People’s requirements for movies are getting higher and higher. They would like to enjoy the movies with vivid and lifelike image. It seems to be self-evident that 3D movies have formed an important factor when the audience are considering which movies to watch. So the movie technology is upgrading dramatically for satisfying the audience watching demand. 3D movies takes up a great deal of visual market than 2D compared with before. Let us get more details about this tutorial.

Part 1: About 3D Blu-ray Movie

When it comes to watching a movie in the comforts of your own home you want to ensure you are getting the best viewing experience possible. You want to become completely immersed in the film which makes you feel like you are involved in what’s behind the screen. But, what films will give you the experience you are looking for?

Stereoscopic 3D film means the two images are superimposed to produce a three-dimensional effect with resolution up to 1080P. When the audience puts on stereoscopic glasses to watch the film, this could offer the audience with an immersive and more real watching feeling. And this effect gives the much better visual experience. It offers more depth than that of other movies without 3D effect.


Part 2: Top 10 3D Blu-ray Movies to Watch in 2019

1. Avatar

1. Avatar
To freely enjoy the best 3D movies that have ever made, you should never miss Avatar. It is a model of successful movie based on novel, and much of its success comes from the gorgeous visual effects benefited from 3D technology. This film introduced the new 3D era with amazing plot and characters as well as visual effect, and remains a milestone in the 3D film realm. Director James Cameron waited for a decade for the technology development to capture all his ideas and pull out another landmark masterpiece. Following his pioneering model, more and more movies filmed in 3D have sprung up. Therefore it tops the best 3d Blu-ray movies HD to watch and remains a good flick if you want to watch 3D movies on 3D TV/PS 3/4 at home.


2. How to Train Your Dragon

The reason to pick this film in the list of top 3d movies is the scene is really breathe-taking. Combined with the emotional ride, it’s the best of the best movies in 3D. Except 3D action blockbusters, animation movies form a large part of the best 3D Blu-ray movies to watch. In 2010, one of the best 3d animation movies "How to Train Your Dragon" steps up to Pixar’s level. The high intensity and adrenaline flying animations combined with 3D effects cater to audience of all ages and make it one of the best 3D movies to watch via 3D TV with kids & families.

2 how to train your dragon

3. Gravity

The highly-acclaimed, intensely emotional space thriller Gravity joins the club of top 3D movies. The director took advantage of 3D filming technology to bring us an immersive experience of a fantastic world that we have never been. Interstellar, the latest example of 3D film-making Interstellar is also among the best movies to download in 3D.


4. Kung Fu Panda 3

This is another best 3D animation movie. DreamWorks blended 3D in the well-loved the movie "Kung Fu Panda 3" to for some extra depth. You can easily find yourself embark on the adventure with Po and the gang and felt so heart-breaking at the end. Get the best 3D Blu-ray movies to watch on 3D TVs and experience your childhood once again. The gorgeous 3D presentations in this good 3D movie are the dazzling action scenes.


5. Zootopia

You should never miss Zootopia. This is one of the most amazing Disney movies. The 3D IMAX effects can present the huge and immersive size of the spectacular animal city. Maybe it’s not the best 3D Blu-ray movies ever, but it will be the best 3D animated movies among all the movies released since 2016. Most importantly, it’s a family-oriented movie and perfect candidate to add in your Blu-ray 3D movies list.


6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The superb IMAX 3D experience makes this movie a must-have for best Blu-ray 3D movies. The powerful IMAX 3D visual effects make audiences feel as if they are a part of the movie. Aside from the story line, the fighting scenes are so real and intense in 3d tech, of course it’s to be good, the movie is filled with grand set pieces and stunning eye feasts. It’s definitely one of the must-watch 3D Blu-ray movies.

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7. The Jungle Book

Action movie The Jungle Book sets another good example of in the 3D field. The darkness in the jungle and savage animals look so real under 3D IMAX effect that the audience may feel they were also in this dangerous world. This movie is also considered one of the best movies in 3D.


8. Captain America: Civil War

The Marvel action blockbuster is widely considered good works of 3D effects. And Captain America: Civil War is no exception. The incredible fighting scenes will get all audience excited. For those who have been big fans of Marvel series, they will definitely not miss this movie in 3D effect.


9. The BFG

Three of the world’s greatest storytellers: Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg join hands to present one of the best 3D movies. The boldly shot scenes in 3D capture the 3-dimensional world in all its glory. A wise choice to watch the 3D movie full for 3D TV, PC/Mac with kids & families.


