When we desire to talk about one problem, we usually tend to learn more about the background behind the problem. When you understand the background, you can better resolve the issue adequately. As to the question on how to download WAV files, we may need a bit more background about WAV audios before solving it.

WAV is such kind of the main format that is generally used on Windows systems for raw and typically uncompressed audio. WAV is used to back up the audio information resources, and it’s broadly supported by the Windows platform as well as its applications. Because of this, people may find that editing WAV format is relatively simple to accomplish. Furthermore, WAV format could provide a high quality if you want to play the WAV files download on the Android devices and many more. Then the question arises, how could we find these high-quality WAV audio files? Maybe WAV file download could be a wise choice.

Here in this guide we would like to introduce you 3 different ways to help you download WAV audio files. These solutions differ so much from each other that it is difficult to reconcile them to a simple statement. You could simply make a WAV audio file download via each method mentioned below and then get the one that meets you best.

Part 1: 5 sites to download WAV sample files

Compared with MP3 audio file format, WAV audio file format provides higher audio quality but occupies more space. Here we would like to firstly recommend 5 popular sites to download WAV sample files. You could download high quality WAV audio files from these sites to experience the high audio quality playback.
1. SlinkyCity.com


SlikyCity.com is a website that provides funny jokes, pranks and games. You could search and browse for funny audio files in high quality WAV file format from this site. These funny audio files are comprised of various sources like college life, holiday pranks, marketing sales, etc. You could directly download these funny audio files in WAV format from this site on the audio listening page.
2. freewavesamples.com


Free Wave Samples (https://freewavesamples.com/) is a wonderful WAV file sample site that provides various sample files on different music instruments like bass, cymbais, drums, guitar, loops, etc. in WAV file format for you to download and listen to. This site also provides a direct download link on each WAV sample page.
3. https://www-mmsp.ece.mcgill.ca/


https://www-mmsp.ece.mcgill.ca/ (Multimedia Signal Processing) is a research activity carried out within the Telecommunications & Signal Processing Laboratory that has a computer network for research in signal processing, telecommunications and related areas. The lab supplies the infrastructure for several faculty members, visiting researchers and graduate students. Research topics in signal processing and telecommunications include processing of speech / audio and images / video. Other activities include coding and modulation for wireless systems and array processing (including multi-antenna wireless systems). This work encompasses both theoretical analyses and modelling, computer simulation and hardware prototyping. On its main interface, visit the "Reports / Software / Data" option, and then choose "Audio File Formats" to get to the "Sample WAVE files" to view and download WAV file samples from this laboratory.
4. https://file-examples.com


This website offers you WAV file samples in different file sizes at different bit rate so you could download them for free to test them in your audio players or other apps. This sites only provides several samples of WAV file format for you. But these WAV sample files work normally and smoothly on most apps.
5. sampleswap.org


https://sampleswap.org/ is another wonderful audio sample download site that offers you audio samples covering various aspects like vocal acapellas, guitar, drums, melodic, sound effects and noises, etc. You could get a lot of wonderful audio samples here. But you have to register and log in to download these audio samples.

Part 2: How to download WAV files via WAV file link

Actually, when you reach a WAV file online, it provides you direct download option. The below content would show you how to directly download WAV fiels via WAV file link on your computer, no WAV file downloader apps involved.
Step 1: Go to some online websites where you could free download WAV music by searching on Google. Here we would take this website as an example: https://www.slinkycity.com/audio/.


Step 2: Click the WAV audio file that you want to download directly, easily save them to your hard disk, and then choose "save target as…"
The WAV file downloading could be an extremely easy to do task in these steps mentioned above. After downloading, you could then import the downloaded WAV files to your media players or apps for testing and listening.

Part 3: How to download WAV sound/music online with Leawo Music Recorder

It is the easiest and most effective solution to directly download WAV file from website like above-mentioned. However, sometimes you may fail to find the WAV file download link, but only be able to play it online. What would you do to download WAV files then?

You could make use of Leawo Music Recorder – a powerful WAV file downloader app that could record any WAV audio to save on computer in either MP3 or WAV format. Firstly, we may popularize knowledge about Leawo Music Recorder that is a big help for users to download directly WAV sound/music online or from any source like YouTube. The highlight of the program lies in customizing audio/music recordings for better enjoyment. Here we would like to make a close study of how the program works. As a positive first step, we should begin to free download and launch Leawo Music Recorder that could also be considered as YouTube WAV song downloader on the official website before settling down to discuss the steps of WAV music download.

Download and install this WAV file downloader app on your computer and launch it to start the WAV file downloading process. The following steps would show you how to download WAV audio with it.

Step 1: Proceed to select the appropriate audio source
When you enter into the easy-to-use interface, you may feel that the software provider improve its usability so as to ultimately creating a better user experience. If you want to download WAV sound/music online, you may need to click the "Audio Source" button as shown in the illustration and then choose "Record Computer Audio" when a window pops up with menu choices below.


Step 2: Set output format
The software of WAV sound downloader offers these operations like setting a format are precisely the type of processes we use software to perform most frequently. You need to open the “Output” tab and then select WAV audio as output format in the “Output Format” box. Some other optional properties like bit rate are also supported or could be set.


Step 3: Set output directory
Next, open the “General” tab and set output directory in the “Output” box. You could switch the program interface language here as well.


Step 4. Start to download WAV sound
When all of your desired settings is ready, you may need to get on with your recording by clicking the big red "Record" button. You may need a couple of minutes to get the recording results. And you could find the free WAV files downloaded in the output directory that you’ve chosen before.


Step 4: Manually edit tags if necessary
This WAV audio downloader enables you to edit tags of recorded audio. All you need to do is right click recorded audio and then select "Edit Music Tags" option to edit tags like Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre, etc.


The steps outlined above are so simple and feasible in all its details as to awaken an instant hope of using Leawo Music Recorder rather than download WAV files from WAV file link. You can’t customize WAV files downloaded from WAV file link, while Leawo Music Recorder could help you to create your own specified free WAV downloads with high quality. Leawo Music Recorder can help download WAV files in a succinct and easy-to-absorb way. Leawo Music Recorder could be the optimal selection if you want to download WAV audio files for Android devices. Actually, as a professional audio recorder, Leawo Music Recorder could not only help you record and download online audio, but also record external sound from microphone, computer local audio, etc.

Video Demo of How to Use Leawo Music Recorder

Part 4: How to download WAV sound/music online with Chrome Extension

For Google Chrome browser users, a WAV audio recorder extension would without doubt be a wonderful choice for download WAV sound or audio online. Chrome extensions require no download and installation, thus no hard drive storage will be required. Meanwhile, ease of use is the general feature for all Chrome extensions. What’s more, they are all totally free to use. These features make them excellent choices.


Here we would like to recommend you Audio Downloader Prime, a Chrome extension that helps you quickly download popular Audio formats right from your browser's toolbar (via a toolbar-popup UI). This Addon is specifically designed and tailored for downloading Audio contents only.
The following steps would show you how to download WAV audio online with Audio Downloader Prime extension:
1. Install it to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store.
2. Go to the target audio-only page.
3. On the extension area, Audio Downloader Prime will automatically detect audios available for downloading and shows up with number.
4. Click the extension icon to view all available audio files for downloading. Click the download icon next to the WAV audio file you want to download.
5. On the pop-up “Save As” window to set output directory and name the output file.
6. After that, click the “Save” button.
It should be noted that this WAV audio downloader extension doesn’t work with YouTube website or any other YouTube videos/audios embedded in other websites due to Google, YouTube and Chrome store policies and restrictions.