"What is the best way to clean up iTunes music library? My iTunes music library has been messed up with a big amount of duplicates. Some songs have unknown artist, missing album, while some others get no covers."

There’re various ways to clean up iTunes music library with iTunes and other iTunes assistants. If you want to remove duplicate songs in iTunes music library, you need to click "View > Show Duplicate Items" in Music module and then click "Edit > Delete" option on all scanned duplicates in iTunes 11 or later. And if you want to name albums and tracks by using the online Gracenote CD database while you’re importing songs ripped from CDs to iTunes, you could go to "iTunes > Preferences > General" and make sure the "Automatically retrieve CD track names from the internet" option is ticked. Also, for other song tags adding, iTunes and various iTunes assistants could let you easily realize your purpose. With these motheds, you could clean up iTunes music library at your own will, but at the same time, you need to spend a lot of time and energe to do these one by one. So, is there a way that could do all these things at one blow? Of course yes.

Leawo Tunes Cleaner could help you easily clean up your iTunes music library in only a few clicks. This iTunes cleaner program could help you download and add song tags including album artwork, album, artist, date, genre, etc. to iTunes music library and remove duplicate songs. It’s the best iTunes organizer that could do all iTunes cleanup work easily. The below guide tells you how to clean up iTunes music library.


1. How to Clean up iTunes – Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Step 1: Launch Leawo Tunes Cleaner

After download and install Leawo Tunes Cleaner, launch it on your computer. On the main program interface, select the "Clean-up Duplicates" option.

Step 2: Decide scanning mode

Select Quick Scan or Deep Scan on the following interface.

Step 3: Scan iTunes music library

After setting the scanning mode, click "Scan iTunes" button at the bottom so this iTunes cleaner would start to scan duplicate copies in your iTunes music library.

Step 4: Remove song duplicates

Preview and select files for removing. Click "Remove" button to delete all detected duplicate songs.

2. How to Clean up iTunes Music Library – Add Song Tags


Step 1: Open Leawo Tunes Cleaner

Click the "Start to Clean iTunes" option on the main program interface. This iTunes organizer would start to scan your iTunes music library and detect which songs have no album artwork, album, or artist, etc.

Step 2: Start automatical fixing

By scanning and detecting, this iTunes cleaner program would display all in-problem songs in different categories. You could preview and select which files to fix. Then click the "Fix All" button to let this album artwork finder start fixing your iTunes music library.

Step 3: Manual fixing

In Unrecognizable Songs interface, select a song and then right click it. Click the "Edit" icon to call out the song tag editor panel, on which you could drag and drop album artwork to selected song, edit album, artist and other song info.

Step 4 Apply fixed results

Finally, hit the "Apply" button. The fixed results would be saved in your iTunes music library.

Note: Leawo Tunes Cleaner for Mac helps Mac users easily add album artwork, artist, album, etc. and remove duplicate songs for iTunes music library on Mac.