Have ever expected to spend a wonderful night at home in watching a fantastic Marvel movie with a lot of snacks at hand? That sounds quite exciting, doesn’t it? But, how to present the cinema-like movie watching experience? Is it possible to enjoy cinema-like movies at home? Well, I should say it is entirely possible when you have prepared a superior home TV with a big screen. Do you know that a TV can also be used as a computer monitor? That means everyone is given the chance to watch videos with the best definition. Move on to know more!

Part 1: Why Using TV as a Computer Monitor

There seems to be millions of reasons when we have a need to change our computer monitor. If the original computer monitor is not broken, most people will consider the original one is not offering adequate performance as they require. When we jump into the computer monitor market, questions are coming up that why some friends are getting the best TVs for computer monitor use? Will it be looking better and worth it? Well, let me give you some good reasons to consider purchasing the best TV to use as a computer monitor.

First, the bigger, the better. As a large number of TVs come with reasonable price top out at 1920×1080 resolution, yet they have bigger screens than normal computer monitors. If you prefer to be surrounded by the movie atmosphere, you cannot miss the TV viewing.

Second, TVs are designed for everything enjoyed with entertainment for better resolution. Once you are tied up with the daily needs of watching movies, you should check the best TVs for computer monitor use. With the image display moving on, TVs are being developed in a better way constantly. Thus, you can see many 4K TVs and HD TVs in the digital hardware market. Meantime, it truly makes the visual effects look better. To be specific, when you have a good Blu-ray player with your computer, the TV will take the most advantages of this.

Lastly, you will find the monitors are often more expensive than the best TV to use as a computer monitor. Therefore, choosing a decent and cheap TV for your computer monitor is the top option when you are on a tight budget. As many people will wonder is the best TV to use as a computer monitor working well with computers, I will show you how to use it in the next part.

Part 2: How to Use a TV as a Computer Monitor

Before using TV as a monitor, what you should do is to figure out whether your graphics card/integrated graphics is capable of outputting at the resolution of the TV. For doing that, you need to find the resolution of the TV by checking the manufacturer’s manual firstly. Even though some HDTVs have non-standard resolutions.

Second, look for your graphics card’s maximum resolution by getting to Control Panel > Display > Change display settings > Advanced settings > List All Modes. Find the resolution that matches your TV then select it.

Meanwhile, you may also need a special cable depending on what type of input/output ports you’re working with. In this century, almost every modern TV has HDMI inputs—some older TVs have DVI inputs instead—and some have VGA inputs for "PC use". Right now, as your graphics card has an HDMI output, just simply use an HDMI cable to connect your PC to TV then you’re good to go.

In the case of your graphics card only has DVI outputs, what I recommend is snagging an HDMI-to-DVI cable and plugging it into your TV’s HDMI input. Even there are some TVs and some graphics cards have VGA inputs/outputs, this is not the ideal choice—it’s an analog signal that will give you a far fuzzier, lower-resolution image than an HDMI or DVI signal.

Part 3: Best TV to Use as a Computer Monitor

Let’s take a look at best TVs for computer monitor use we’ve selected in 2018, check it out!

1. Samsung QN55Q8F Flat 55″ QLED 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV

The Samsung Q8FN is a great TV with low input lag that reacts instantly to your actions. It has a very fast response time and thus you will only see a small trail when you move the mouse. It can display Chroma 4:4:4 properly so the text is crisp and supports FreeSync to please gamers. It is suitable for dark rooms, as it can display very deep blacks, and for bright rooms, due to its excellent brightness. It has a wide color gamut and performs very well in HDR.


2. Sony KD43X720E 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The Sony X720E supports most common resolutions and 4:4:4 Chroma. It has an IPS panel with good viewing angles that will not cause any uniformity issues if you sit close to the TV. It has an excellent low input lag that makes it feel very responsive and a fast pixel response time. However, this TV is not good for a darker room since the IPS panel prevents it from displaying deep blacks and the image looks washed out.


