Are you that kind of person who would like to share great movies or music with your friends? Especially, if you are movie lover, you must have very strict requirements in both audio and picture quality. Concerning the superior video quality, Blu-ray disc has been the top storage medium for you to choose. However, due to its HD videos feature, sometimes it is hard for you to share it with your friends via the Internet and keep the quality. However, an alternative way is to copy the Blu-ray disc to a new Blu-ray disc and then try to send it to your loved ones so that they can get the same enjoyment as yours. But, the copying process is not an easy thing to handle. The basic tool you will urgently need is a fast Blu-ray copy program which can copy the original Blu-ray disc with 100% quality retained. Now, we are going to take you to a further discussion about some fastest Blu-ray copy software tools.

Part 1: About Copying Speed

What are the factors that may have huge impacts on the Blu-ray copying process? Aside from the basic parameters and the general functions of the copying program and Blu-ray drives for computer, what you should take into consideration is the copying speed. Generally speaking, if the copying speed is high, the direct benefit you can obtain is to save much more time from the waiting. But on the other hand, not the higher the copying speed, the better. In order to get a new Blu-ray disc with the help of a copying program, you should make a balance between the copying speed and other factors.

Besides the internal parameter of the copying program, the actual situation of the internal or external Blu-ray drive will create some influence on the final copying speed. If you have got a Blu-ray drive with better performance, it might only spend minutes to copy a common disc from the original one. Actually, before the Blu-ray program begins copying the content to another new disc, the drive and the program need to take some time in reading the original content of the Blu-ray discs. Overall, if the reading speed is high, then the total copying time will be shorter.


Part 2: Top 5 Best Blu-ray Copy Software with High Copy Speed

Even though the fastest Blu-ray copying can't guarantee the best copying results, most people will be inclined to choose the Blu-ray copy software with high copy speed so that they don't have to wait too long, especially when they need to copy a lot of Blu-ray discs. Well, in order to provide you with the useful information, I have selected the top 5 Blu-ray copy software with the fast copying speed.

1. Leawo Blu-ray Copy

With the 6X higher copying speed, Leawo Blu-ray Copy can be ranked on the top of my recommended list. As one of the excellent Blu-ray disc copy program which can copy Blu-ray & DVD disc without any quality losses, Leawo Blu-ray Copy will offer you the comprehensive solutions of disc copying requirements. With this copying program, you will not only be allowed to burn the basic Blu-ray discs to new Blu-ray or DVD discs, but also can guarantee the original quality of the disc, also it can burn ISO image to DVD/Blu-ray with a lot of personalized settings. Concerning the commercial Blu-ray discs with region codes protection, Leawo Blu-ray Copy can also take you there due to the support of decryption technology within it. Furthermore, if you prefer to further edit on the Blu-ray disc, then this copying program can let you make diverse program settings with its friendly easy UI. Just take a try, you will love it.

2. BurnAware

The second basic Blu-ray copying program with fast copying speed is BurnAware. This tool has a free version for you to try. You can obtain the basic copying functions from it in copying Blu-ray disc to DVD disc or CD. At the same time, you can also create a bootable CD or DVD as well as making a standard disc image. Furthermore, the output of this copy program also includes ISO images. One of the most attractive features of this burning program lies in its clean and simple user interface which could offer easy instructions for users to follow. It can be compatible with the latest OS X and Windows 10 operating system. Since you are trying on the free version, then you will be not allowed to experience additional functions, such as disc decryption or disc menu personal settings.


3. Blue-Cloner

Next, Blue-Cloner maybe not as popular as others in the market, but it is really excellent in the high copying speed. With this copying program, you can make Blu-ray or DVD copies and burn backups of your original discs with ease and accuracy. You are allowed to select the chapters, titles from the disc and also, you can choose the content from two discs and finally merge them into a full one without any quality loss. If you have the basic copying speed, you can only turn to the Express version which is simpler and easier. But this expert will be more proper who those who have higher requirements. The copying program's speed is also very high which will not spend you too much time in loading and writing the disc.


4. Aurora Blu-ray Copy

Aurora Blu-ray Copy is another best Blu-ray copy programs we have reviewed so far. It is a very simple copying program that contains a very simple interface. With a quite high copying speed, Aurora Blu-ray Copy can be regarded as one of the best disc copying tools. It can create new Blu-ray disc than other programs we have reviewed, but this program is not able to make exact copies of the discs. Furthermore, it also lacks some customized features to present a personal Blu-ray disc. But if you don't mind these points, then it can be your good choice to obtain the fast copying speed.

Aurora Blu-ray Copy

5. CloneBD

The last one I will list here is CloneBD. Just as its name implies, this is a professional Blu-ray disc cloner. With the easy-to-use interface, CloneBD is also quite comprehensive in making Blu-ray copies on your computer. Aside from its feature in copying discs with high speed, CloneBD can be used as a DVD-ripper and a DVD-authoring tool which can provide users with various options with only one the program. But this copying program is limited in compressing Blu-ray to fit onto smaller capacity discs or DVDs.


Part 3: Comparison between 5 Blu-ray Copy Software

In order to offer more information for you so that you can choose the best one from the above Blu-ray copy software, I will compare the top 5 fastest Blu-ray copy software via the following aspects.

1. Copying comprehensive features. In terms of the main copying function, the above 5 all have the excellent features, including their speed, supported disc types and original quality support and so on. Nearly all of them need to spend about 40 minutes to create an identical copy except Aurora Blu-ray Copy which only needs 15 minutes.

2. Copy mode. Not all the copy software can copy the specific content from the Blu-ray discs. Only Leawo Blu-ray Copy, CloneBD and Blue-Cloner 6 can copy the Main Movie from the disc. Leawo Blu-ray Copy is quite excellent in copying code because it also supports the Full Movie and Custom Mode.

3. Customization feature. In order to provide you with personal Blu-ray discs, Leawo Blu-ray, Blue-Cloner are able to offer you more options in customizing the Blu-ray discs. Other three programs are not so supported in this aspect.

4. Bypass the encrypted discs. Luckily, all the above Blu-ray copy software are capable of copying the Blu-ray discs with region code protection. You don't have to worry about this. Just try any of them to burn any commercial discs for you.


Part 4: Is It Definitely Better to Set Highest Copying Speed

Just as mentioned above, is it definitely better to set highest copying speed of a copy program? Actually, the answer should depend. If all the related parameters are all in the high end, including the copying program, the Blu-ray disc drive, and even your computer's performance, maybe it will do a good job with the highest copying speed. But in most cases, this is not always the right way to copy Blu-ray discs.

For some of you may have encountered that the Blu-ray disc you have copied from the original one can't be played on other players or computer, or the copying process was accidentally stopped. Actually, the reason for these occasions may fall to the over high copying speed you have set for the copy process. Because during the copying process, if the copying speed is too high, the data and the content on the original Blu-ray disc can't be fully read and detected with accuracy which may result in the loss of the original content and data. So, you had better wait in patience instead of setting the highest copying speed.


Part 5: Conclusion

Well, just keep balance between the output Blu-ray disc quality and the fast Blu-ray copying program. Based on your own requirements and current budgets situation, select the best Blu-ray copier program to copy Blu-ray to PC or a new Blu-ray disc. Please remember, don't set the copying speed too high and follow the regular steps to make the exact copies.