10. A Christmas Carol

A Christmas carol is a fantasy family movie directed by Robert Zemeckis and released in the United States based on Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas carol, the film tells the story of ebenezer scrooge, a mean and cruel man who is transformed from a miser into a good Samaritan by the amazing events of Christmas. It is one of the top best 3D movies to watch on 3D TVs that deliver heart-pounding and entrancing 3D visual effects.

A Christmas Carol

Part 3: 5 Best Portable Players to Play 3D Movies

1. Bino 3D Player

Bino 3D Player is designed supporting stereoscopic 3D videos and multi-display. It makes virtual reality installations easier for users at home and also allows easy controls for multi-projector setups. It is also equipped with some advanced features including automatic controls for color input/output, scriptability and ability to play content from two cameras at a time. Bino 3D video Player works efficiently on Window, Mac OS X, Free BSD.


2. 3D Video Player

This player is capable of playing 3D videos but at the same time it supports other multiple video formats and can also handle basic 2D to 3D conversions. There are so many clean, impressive and user friendly features that this software can offer for users, with a large 3D playback button at bottom of the screen.


3. 3D Vision Video Player

This player can also display high quality pictures whereas the super easy interface makes playback buttons easy to approach. It also contains a basic editor tool that can be used for some basic needs like zooming and cropping. You will definitely love to add watermarks to your videos to make it a customized one using 3D Vision Video Player copyright options.

3D Vision Video Player

4. KM Player

This super easy freeware video player supports all popular file formats and also makes 2D movie playbacks more interesting. KM Player can also do conversion from 2D video to 3D video by simply adding a few anaglyph effects to content; so you can enjoy great quality with 3D glasses. It also allows users to customize their playback interface including skins and one can also add albums art to make their audio recordings more interesting. Using KM platform, you can easily share your videos on cloud with one click.


5. VLC Player

This is a well-known open source 3D video player; you can definitely access it for free with all unique features. Currently VLC is being used by most of window users and it can play almost any video file format along with DVD support and is capable of handling live streaming. The only drawback is that it cannot play Blu-ray discs. Its fancy navigation screen will assist you with easy controls and you can also enjoy some basic video editing like rotating and cropping.


Part 4: Best Free Blu-ray Player Software – Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player software contains all media playback solutions you need for your leisure time. It acts as free Blu-ray disc player, free DVD disc player, free HD video player (free 4K video player), free ISO file player, and free audio player (free music player).

leawo product

For users pursuing extraordinary image and audio quality such as watching 4K Blu-ray movies, Leawo Free Blu-ray Player is a very easy to use Blu-ray media playback software which not only provides comprehensive solutions for you to play back Blu-ray, DVD, ISO files, common video, HD video and audio files on Windows PC smoothly. With this player, you could watch movies with quality-lossless image and high-quality audio. It’s a region-free players for all Blu-ray disc playbacks.


Leawo Free Blu-ray Player 

☉ 100% free movie player for Mac users to play Ultra HD 4K, 1080P and 720P video for free.

☉ Free Blu-ray disc player to play 4K Blu-ray disc and 1080P Blu-ray disc, regardless of disc protection and region code.

☉ Support multiple audio decoding systems like Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.

☉ Adjust subtitles, video and audio during media playback.

Software Leawo converter could easily convert 2D to 3D with original video quality retained but better visual effect experience. Leawo Video Converter, a built-in module of Leawo’s Total Media Converter Ultimate, offers easy to use and fast 2D to 3D conversion with 6 different 3D effects available: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side. What you need to prepare include: source 2D movies, blank writable Blu-ray/DVD disc, Blu-ray/DVD recorder drive and 2D video to 3D Blu-ray/DVD converter software .

Step 1. Add 2D videos into the Leawo video converter. Or directly drag MP4 videos into the program. And you can play back loaded videos, select subtitle and audio tracks, etc


Step 2. After adding the source MP4 videos, choose the MP4 videos and click the "Edit" option on the right side. Select "3D" tab to set 3D effect. Adjust 3D Depth if necessary. Click "OK" button to save


Step 3. After setting the 3D effect, click "OK" button to return to the main interface. You could keep the final 3D movie in original format or convert it to other formats for diverse devices.


Note: You could also click the "Edit" button on the drop-down profile setting box to adjust video and audio parameters like video codec, aspect ratio, frame rate, resolution, audio codec, bit rate, channel, sample rate, etc. (optional)

Step 4. At last, click the big green "Convert" button. On the following popup window, set output directory and then click the bottom "Convert". Then you can get the 3D movie for your own enjoyment.