3. LG Electronics 55SK9000PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The LG has an IPS panel and is best suited for brighter environments. At the same time, LG has better viewing angles and you can watch from the side without having issues. The LG SK9000 is a TV with good picture quality and very low input lag that makes it very responsive. It has a fast pixel response time so there is not much blur trailing the mouse movements on the screen.


4. TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

The TCL R617 is a very good TV with deep blacks that result in very good picture quality. When used as a PC monitor, it has impressive performance. It accepts most common resolutions, including 4:4:4 chroma so text is clear and crisp. It has very low input lag and is very responsive. The TV has excellent brightness and thus can be placed in a bright room. Overall, the TCL 6 Series is a very good TV for many different usages and it is a good choice for someone who wants to use it as a PC monitor.


5. Insignia 32" Class LED 720p HDTV

This model is created as the best TV to use as a computer monitor in 2018. The Insignia provides 720p resolution and HD images quality. When you play DVDs on computers, the performance is delivered by the LED even in all lighting conditions. That is to say, the display can be in rich colors and plasma-like deep blacks. Featuring DTS audio sound system, the high-speed connection of HDMI inputs guarantees the premium full 720p picture for home theater and video games. The outstanding function to use as a computer monitor is the wide 178° viewing angle. That is perfect for the viewers who prefer the close distance of watching movies.


Part 4: Best player software for TV as a computer monitor – Leawo Blu-ray Player

Do you have any good TV in your mind on your computer monitor? Hope you do have choices. What’s more, when you are looking for a better resolution for movies, then you need the best player software to match the best TV to use as a computer monitor. This Leawo Blu-ray Player will take you where you want without exaggeration. There are some reasons as the best player software.

1. The first reason as the coolest part is that this player program has the ability to support the highest definition. If you have such a TV with the resolution of up to 720P, 1080P, and 1080i, then the Leawo Blu-ray Player will be the best partner to playback any video contents with it. Moreover, this application even offers the 4K decoding process in case you will obtain a good 4K TV as a computer monitor. In other words, this advanced technology allows the best TV to use as a computer monitor to display any 4K digital media content of any format.

2. This free Blu-ray Player software supports to deliver quality-lossless video images due to its advantageous image and audio processing technologies. In this way, users would be ensured the most vivid and richest visual experience while watching media contents even Ultra HD movies at home. Besides, with the various advanced stereo audio enjoyment, you can change your home into a theatre system environment.

3. The region issues can be annoying from time to time, however, the free Blu-ray disc player offers the capability of playing Blu-ray across the region. Not like other players that some of those media players only allows a short time of playback after changing regions. No matter what region is the disc from region 0 to 6, the Leawo Blu-ray Player enables you to watch any Blu-ray or DVD discs on your computer with ease.

4. In addition, there are some handy toolkits inbuilt with this powerful player software. When you are trying to be easy, the virtual remote control support of this program is exactly what you need at the moment. It also has the ability to save your battery by the function of the power manager, which will help better battery protection. Users can also custom the background, skin, and interface language. If you don’t know how to screenshot on Mac, then you can use this tool to take a screenshot during the playback anytime you want.

5. Meanwhile, the sophisticated program settings are all provided for people with different background of the media player using experience. If you are a novice, this software can lead you to the best with its friendly design and interface. Or if you are an expert, then all the professional parameters are open to you so that you can modify and personalize everything.

Part 5: Conclusion

As an important way to kill your leisure time, watching movies can be a good choice for you. After choosing the best TV to use as a computer monitor, you should definitely go for the best player when you watch any movies you like. Nowadays, more movies are compressed in various formats and some are even up to 1080P resolution in HD. Then you can all leave them to this Leawo Free Blu-ray Player. No worries about missing any wonderful moment and the best quality is ensured by Leawo Free Blu-ray Player. With all good reasons, it provides its functionalities for free, why not have a try?