What is the best way to get access to the newest movies in addition to buying a ticket from the theatre? For most of you, purchasing a DVD disc and playing the disc at a standalone DVD player at home can be an alternative way to obtain the wonderful movie viewing experience. If you are a business traveler, can you still enjoy the DVD disc especially on the train, car or the airplane? Of course, this can be realized if you could be equipped with a portable DVD player which can be conveniently taken wherever you go. Now, this is your day if you are a movie lover who enjoys DVD disc movies even you are frequently on the go, then a portable DVD player will be your preferred choice. Here is the detailed information for you.

Part 1: When Would You Need a Portable DVD Player

Today our focus will be choosing portable DVD players costing you less money. Instead of a common DVD player, a portable DVD player can be presented in a quite different way in our daily life. If you are falling to one of the groups that will be mentioned above, then a portable DVD player is a better choice for you.

1. Easy to take. If you need to take a long trip or bus ride, then a portable DVD player can be your good companion to kill the boring time. Usually, a portable DVD player is smaller than a common one which is quite easy to be taken by you wherever you go.

2. Great entertainment for children. Have you ever gone crazy by the constant screaming from the younger children sitting in the back seat in your car? In such a case, putting some animated movie discs to the portable DVD player will easily calm them down.

3. Convenient for business purposes. If you go out for business trips very frequently, presenting some business plans or schedules in the form of videos may be quite familiar to you. It isn't possible to take a big DVD player with you. Well, the more safe way is to get a proper portable DVD player as your personal video assistant.


Part 2: Top 4 Cheap Portable DVD Players to Buy in 2019

Actually, if you don't have high requirements about the portable DVD players, a cheap one is much more appropriate than an expensive one because you don't have to use it very frequently and the upgrade price is much lower when you are in the urgent to replace the older one. For your comprehensive references, I have sorted out the top 4 cheap portable DVD players.

No. 1 LOGIK L9SPDVD16 Portable DVD Player

In the screen size of 9 inches, LOGIK L9SPDVD16 Portable DVD Player is quite affordable for most people which. This cheap portable DVD player is quite perfect for the children on the long car journey which is able to provide them with various disc supports. The 9-inch screen is featured with 180-degree swivel function. You don't have to worry about the battery of the portable player at all because its built-in rechargeable battery is able to offer two hours' viewing. By the way, if it is out of battery, it will be also quite convenient to recharge it in your car. Furthermore, LOGIK L9SPDVD16 Portable DVD Player is also compatible with various contents from disc or USB.


No. 2 DBPOWER MK-011 Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER has also been engaged in the DVD player production for many years. DBPOWER MK-011 Portable DVD Player is only sold at price of USD49.99. It has a 9.5-inch screen which can swivel through 270 degree and its resolution is 800*480. One of the most attractive features of the portable player is the high capacity built-in battery which could be able to offer 5 hours' movie viewing. It can support many types of discs, including CD, DVD, VCD, SVCD with the technology of region code decryption. Also, the additional AV output can allow you to connect it to the TV and the two DBPOWER DVD players can be connected by an AV to AV cable to play movies at the same time.


No. 3 LOGIK L12SPDVD17 Portable DVD Player

Quite similar to LOGIK L9SPDVD16 Portable DVD Player, another portable DVD player for kids with low price will be introduced is LOGIK L12SPDVD17 Portable DVD Player. Also produced by LOGIK, L12SPDVD17 is larger in the screen size which is about 11.6-inch. The player screen can swivels through 180 degree with ease. You would be free to play movies and musics from DVD, CD, USB and SD cards with this cheap portable player. With 2.5 hours' viewing battery life, it can be excellent for a shorter journey. What's more, the equipped and prepared range of accessories, including earphones, car charges and a remote control could be able to make your travel more comfortable.


No. 4 EMATIC EPD707BU Portable DVD Player

As a good choice for beginner users, EMATIC EPD707BU Portable DVD Player is quite affordable for most people. Regarded as an entry-level portable DVD player, EMATIC EPD707BU Portable DVD Player is only 7 inches for the screen size which is quite easy to take on the car trips or bus ride. Its screen also supports 180 degree rotation and it has been designed in various colors. The lower price is really impressive for many people. But at the same time, you have to bear its lower capacity built-in battery which may hold only one movie. Also, you may not be equipped with the car adapter either and you have to buy it separately. Here I will strongly recommend you to buy this cheap portable DVD player for kids.


Part 3: How to Compress Your Blu-ray Collection to DVD to Play on Your Portable DVD Players

In comparison with DVD discs, Blu-ray discs have also been widely known and used in daily life due to its clearer image and superior sound system. But what the embarrassing thing is that the portable DVD player you may have purchased is not able to support Blu-ray discs at all. Will it be impossible to play these best 3D Blu-ray movies on a standalone DVD portable player? Well, you can also find your way out. You can try to compress your Blu-ray discs to DVD discs so as to be compatible with your current portable DVD players. Here, Leawo Blu-ray Copy will be the assistant in copying your Blu-ray disc to DVD disc with 100% original quality retained. Leawo Blu-ray Copy offers you the best solution to copy Blu-ray movie and copy DVD movie without quality loss, regardless of the discs with region code protections. It can also copy Blu-ray/DVD in 3 different copy modes and retain subtitles and audio tracks at will. Next, let me show you the step-by-step guidance in how to copy the Blu-ray disc to a common DVD disc that can be played on a portable DVD player.

Step 1. Download Leawo Blu-ray Copy and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Open the program and insert the Blu-ray disc to your drive on your computer (if your computer doesn't have an internal disc drive, then you can buy an external one). Click "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button to load the Blu-ray disc for further copying.

Leawo-Blu-ray-Copy 1

Step 3. Choose disc type, copy mode, subtitle and audio track before copying. Once you have imported your Blu-ray disc, you can set these relative parameters on the main interface based on your own needs.

Leawo-Blu-ray-Copy 2

Step 4. Start copying the Blu-ray. Just click the green "Copy" button on the top right corner to call out the related copying settings including "Copy to", "Disc Label" and "Save to" options. Once set, you can click the "Copy" icon below to start copying the Blu-ray disc. If your computer has only one disc drive, you can first choose to copy the Blu-ray disc content to your computer. Later insert a new DVD disc to the drive to copy the Blu-ray content on your computer to it.

Leawo-Blu-ray-Copy 3

Part 4: Conclusion

Watching DVD movies is a really pleasant way for your business trip or family traveling on the road. Whether you are going to rent movies from Redbox, the Internet or the retailers, a proper DVD player, especially a cheap portable DVD player will be quite necessary for better viewing experience. Just keep in mind that please spend more time comparing various portable DVD players and had better make the cheap portable DVD player as your firm choice if you are only an entry-level user.