iPhone’s display has always been one of the biggest selling points of the device. The color of its screen is vibrant and accurate and the screen brightness is sufficient for viewing in direct sunlight. So if you own an iPhone, you should probably make good use of that beautiful display. And what’s a better way than filling it with beautiful wallpapers? So here I would introduce to you several apps on iOS for you to download wallpaper for iPhone.

Top 5 iPhone Wallpaper Downloading Apps to download wallpaper for iPhone

X Wallpaper

This excellent app offers exclusive high quality wall paper designed by the X Wallpaper team. X Wallpaper can really surprise you for it allows you to apply your own sense of creativity to your device’s wallpaper design. So, take your time and browse a large collection of live wallpaper for iPhone 6 and save your favorite free wallpaper for iPhone. Users can sort wallpaper by hits or time to upload.


If you are interested in satellite, you will find Wlppr the best choice for you, because it comes packed with a constantly growing collection of spectacular satellite imagery taken from space. From this wonderful app, you can notice Images range from alien-looking mountain tops to some of the most densely populated cities on Earth, which sounds terrific and cool. I am sure you can find various live wallpapers for iPhone 6 from this app.

Monogram Lite

Monogram Lite can give you much fun if you enjoy DIY (Do it by yourself). There’s no need to settle for someone else’s version of the perfect wallpaper, instead, you could create your own with the Monogram Lite app. Why? I am glad to share with you that Monogram Lite can offer you at least 60 wallpapers with unique and personalized look. Last but not least, you can even use your own photo to design HD wallpaper for iPhone 6. And you’ll be able to control the frame shape, the color and the font.


Vellum is gorgeous both in terms of presentation and the wallpapers featurea. The HD wallpaper for iPhone 6 can be used for your avatar, home screen, and lock screen. And the search tool makes it easy to find what you want and you can always share those eye-popping ones on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Vellum even manages to keep pesky ads to a bare minimum.

Wallpapers HD

To me, the Wallpapers HD app is extremely user-friendly. Wallpapers HD provides users with a huge selection of HD wallpaper for iPhone 6 and there are more than 200 added on a daily basis, which means you could change the live wallpaper for iPhone 6 throughout the day. Moreover, the search tool proves to be quite helpful and really speeds up the process.

How to share wallpaper between two iPhones using AirDrop

When finding the live wallpaper for iPhone 6 that we love, most of us would look forward to sharing with our friends nearby. To share the HD wallpaper for iPhone 6 around friends, we can use AirDrop. With AirDrop, you can instantly share your photos, videos and more with other Apple devices nearby.

1. Go to Settings, tap to turn on WIFI and Bluetooth to share with AirDrop

2. Select the wallpaper for iPhone 6 that you’d like to send with AirDrop and tap the Share button.

3. Tap the person and device you want to share to.

The top 5 wallpaper apps to download wallpaper for iPhone is undoubtedly wonderful. Jazz up the look of your mobile device by making use of one of the apps on this list. There is no need to have your mobile device looking like everyone else’s instead let your unique personality shine through. I assume you will not miss all different kinds of themes and images, in fact there are so many you could be changing your wallpaper daily. How about taking your phone and change the wallpaper for iPhone 6?