DVD Studio Pro has been out of the market long time ago but still many users miss it and feel reluctant to use other DVD creators for replacement. However, if you have the demands to burn videos to DVD on Mac, you have got to try other DVD Studio Pro alternatives. Therefore, I am gonna help you out here and show you 5 distinctive DVD burners for Mac for you to try.

Part 1. What is DVD Studio Pro

As its name tells, DVD Studio Pro is an app for burning videos to DVD. To learn more, you can view its definition from wiki, which indicates that DVD Studio Pro is a discontinued high-end software tool published by Apple Inc. to allow users to create DVD masters to be sent out for replication at production houses. Its tight integration with other Apple applications allowed users to take Final Cut Pro and Motion projects and render them into the DVD format without encoding to intermediary formats. Since it’s been discontinued from releasing anymore, DVD Studio Pro alternatives are in desperate needs for helping Mac users to create DVDs.

Part 2. Top 5 DVD Studio Pro Alternative

1. Leawo DVD Creator for Mac

The best and most reliable program is Leawo DVD Creator for Mac, which perfectly suits users’ needs to create DVD. With more than 40 menu templates being supported, this program provides users with various possibilities to make their own DVD. Before burning videos to DVD, users are able to edit the video to make it their perfect size, effect, etc. The burning speed is way much faster (6X) than any other DVD creators.


2. DVDStyler for Mac

This is also a good DVD Studio Pro alternative. DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application for the creation of professional-looking DVDs. It allows not only burning of video files on DVD that can be played practically on any standalone DVD player, but also creation of individually designed DVD menus.


3. Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac

As a good choice for DVD Studio Pro alternative, Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac supports users to create DVDs on Mac. It covers almost all popular video formats and enables users to edit the video menu based on their own requirements.


4. Xilisoft DVD Creator for Mac

To create DVD videos with DVD Studio Pro alternative, Xilisoft is doing great. It aims to create home DVD movies from all kinds of videos formats and well supports users to burn videos to DVD on Mac. It also provides abundant menu templates for users to use.


5. Open DVD Producer for Mac

This program can facilitate you to create a DVD in any supported format, with various menus, with directional buttons, videos with chapters and set sections of videos to play. It is also an amazing DVD Studio Pro alternative to burn DVD on Mac.


Part 3. Extension: Burn video to DVD on Mac with DVD Studio Pro Alternative

To explain the steps for burning video to DVD on Mac with DVD Studio Pro alternative, I will take my favorite Leawo DVD Creator for Mac as an example to give you a tutorial guide.

Step 1: Download the Mac version DVD creator.

Click the below button to download Leawo DVD Creator for Mac (or Win version if necessary)


Step 2: Add videos to the program.

The simplest way is to drag and drop your videos to the program directly. Otherwise, click “Add Video” to import the video. After that, set the DVD type according to the blank DVD you insert.


Step 3: Set a menu template.

There are more than 40 built-in menu templates available here. Choose one that you like or you can make one as well. Note that fonts, background picture, and placement of textboxes can be changed freely.


Step 4: Edit the video.

After the menu template is set, you can click the editing icon to edit the video by trimming, cropping, adding watermarks, subtitles, etc to make your video better.


Step 5: Burn the video to DVD.

Click the “Burn” button to set a directory on the displayed page. Then click the Burn button at the bottom to start burning the video to DVD.


Step 6: View the progress.

After the burning starts, a progress bar will be displayed to show you the burning process for each video. Once it is done, the DVD is ready for use anytime and anywhere on your Mac.


DVD Studio Pro alternatives to burn DVD on Mac are easy to find but not so easy to find good ones. Hopefully, I have the chance to try many DVD Studio Pro alternatives and best of all, I find Leawo DVD Creator for Mac, which I keep using for so long. I use it to create DVDs, download and convert files as it is also an all-in-one program integrating convert and download functions together. You should have a try!