"I got a new laptop and I still have my music on my iPhone but since my iTunes library is empty I want my music to sync. But I can't figure it out. HELP ME!" One of my friends told me so. Many people think highly of iTunes and iTunes does provide awesome listening experience for them. However, when we have a new computer, how to transfer songs from iPhone to iTunes so that we can still listen to songs on different devices? It is really not a big deal. Today's tutorial is designated to show you how to get songs from iPhone to iTunes.

Part 1: How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to iTunes within iTunes

iTunes is known as an all-in-one tool that can sync photos, songs, apps with iPhone so that you can enjoy them on different devices. iTunes has greatly facilitated Apple users' lives. Generally speaking, iTunes only transfers purchased items. In other words, if you want to get access to non-purchased songs, you have to try another way. Follow step-by-step guide to learn how to move songs from iPhone to iTunes.


1. Download the latest iTunes and open it. Log in iTunes with your Apple ID and password.

2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes via USB cable. iTunes can automatically recognize iPhone and display an iPhone icon in the upper left. When you tap on it, detailed iPhone information shows in the left sidebar.

3. Head to “File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from iPhone”, then it will start to copy songs from iPhone to iTunes library. After it finishes, you can get all purchased songs in iTunes library.

Part 2: How to Transfer Songs from iPhone to iTunes with Leawo iTransfer

As for how to get songs from iPhone to iTunes, Leawo iTransfer provides comprehensive solution to transfer songs, movies, TV shows, apps, e-books, photos and so forth between iOS devices, computer and iTunes. It enjoys super simple interface that enables you to transfer different types of contents on iPhone in an easy and convenient way. The biggest advantage of this software is that it can get access to purchased and non-purchased items. Hence, you can transfer any content from your iPhone. Leawo iTransfer has trail version, but it has limited transfer times. If you are looking forward to long-term use, you can try to pay $19.95 for one year and $29.95 for lifetime. Now let's take a look at how to get songs from phone to iTunes.


Leawo iTransfer 

☉ Transfer files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs with ease.
☉ Transfer up to 14 kinds of data and files without iTunes.
☉ Support the latest iOS devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, etc.
☉ Play back, view, and delete data and files on iOS devices.

Step 1 Open Leawo iTransfer

Launch Leawo iTransfer after downloading and installing it, then insert iPhone to computer via USB cable. iPhone will be automatically detected. In the left sidebar, you can see different kinds of contents on iPhone.

launch iTransfer

Step 2 Choose songs

Tap on “iPhone > Library > Music” and you can see a list of songs will appear on the right interface. Hold "Ctrl" and click song name to choose songs. After you select songs, right click one of selected songs to choose "Transfer to > iTunes".

Choose songs

Step 3 Move songs from iPhone to iTunes

A dialog will pop up and check "Transfer to list: iTunes". Afterwards, choose "Transfer Now". The software will begin to move songs from iPhone to iTunes.

move songs from iPhone to iTunes

Part 3: How to Move Songs from iPhone to iTunes with AnyTrans

AnyTrans is a useful transferring tool that breaks iTunes sync boundary and greatly facilitates users to transfer songs, photos, messages, etc. to computer and other devices. With it, you don't need to spend much time on transferring them but can enjoy iPhone items quickly and easily without limits. AnyTrans can also update playlist or add playlists to iTunes without opening iTunes. This transferring tool can also be free downloaded, but you have to pay $39.99 for one computer and you can enjoy free lifetime updates. It also has other price package, like family license($59.99) for 5 computers and business license($99) for business and organization use. You can select one based on your needs. Now let's learn how to get songs from iPhone to iTunes with AnyTrans.

1. Download and install AnyTrans, then launch the software.

2. Connect your iPhone with computer and click double three-dot icon on the right of the interface so as to manage iPhone files by categories.


3. Go to Audio > Music and song list on iPhone will show in the interface. Now select songs you want to transfer by checking their name and tap on iTunes icon at top right corner so as to move songs from iPhone to iTunes.

select songs in AnyTrans

After we have introduced these three methods to fix how to copy songs from iPhone to iTunes, let's see their differences and similarities to have an overview of these three solutions.

1. Features

Both Leawo iTransfer and AnyTrans enjoy similar functions that they can transfer different files like songs, messages, contacts between different devices without iTunes. They both are able to purchased and non-purchased items.

2. Cost

Compared to Leawo iTransfer and iTunes, AnyTrans is much more expensive that it costs at least $39.99. If you are looking forward to more cost-effective software, Leawo iTransfer will be a better choice for you.

3. Operation

In comparison, Leawo iTransfer is easier to use that you can transfer photos from iPhone to iTunes within 3 steps.

All in all, I strongly recommend you to adopt Leawo iTransfer to fix how to copy songs from iPhone to iTunes. I believe it will offer you a professional solution.