Do you have trouble playing DVD movies? Do you want to protect the DVD drive in your computer? Do you want to well preserve your DVD discs? Do you worry about the increasing space occupied by DVD boxes in the corner of your house? There is a one-size-fits-all solution present here: to rip DVD to computer.

After ripping DVD to computer, you don’t have to use the DVD drive and DVD discs when playing the movies on your computer thus the DVD drive and DVD discs are well protected. Furthermore, to catch the popular trend of watching movies on the portable mobile devices like iPad, smartphone and tablets, you can transfer the converted DVD files to those devices from your computer.

In order to rip DVD to computer free, you need to take advantage of a third-party DVD ripping program. However, there are so many DVD rippers on the market. It’s difficult to choose a correct and suitable one. You are indeed a lucky dog by coming across this post as I am going to teach you how to choose a suitable DVD Ripper and how to rip DVD to computer(how to copy DVD to computer). In addition, several reasons why ripping DVD to computer is necessary will be elaborated.

Part 1: How to Choose a Suitable DVD Ripper?

There is not a piece of software born with Windows and Mac operating system that can rip DVD files, which means a piece of third-party DVD ripper software is required to complete the task of ripping DVD to PC or MacBook. You need to pay much more attention to DVD ripper choosing as there are many aspects to consider when choosing one.

Aspects for Considering when Choosing DVD Ripper:

First and foremost, a suitable DVD ripper shall have an easy-to-use interface enabling those with little software knowledge to operate without any obstacle.

Secondly, a suitable DVD ripper shall support multi-platform and shall be multilingual. In other words, it shall be able be operated on different OS like Windows and Mac. And if it supports only one language, it will surely lose many potential users speaking other languages.

Last but not the least, a suitable DVD ripper shall be able to rip copy-protected and region-blocked DVD movies. Nowadays, many DVD movies are encrypted. If you use a DVD ripper without decryption ability, you will feel embarrassed for failing to rip DVD as you want. the Best DVD Ripping Program:Leawo DVD Ripper

After well considering the above three aspects, you will narrow down the software list gradually. But if you still cannot find the suitable DVD ripper, you can try Leawo DVD Ripper.

Among all the DVD rippers I have tried, Leawo DVD Ripper is the best DVD converter software. Let me elaborate the stunning features of Leawo DVD Ripper in details.

Remove disc restrictions
Practical DVD to digital converting
Choose subtitles/audio tracks
Convert common 2D DVD to 3D video
Remove disc restrictions
Practical DVD to digital converting
Convert common 2D DVD to 3D video
Leawo DVD Ripper can rip almost kinds of DVD, no matter it is commercial or noncommercial DVD. It’s just a piece of cake for Leawo DVD Ripper to remove Disney trick and copy Disney DVD. And it can remove DVD discs region limitation for your better DVD movie enjoyment.
As a professional DVD ripping application, Leawo DVD Ripper could remove copy protection and region limitation and rip DVD to digital copy in 180+ formats. In addition, it allows users to adjust output video and audio parameters like video codec, audio codec, video size, bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, etc.
If you want to choose subtitles and audio tracks from source DVD movie, you can also realize it with Leawo DVD Ripper. It offers multiple tracks for you to select, making it friendlier to rip copy-protected DVD to those non-English speakers.
It offers 6 different 3D modes: Red/Cyan, Red/Blue, Red/Green, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side. Users are free to upload to YouTube 3D Channel; 3D TV, glass-free 3D smartphones like HTC EVO 3D, LG Optimus 3D P920 and some other compatible 3D players.

As is said above, Leawo DVD Ripper supports multi-platform. It has two versions availabe: Windows and Mac. Before ripping DVD to computer, free download and install the right version of Leawo DVD Ripper according to your computer’s operating system.After the completion of the installation, launch the program and you can begin to rip DVD to computer free.

Part 2: Why Is Ripping DVD to Computer Necessary?

There are many occasions in which it is necessary for you to rip DVD to computer.

Occasion #1: for well protecting DVD disks from being scratched

Let’s say you have the latest-released movie contained in a DVD disk, and if you want to watch it, what are you going to do?Yes, that’s right. You need to insert the DVD disk into computer DVD drive and then watch it via DVD player for computer. It is highly possible for DVD disk to get scratched due to many-time being inserted in and out. By ripping DVD to computer, you can well protect DVD disk from being scratched, which will be definitely a piece of good news for some of you who love to collect precious DVD disks.

Occasion #2:for sharing DVD movies with friends on social media or video-sharing sites

Sometimes, you may come across an idea that you would like to share DVD movies with your friends on social media or video-sharing sites such as YouTube,Facebook,etc. However, movies contained in a DVD disk cannot be directly uploaded to social media and video-sharing site due to format incompatibility. Such being the case, DVD ripping from DVD disk to computer is necessary. If you want to upload the DVD file onto YouTube, you can choose MOV as output format of the ripping process. After converting DVD to computer in MOV format, you can start to upload the converted file onto social media or video-sharing sites for sharing with your friends.

Occasion #3:for watching DVD movies on portable mobile devices on the go

For those of you who spend considerable time on their portable mobile devices, it is an ideal way to rip DVD to computer and then transfer the ripped result to the mobile devices for them to watch DVD movies on the go in a convenient way.

Occasion #4:for freeing up some room in your house as the DVD collection takes a lot of space

By ripping DVD disk to computer or copying DVD disk to computer, you can save a lot of space in your house. As statistics show, “a terabyte hard drive full of movies could save a huge amount of cubic meters in your house”, it does save storing space by ripping DVD disc to computer.

Part 3: How to Rip DVD to Computer?

The following guidance is divided into two sections: one is about how to rip DVD to PC or Windows computer; the other is about how to rip DVD to MacBook.

Section 1. Rip DVD to PC or Windows Computer(how to copy DVD to computer)


Load the source DVD file

With Leawo DVD Ripper running on, click “Add Blu-ray/DVD” to add DVD files or just drag and drop DVD files onto the Leawo DVD Ripper software.


Choose Output Format

Click the drop-down list named MP4 Video by default on the left of the green “Convert” button, and choose output video format.

Note: The drop-down list is named MP4 Video by default, but if you have changed the output video formats into others, the drop-down list will display the according name. For example, if you have set MOV as output video format, you will see the drop-down list display MOV Video when you launch Leawo DVD Ripper again.


Adjust detailed settings

Clicking “Edit” to adjust video and audio parameters of output format, including: video codec, quality, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, channel, audio codec, resolution, etc.

Note: This step is optional. If you don’t know the exact parameters to set, you can directly leave those parameters at default or just skip the step.


Start video conversion

Click the big green “Convert” button on the top-right of the interface to start the conversion. Before conversion, video saving directory can be chosen.

Section 2. Rip DVD to Macbook


Import source DVD

With Leawo DVD Ripper Mac running on, click “Add Blu-ray/DVD” button to import source DVD.


Choose output format

Click the drop-down box (named “MP4 Video” by default), and choose “Change” to select output format.
Note: If the target format is MP4, the same as the one by default, you needn’t change the output format, but if your target format is not MP4, you need to pick up the target format in the “Profile” panel. Also, you can directly choose output device in the “Device” panel.


Set output directory

Back to the main interface and click the big green “Convert” button. There would pop up a sidebar with “Save to” option. Set output directory and other settings as you like.


Start to convert

Click the bottom “Convert” button to start converting.