etc. which can also play streaming media protocol files as well as DVD, Blu-ray and CD discs. Meanwhile, it supports WebM, FFDShow, VP8 and other encodings which can also customize the subtitles, audio, video, effects, tracks and other parameters. If you are watching movies with subtitles in VLC, it will be able to present the best viewing experience. Furthermore, if you have met the same issues mentioned above that the subtitles delay or move earlier, then VLC can be used to resync the subtitles so that the subtitles can be presented at the exact time and can sync perfectly with the video track. How to adjust subtitle timing in VLC? How to sync subtitles in VLC? For the details, you can follow the steps below.

Solution 1. Use the keyboard shotcuts to resync the subtitles.

Sometimes you came to find that the subtitles appearing in the video track are too fast or too slow, and then what you need to do is to delay or speed up the subtitles in a quick way, then the keyboard shotcuts will be useful. If you would like to speed up the subtitles, then you only need to press the keyboard “G”. On the other hand, the subtitles are appearing earlier and now you would like to delay the subtitles, then “K” key on the keyboard will be pressed. The subtitles will be speed up or delayed by 50ms via each press.

Solution 2. Use the synchronization option.

If you prefer to further control the subtitles asides from simply speeding up or delaying, then the synchronization option will be here for you. For the detailed steps, you can follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Open VLC and click “Track Synchronization” under the “Tools” option.

How-to-Resync-Subtitles-in-VLC 1

Step 2: Synchronize the subtitle for video track. Once you have clicked the “Track Synchronization” option, then you can find a lot of options under the title, like “Audio track synchronization”, “Subtitle track synchronization”.

How-to-Resync-Subtitles-in-VLC 2

Step 3: Confirm how long the subtitles delay or speed up. Make sure you have known the exact time that the subtitles should appear in the video track and then you can choose the desired value in the “Subtitle track synchronization”. Furthermore, you can also adjust the “Subtitle duration factor” and “Subtitle speed” based on your own needs.

How-to-Resync-Subtitles-in-VLC 3

Step 4: Synchronize the subtitles. Once you have set all the changes, you need to click the “Sync” button on the top right corner of the “Adjustment and Effects” panel. Finally, restart VLC media player to make it work properly.

How-to-Resync-Subtitles-in-VLC 4

Part 2: Tools to Sync Subtitles Online

Aside from VLC Media player, you can also refer to other methods to sync subtitles with the help some online tools. If you have the needs, then the following online tools will be beneficial to you.

No. 1 Subsyncer

The first online tool to sync subtitles you can refer to is Subsyncer. This online tool is quite excellent in adjusting the subtitles in various languages and in most subtitles formats, ranging from SRT, SUB, to SSA and ASS. By uploading your current subtitles to this online tool, then this tool will compare your current subtitle to the video track. Then you can resync or shift the timing as you like.


No. 2 Easy Timing Adjuster

While talking about the online subtitle adjusting tools, you have to mention Easy Timing Adjuster. With this online tool, you can easily adjust the timings inside the subtitles. It supports a lot of subtitles formats, including SRT, SSA, ASS, SMI and VTT. At the same time, you can upload more than one file to it for further adjustment. Users are allowed to enter the amount of milliseconds to shift the subtitle and adjust times. However, this online tool can only work properly when the subtitles and the video are out of the same amount of whole video long.

Easy Timing Adjuster

No. 3 SRT-Fixer

Just as its name implies, SRT-Fixer is a specific online tool to fix the subtitles problems. With it, you can shift, stretch and shrink all the time stamps of a subtitle file. It can easily synchronize the subtitles to be perfectly matched with the movie content, no matter your subtitles are totally different from your movie track, or the subtitles appear to be earlier or later in the video track. But it is bit complex in processing. You have to write down the original timing where the subtitles present to be out of order. But it is quite exact in syncing the subtitles.


No. 4 Sync Subs

The last online tool to resync subtitles you can use is Sync Subs. Sync Subs allows users to sync the subtitles with ease and accuracy. It is only compatible with SRT subtitle format. What you only need to do is to drag your SRT subtitle file to the tool and then type in the time shirt in seconds and finally download the corrected files then. This tool is quite easy to handle. But it is limited in supported other subtitles formats beside SRT.

Sync Subs

Part 3: Alternative Player for VLC - Leawo Blu-ray Player

Sometimes the reason for the unmatched subtitles issues is not only because of the inner production method of subtitles, but also can be traced back to the media player. Even though VLC is quite popular among movie users, sometimes some unexpected issues occur during VLC playback, like VLC Stuttering, or VLC not showing subtitles issue and so on. Just like the same way, it is quite possible that the audio and video can’t be perfectly integrated in VLC. If it is falling to this case, then it is time to take a try on other alternative players for VLC. Here, Leawo Blu-ray Player will be the one that you should not miss. As one of the most powerful media players in the past years, it has been welcomed by a lot of movie lovers and disc collectors. Leawo Blu-ray Player is able to support more than 180 formats of digital videos as well as the Blu-ray and DVD discs. This media player is able to present and adjust subtitles based on your own needs. You can also try to hide the subtitles during the playback without affecting the video content. Besides, its ability in decrypting the region codes of DVD and Blu-ray discs. For the details, please refer to the following steps.

Step 1: Download Leawo Blu-ray Player and install it.

Step 2: Enter the main interface and load the movie content on the computer by clicking the “Open File” button on the home interface. Then you can watch the movie immediately in Leawo Blu-ray Player


Part 4: How to Adjust Subtitles in Leawo Blu-ray Player

The most important part of Leawo Blu-ray Player you may have great interest is the availability in adjusting subtitles which is here to successfully avoid the unmatchable problems in the video tracks. The steps on how to adjust subtitles in Leawo Blu-ray Player can be found below.

Step 1: Open Leawo Blu-ray Player and insert the video content to this player by clicking the “Open File” button on the main interface.

Step 2: Set subtitles. After loading the video file to the player, the video will be played automatically. During the playback, you can move mouse to the title area. Then you could see 4 icons. Then select the first icon and a pop-up window for subtitles setting will appear which includes “Enable subtitles”, “Subtitle offset”, “Subtitle selecting”, “Browse for subtitle”.

How-to-Adjust-Subtitles-in-Leawo-Blu-ray-Player 1

Step 3: More subtitle settings. If you have further requirements in setting the subtitles, then you can turn to other ways. Once you have loaded the digital file to the player and then you can press shortcut key “F5” to enter the “Player settings” where you can find the “Subtitles” option. Click the option, then you can set the subtitle font, size, color and subtitle location etc.


Part 5: Conclusion

How to sync subtitles in VLC? Well, the answers can be quite clear by referring to the above article. It is quite difficult to figure out the exact reasons for the failure of unmatched subtitles with the video track. However, in order to solve the problem, what you only need to do is to resync the subtitles with the help of some additional tools. If you are quite familiar with VLC media player, then the “Synchronization Track” will be helpful. If you prefer a more convenient way, then the online tools mentioned above can be your good option.