If you are a daily computer user who deals with Windows platforms most of the time, then it is not novel to use the Windows Media Player for playback music and videos. Sometimes when the video details are in need to zoom in for a better view, is it possible to do that on Windows Media Player? Some friends have tried to zoom in on Windows Media Player and it seems to work out. And some say the Windows Media Player zoom plugins are required. Also, there could be potential errors occurring. Today’s topic will be helpful for this.

Part 1: How to Zoom Video in Windows Media Player on the Interface

Even though Windows Media Player acts as a familiar tool to almost every Windows user, not too many people could map out the whole packed features from this player. When some essential information should be zoomed, a group of individuals starts to wonder does Windows Media Player zoom in videos for real. It depends on what Windows Media Player version you have on your computer. The function only allows users to enlarge the video content and resize the zoom ratio. If you just look for how to zoom video in Windows Media Player without higher demands, there are two methods to make it.

This first method will teach you how to zoom in on Windows Media Player step by step from the desktop level. You can try this solution first to see if the Windows Media Player zoom plugins are needed.

Step 1. Run the Windows Media Player to playback the video you want to zoom in.

When the interface is introduced, click on the "File" menu button under the title banner. Import the source media files of Windows Media Player supported formats so that the program can stream and zoom in properly. There will be a sidebar showing the info of the streaming video while you are on the "Now Playing" tab panel.

Step 2. Click on the "View" menu button or right-click on the playback field to locate "Video size".

Next to the "File" option, you can easily observe the "View" button. Press this button and a dropdown menu will be displayed. With dozens of items listed, you need to narrow down to the lower part and look for the "Video size" choice.

Step 3. Move on with more options to let Windows Media Player zoom in videos.

There is a further submenu when the mouse is sitting on the "Video size" item. You can see a very limited series of options including "Fit Video to Player on Resize", "Fit Player to Video on Start", 50%, 100%, 200%. In most cases, both top items are chosen by default. They are all changeable to simply tick off or on separately. Now the percentages lining up there are the only rates you can have Windows Media Player zoom in videos. The default zoom ratio is 100%. Once you need to zoom in, you are left with merely one option that is the 200% size value.

Step 4. Press the "Restore Down" icon which can be seen next to the "Close" button on the upper right corner.

You should also manual the program window size by dragging the corner if you don’t set up the "Fit video to Player on Resize".

Part 2: How to Zoom Video in Windows Media Player with Hotkeys

As a matter of fact, it seems a lot of hassle while navigating around the maze-like interface of Windows Media Player. Here are the tricky treats I would advise you to try. As you may notice that there are some shortcuts hints next to each Windows Media Player zoom in video percentages. For example, look to the right of the 100 percent zoom rate and you can see the "Alt + 1" note. These hotkey alternative methods can be operated well after memorizing them.

Now follow up to reinforce the shortcut usage skills for how to zoom in on Windows Media Player.

Step 1. Launch the Windows Media Player and put some media files for zooming.

Right-click on the main interface to find the "File" item then keep continuing on opening local hard drives to place movies. The file information sidebar can wind up and get a pure playing mode by staying at the "Now Playing" page.

Step 2. Remember the each shortcut for respective Windows Media Player zoom in video percentage.

"Alt + 1": Windows Media Player zoom in video of 50%
"Alt + 2": Windows Media Player zoom in video of 100%
"Alt + 3": Windows Media Player zoom in video of 200%

For instance, hold the Alt key from your keyboard while pressing the number 3 button to let Windows Media Player always zoomed in twice the movie size. If you want to go back to the original size, press the Alt plus the number 2 button at the same time to resize.

Part 3: Possible Problems for Windows Media Player Zooming Function

However, those solutions for how to zoom in on Windows Media Player cannot really meet other requests. There are some short backs that you may not heed. Besides the shortcomings, users may also come across many Windows Media Player zoom problems every once in a while.

Starting with the obvious disadvantages from how to zoom video in Windows Media Player, the guides barely show a variety of zooming percentages apart from 50%, 100% to 200%. So the video size percentage restriction could be one of the concerns. Also, Windows Media Player is not able to offer this Windows Media Player zoom in video function for all the editions. To be more specific, users with Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 will have Windows Media Player zoom problems due to the lack of Windows Media Player zoom plugins. But you can fix it by downloading the Windows Essential multimedia package which contains particular Windows Media Player zoom plugins. Not to surprise, the headache problems are commonly sticking around Windows Media Player always zoomed in even after withdrawing to normal the video size. Thus, a lot of persons are complaining about the subsequent Windows Media Player always zoomed in issues while the only way out is to resume the entire process.

If you want to get rid of any coming Windows Media Player zoom problems, there is a permanent strategy to solve it. That is to say, everyone can learn how to zoom video in Windows Media Player alternative as long as the zooming tool is capable of working brilliantly. So the next content will light up an ideal way for you.

Part 4: Alternative Player to Zoom Movie

Not alike any of those average media player software in the market, Leawo Blu-ray Player has been developed with a specialty on video playback. That being said, this tool can easily adjust any type of playback control including video size settings, view modes, video deinterlacing, brightness, contrast, and so on. Speaking of the Windows Media Player zoom problem like the limitation of the size percentage, this application has the ability to set free values to any extent you prefer. Despite diverse approachable video-associated parameters, users are enabled with the other controls on audio, subtitles, languages, skins, themes, even more. Everyone will be granted with the playing infinity while all the flawless quality is ensured. Additionally, it features the strongest media file support which allows over 180 formats. Especially, 4K movies and HD videos of any resolutions are seamlessly offered. More expectations can be found through this magic app such as screenshot snapper, Power Manager, remote control support, even a DVD/Blu-ray to MKV converter! The upgrade system can operate Blu-ray to MKV transcoding without any loss!

Now this instruction will demonstrate the easiest way for how to zoom in on Windows Media Player alternative.

Step 1. Download and install this free Leawo Blu-ray Player on the computer.

The versatile player is a cross-platform program that offers both Windows and Mac versions.

Step 2. Open the popular video zoom-in tool and add source media data.

It has a friendly interface that you can customize the background image as you wish. You can directly drag any media files over the top of the main interface or choose the "Open File" button to load from folders.

Step 3. Pop up the shortcut banner.

Within the playback area, move the mouse around the title section and a shortcut bar will be called out. Click on the second option that means the video settings to see the next panel.

Step 4. Input a value to the "Zoom amount".

Here, scroll down the video settings and find the "Zoom amount" option then type a wanted rate. What’s more, it has a unique tech for video upscaling solution.

Step 5. Clear view and adjust from the zooming bar.

Shut down the zoom-in window, then a "Zoom amount" indicator will be shown on the top. It is like a ruler and you can tweak it to any sizes.

Part 5: Conclusion

If you ever look out the window for getting the Windows Media Player zoom plugins, you will find it very troublesome and complicated to install one. But in general, Windows Media Player provides basic yet simple zooming options. In case you are not a fan of handling hassles, Leawo Blu-ray Player is no doubt the best Windows Media Player alternative software that can prevent all future Windows Media Player zoom problems for movie-lovers.