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U-NEXT is a popular streaming service that offers a wide variety of content including movies, TV shows, anime, and live sports. Downloading videos from U-NEXT allows you to watch your favorite content anytime and anywhere without an internet connection, and create a personal archive of your favorite movies, TV shows, and other videos content. However, some videos or movies on U-NEXT may have limited availability and will be inaccessible after your subscription ends. That's why you need a third-party U-NEXT video downloader. With features like batch processing, resumed downloads, high success rate, etc., CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader is the best tool to help you download U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos to MP4/MKV easily and quickly.

U-NEXT Downloader features

Download Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Cartoons and More On-Demand Videos from U-NEXT and H-NEXT

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader excels in downloading a wide range of on-demand videos, including movies, TV shows, cartoons, operas, news, and more from U-NEXT and H-NEXT. Plus, this U-NEXT video downloader comes with a built-in browser to easily play and download U-NEXT videos and H-NEXT videos as well in just a few clicks without any technical skills. As the best U-NEXT video downloader, it also supports parsing while downloading and batch processing to ensure efficient video downloads.

U-NEXT Downloader features
U-NEXT Downloader features

Batch Download U-NEXT TV Episodes, Current Season or All Seasons

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader enables you to obtain and download U-NEXT TV episodes in batch quickly and easily. Simply select your desired TV episodes, desired seasons or even all seasons, and download them all at once - no need to manually download each episode separately. Enjoy the convenience of efficiently downloading your favorite U-NEXT TV shows.

Download U-NEXT/H-NEXT Videos to Up to 1080P MP4/MKV for Hassle-Free Playback on Any Device

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader can effortlessly download videos from U-NEXT and H-NEXT at resolutions up to 1080P without compromising audio and visual quality. Best of all, it offers the flexibility to save H-NEXT and U-NEXT videos to MP4 or MKV format according to your preference without any additional processing, making them accessible on any device.

U-NEXT Downloader features
U-NEXT Downloader features

Preserve Multi-Language Audio Tracks and Subtitles in Flexible Methods

With CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader, you can easily keep original audio tracks and subtitles, or select specific ones according to your preference, ensuring you have full control over the language options available in your downloaded videos. Furthermore, you can choose to save subtitles as internal files, seamlessly integrated into downloaded video, or as external SUP/SRT files independent of the video.

Boost Your Download Efficiency with Advanced GPU Hardware Acceleration

Don't settle for sluggish downloads. Upgrade to CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader to download U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos faster than ever. With GPU hardware acceleration, you can now wait less and have more time enjoying your content.

U-NEXT Downloader features

More Helpful Features

Preserve Complete Media Info

Preserve Complete Media Info

Save metadata information of videos, including title, length, quality, bit rate, output format, subtitles, audio tracks and more for effortless local video management.

Resume Interrupted Downloads

Resume Interrupted Downloads

Seamlessly resume downloads at breakpoints, preventing any interruption caused by network issues or other factors.

Auto Power Off

Auto Power Off

Enjoy the convenience of automatic shut down after the video download is complete, conserving power and minimizing any inconvenience.

Multi-language Interface

Multi-language Interface

CleverGet provides a diverse range of major languages around the world to facilitate easy navigation and user-friendly operation for global audiences.

U-NEXT Downloader features

Play Downloaded U-NEXT/H-NEXT Videos or Burn Them to Blu-ray/DVD

With CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader, you can make the most of downloads. After downloading, you can conveniently access Leawo Blu-ray Player directly from CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader. The player offers exceptional playback quality, advanced features and user-friendly interface, allowing you to watch downloaded U-NEXT and H-NEXT videos offline with stunning visuals and immersive audio. Moreover, you can directly launch Leawo Prof. Media and effortlessly burn downloaded videos to Blu-ray or DVD discs, transforming digital collection into tangible mementos.

How does it work


Log into u-next.jp


Locate and parse target U-NEXT video


Select download options


Download U-NEXT video

Visit User Guide

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Note: Make sure you have accessed to the playback page of target video within CleverGet for downloading.

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Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11


System requirements

Supported OS: Microsoft® Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (64bit)
Processor: 1 GHz or above Intel/AMD Processor
RAM: 512MB RAM (1024MB or above recommended)
Free Hard Disk Space Required: 5GB+

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above


Supported Video Sharing Websites: video.unext.jp, video.hnext.jp
Supported Output formats: MP4/MKV (video), SRT/SUP (subtitle)

Fair Use Policy: CleverGet only allows video downloading for personal needs. Sharing content downloaded with CleverGet with any third party or for business purpose is strictly not allowed.

Mason Jones

I was looking for an easy and reliable way to download videos from U-NEXT, and I'm glad I came across CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader. The download speed is impressive and the user interface is simple and intuitive. I've been using this software for a few weeks now and I haven't had any issues with it. Highly recommend this!

Mason Jones

Atlas Clark

I have used many other downloading software, but I couldn’t find a better solution that is as feature-rich and user-friendly as CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader. And I must say, it completely changed the way I download videos. It allows me to easily download my favorite TV series in batch from U-NEXT with just a few clicks.

Atlas Clark

Zayne Perry

CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader is a true gem for video enthusiasts like me. The integration with Leawo Blu-ray Player and Leawo Prof. Media is a fantastic addition. It allows me to access these powerful tools to enhance my video playback experience and give me the option to burn downloaded videos to Blu-ray or DVD discs effortlessly.

Zayne Perry

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