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While Apple TV+ offers a vast library of captivating movies, TV series, and original contents to keep viewers entertained, the ability to download these videos for offline viewing is limited within the Apple TV Plus app, which is only available on select Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and Macs. Plus, Apple TV+ imposes time restrictions on downloaded content, which means you have a limited period to watch the downloaded content before it expires. Additionally, some content on Apple TV+ may not be downloadable due to licensing agreements or other restrictions imposed by content providers. This is where CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader comes in. With an easy-to-use interface, high success parsing rate, batch processing capability, ads removal and many other features, it effortlessly downloads all types of on-demand Apple TV+ videos to MP4/MKV files at lightning speed.

Apple TV+ Downloader features
Apple TV+ Downloader features

Easily Download On-Demand Apple TV+ Videos in Uncompromised Quality

CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader provides you the easiest and fastest solution to download Apple TV+ videos. Whether it's a movie, TV episode, kids & family content, or any other on-demand video from Apple TV+ streaming servers around the world, this Apple TV downloader has it covered. Best of all, the video and audio quality of the downloaded videos will remain intact throughout the download process, ensuring you can watch your favorite Apple TV+ movies and series offline in original quality and resolution without any compromise. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface and built-in browser simplifies the video downloading process just like playing the content.

Bulk Download Apple TV+ Episodes in Any Season

Using CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader to batch download Apple TV+ series episodes is easy and efficient. Its powerful parsing capabilities make it possible to extract all the episodes and seasons associated with the current video from the Apple TV streaming server in one go. You can then choose to download specific Apple TV+ episodes from the current season, other seasons, or all seasons with just a few clicks. No need to manually search and download each episode separately, saving you time and effort.

Apple TV+ Downloader features
Apple TV+ Downloader features

Download Audio Descriptions, Multi-Language Audio Tracks and Subtitles as You Wish

CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader's advanced download features provide you the flexibility to download audio descriptions, multi-language audio tracks as well as subtitles according to your preferences without efforts. For audio descriptions, you can choose to select desired ones or preserve all in the downloaded video, which can be helpful especially if detailed audio narration is needed. In terms of multilingual audio tracks and subtitles, you can select specific ones to remain in your preferred language, so you can switch between languages when watching Apple TV+ videos offline. What's more, subtitles can be saved as internal files within the downloaded video or as independent SRT/SUP files.

Download Apple TV+ Videos to MP4 or MKV Files for Playing on Any Device

MP4 and MKV are currently the two most widely compatible video file formats. To guarantee that you can watch your favorite Apple TV+ shows and movies anytime, anywhere or use them for other purposes, Cleverget Apple TV Plus Downloader offers the option to download and save Apple TV+ videos to MP4 or MKV files. Be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV or any other multimedia device in your hand, you can enjoy downloaded Apple TV+ content without any compatibility issues.

Apple TV+ Downloader features
Apple TV+ Downloader features

Download Ads-Free Apple TV+ Videos with Built-in Ads Remover

While Apple TV+ features critically acclaimed Apple Original shows and movies for free, ads that pop up during video playback can be disruptive. Fortunately, the built-in ads remover of CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader can filter out all ads during the download process, ensuring that the downloaded Apple TV videos are completely free of ads. With CleverGet Apple TV+ Downloader, you can get an uninterrupted viewing experience without any distractions caused by ads.

More Features Enhance Apple TV+ Video Download Experience

GPU Hardware Acceleration

GPU Hardware Acceleration

Greatly improve video download efficiency and significantly reduces the download time through hardware acceleration, which fuels ultra-high downloading speed.

Retain Precise Media Info

Retain Precise Media Info

Preserve comprehensive video metadata information, including title, length, size, format, release year, cast, and more to ensure a well-organized and easily manageable local video library.

Restart Interrupted Downloads

Restart Interrupted Downloads

Restart interrupted or stopped video downloads in one click on the downloading panel, avoiding the trouble of a second parsing and download selection.

Auto Power Off

Auto Power Off

One-click setting to let the program automatically power off the computer after downloads complete, saving energy and providing hand-free computer shut-down.

Solutions for All Your Apple TV+ Video Needs

CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader is an ideal choice for addressing your multimedia needs. Not only does it enable you to download Apple TV+ videos with ease, but it also provides access to Leawo Prof. Media, a comprehensive suite that enables you to burn downloaded Apple TV+ videos to Blu-ray/DVD discs, allowing you to create physical copies of your favorite shows and movies, perfect for archiving or sharing with friends and family. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Leawo Blu-ray Player, a feature-rich media player that enhances your offline viewing experience with a plethora of features including quality-lossless playback, customizable multilingual audio tracks and subtitles, a virtual controller panel and more. With CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader, you can be assured that all of your multimedia needs will be met.

Apple TV+ Downloader features

How does it work


Open tv.apple.com in CleverGet and log in


Play target video and let CleverGet parse it


Select the desired option


Start to download Apple TV+ videos

Visit User Guide

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Note: Make sure you have accessed to the playback page of target video within CleverGet for recording.

Get CleverGet Apple TV Downloader to Download Apple TV+ Videos Now!

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Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11


System requirements

Supported OS: Microsoft® Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (64bit)
Processor: 1 GHz or above Intel/AMD Processor
RAM: 512MB RAM (1024MB or above recommended)
Free Hard Disk Space Required: 5GB+

Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above


Supported Video Sharing Websites: tv.apple.com
Supported Output Video formats: MP4/MKV (video), SRT/SUP (subtitle)

Fair Use Policy: CleverGet only allows video downloading for personal needs. Sharing content downloaded with CleverGet with any third party or for business purpose is strictly not allowed.

Harrison Walker

Since I fly a lot, I desperately needed software to watch movies on Apple TV+ offline, and CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader was a great purchase for me. It downloads my favorite shows and movies from Apple TV Plus quickly and easily. I love how I can access the content I want anytime, anywhere, so I highly recommend it.

Harrison Walker

Jones Rocky

My experience with CleverGet Apple TV Plus Downloader is awesome, and it has been a great addition to my streaming library. It downloads videos from Apple TV Plus so quickly and allows me to save them in either MP4 or MKV format. The best part is that it removes pop-up ads during downloading, which is really helpful.

Jones Rocky

Beck Gloop

I'm studying Spanish in college, and CleverGet Apple TV Plus's ability to support multilingual subtitles and audio downloads has been very helpful. In addition, it downloads all the Apple TV Plus episodes I need at once, so I don’t need to manually download them one by one, which saves me a lot of time and effort.

Beck Gloop

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